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Savage Games (2022) 26 exemplars
Striker (2020) 22 exemplars
All The Little Things (2022) 18 exemplars
His Hollow Heart (2021) 18 exemplars
Devil Heir (2021) 12 exemplars
Bully God (2022) — Autor — 11 exemplars
Vicious Lies (2022) 9 exemplars
Twisted Secrets (2022) 9 exemplars
Vandal (2021) 8 exemplars
Reaper (2021) 7 exemplars
Dark Desires (2022) 7 exemplars
Heathen (2021) 6 exemplars
Like Gravity (2020) 6 exemplars
Silent Night (2022) — Autor — 5 exemplars
They Will Fall 4 exemplars
Her Broken Pieces (2022) 4 exemplars
Forget Me Not: A Dark Romance (2023) 4 exemplars
Like Hate (2020) 4 exemplars
Heartless Monster 2 exemplars
Hallowed Night — Autor — 2 exemplars
Like You 2 exemplars
Hot Summer Sands (2012) 1 exemplars
Teach Me To Ride (2013) 1 exemplars
Explicitly English (2010) 1 exemplars

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In this anthology we have amazing authors that I am dying to read all of these short stories. So far I have read Heir of Sin by Holly Renee….

Heir of Sin:

This brief taste of Emilia and Mateo is so delicious you crave to know more. Emilia is in a difficult situation with her incredibly cruel stepfather but to get the freedom that she not only craves but needs she has to do a job for him. She is to get Mateo to fall for her so her stepfather can take that family down. What Emilia wasn’t expecting was her intense connection and chemistry with Mateo, but with the way this short story ends we are left on pins and needles dying to see what will happen next. Will Emilia gain her freedom or has she just destroyed her only chance to escape her stepfather? What will happen between her and Mateo? I can’t wait for this duet to come out I just know it will be so good.

I can’t wait to read the others because I know they will truly be amazing.

Make You Mine by Shantel Tessier:

Whoa an intense rollercoaster ride full of dark twisted elements that leave you craving for more. So many secrets, lies, deception no one is completely innocent in this world. The Reapers run not only the school but town too and can get away with anything. Alyssa is a spunky girl who despises her stepmother so she finds the leverage she needs, but this leads the Reapers straight to her door. With plans to keep each other safe and protected their targets are set on her and will do what they need to bring her down. This is going to be an intense and crazy ride that I can’t wait to devour and I can’t wait for more!!
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readonreader | Jan 5, 2024 |
Explicitly English is a stand-alone, erotic romance short story of about forty-five pages. Laura is a newly minted interior designer who has just landed her dream job restoring an old English country cottage that dates back to the sixteenth century. She recently lost both her parents in a car accident, and because of that, she’s decided to shed her inhibitions and live life to the fullest in every minute. On the train to her new job, she’s seated across from a devilishly handsome man who makes her body hum with desire and who, she notes, is practically undressing her with his eyes. She daringly puts on a little show, self-pleasuring for him, thinking she’ll probably never see him again. But by the time they reach their destination, she’s realized he’s actually her new employer. Stephen had fallen in love at first sight with Laura, even before she put on her little show, and now he’s certain that she’s his dream woman. But convincing her that he’s serious about wanting her to stay with him forever may prove a challenge.

Explicitly English was a fun and steamy story. It takes place in only one day’s time, so it’s not entirely believable that two people could fall in love so quickly, especially when they know virtually nothing about each other. There isn’t a great deal of character or relationship development. It’s mostly sexy times, interspersed with a few tidbits of introspection and dialogue. Insta-love isn’t my favorite romance trope, but here, at least, I felt some connection between Stephen and Laura, just enough that I could see things going well for them in the future. I also couldn’t help but be drawn in by the fantasy of it, and Stephen is a charmer. Overall, this was a well-written story that I enjoyed reading and that’s left me open to checking out more from this author.

Note: This book contains explicit language and sexual content, including a scene of exhibitionism/voyeurism, which could be objectionable to sensitive readers.
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mom2lnb | Apr 30, 2022 |
This was just meh for me. It's not taboo and the entire time I was thinking, so what? Spice scale, I'll give it a 3

The significant story arcs fell flat - they were interesting up until they became too transparent.

The bullies don't get the comeuppance you're built up to expect throughout the story. The main character Penelope is a bit of a sad sack who tries too hard and is so insecure. Granted, the shit that happens to her is tragic and should definitely be fodder for an excellent story.

There were some choppy time frames and backstories in places. Unfortunately, this took away from the pacing of the story as a whole.

You already know what the ending will turn out to be so no drama there - okay, that's okay, we all love those endings and that's why we read KU smut anyway!

This is the third of Rachel Leigh's books I've read and I'm mixed about them all because they all sort of fell flat for me but I want to like them so much!

**All thoughts and opinions are my own. Read on my personal KU subscription.**
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The_Literary_Jedi | Apr 2, 2022 |
**Potential spoilers for book 1: His Hollow Heart**

This is the ending to the Fallen Kingdom duet. I am missing why it’s called "Fallen Kingdom" after finishing this because the “kingdom” doesn’t fall nor does it really go into any sort of…I’m overthinking it, I’m sure. It should be the "Kingdom Come" or "Till Kingdom Come" duet, that at least would have more connection to the characters. While the characters fall apart in the story, they didn't build anything together in the first book and what they had started was tenuous at best so...

This is the second-chance part of the “second-chance” romance in this duet. The first book was a revenge plot based on childhood trauma and the MMC getting revenge on the FMC for abandoning him which put him in a bad family situation until he stopped it and inherited a billion-dollar hotel empire.

This second chance comes after a cliff-hanger ending in the first book and Bella finds herself at home in Rhode Island, subsisting on Doritos and plain water. Not really but that’s what it feels like. I imagined her sitting in an armchair at a bay window while the camera pans around her and the number of weeks/months appear superimposed over it like in “Twilight: New Moon.” Honestly, the description really makes me think of that scene - not in a goofy (okay, a bit) way but in a “hey, this woman is going through it” way.

Tropes used include misdirection, depression, broken-heart, revenge, kidnapping, cat-and-mouse, blackmail, fear, withholding information, sexual assault, pregnancy, killing, and attempted rape.

Characters: Bella is still not a favorite. She knows what the stakes are and that there's a lot going on in the second half of this book - yet she still insists on being a selfish, whiny, brat in several instances which only serve to put her in further danger. Intentional writing and still annoying. She hasn't grown in her experience at all except that now she 'thinks' she likes to watch people have sex. There is little growth in her as a person. Callum also shows little sign of growth. He is the same dickish prick who uses his money to get things done (not always a bad thing if used well) and treats Bella like a glass doll with no agency; to which she attempts to take agency and usually fucks it up royally. There really is no reason to talk about any other characters as they are all in the peripheral and even though the villain is a main source of the issue in this book, he really isn't until he is...meaning, he's constantly in the background but not in the background because Bella and Callum are trying to ignore their way out of the situation by shacking up while Callum's guys look for the villain. What I liked: Callum taking responsibility for the "shady" part of the hotel business and considering closing it down. Callum is certainly a decisive bastard. I also liked that Callum's group of security dudes seem human and absolutely incompetent causing no end to Callum's consternation and making me chuckle.

Plot: So, we start off with Bella in depression mode. Entirely believable that a person would be this way after what she experienced on the island she was kept on. The same can be said for the feeling she has that Callum is alive and well and waiting for her. Where the plot goes a bit wonky is all the blackmail, cat-and-mouse intrigue. IT'S FICTION! Someone screams from the peanut gallery. I know. But that doesn't mean taking so many contrivances and making them collude just to get the characters where you want them, in the end, is okay. That is what I felt like reading this book. I skimmed most of the last three chapters and really skimmed the double epilogue because they were trite. What I did like: Bella's brother, Mark speaks some truths and is not as on board with what's going on at the end of the story and I appreciated that.

Overall, I'd recommend to readers who are 18+ and who have a good grasp on the reality that these situations are not normal and that they don't happen all the time - in fact, they are so rare that having almost every book spin these yarns in the romance genre is a bit confusing. There is nothing wrong with these books inherently - some tropes are used decently while others are eye-rolling for my particular taste which is not the same as yours, or yours, or yours even. This is a pick for me in general.

**All thoughts and opinions are my own. Read on my personal KU subscription.**
… (més)
The_Literary_Jedi | Mar 6, 2022 |

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