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Journey to America (1970) 971 exemplars
Nine for California (1996) 231 exemplars
The Cure (1999) 230 exemplars
The Return (1987) 193 exemplars
Boom Town (1998) 192 exemplars
Silver Days (1989) 175 exemplars
Escape from Egypt (1994) 166 exemplars
Room in the Heart (2003) 131 exemplars
When Elephant Goes to a Party (2001) 115 exemplars
Clem's Chances (2001) 106 exemplars
When Kangaroo Goes to School (2001) 96 exemplars
Strange Relations (2007) 93 exemplars
Annie's Promise (1993) 89 exemplars
The Goodness Gene (2005) 82 exemplars
Dream Freedom (2000) 59 exemplars
Singing Mountain (1998) 52 exemplars
Junk Man's Daughter (2007) 46 exemplars
The Golem and the Dragon Girl (1993) 44 exemplars
A Piece of Home (1996) 40 exemplars
The Mark of Conte (1976) 35 exemplars
A Sound to Remember (1979) 33 exemplars
Yesterday's Child (1997) 32 exemplars
Rita, the Weekend Rat (1971) 32 exemplars
Incident at Loring Groves (1988) 26 exemplars
Taking Charge (1999) 21 exemplars
Beyond Another Door (1977) 19 exemplars
Evil Encounter (1996) 16 exemplars
Who Owns the Moon? (1973) 15 exemplars
Smile Like a Plastic Daisy (1984) 13 exemplars
The No-Return Trail (1845) 13 exemplars
All the Cats in the World (1984) 12 exemplars
Jason and the Money Tree (1600) 9 exemplars
A Single Speckled Egg (1972) 9 exemplars
A Season for Unicorns (1986) 8 exemplars
The Fisherman and the Bird (1982) 5 exemplars
Reigning Cats and Dogs (1978) 4 exemplars
Adam's War (1994) 3 exemplars
Nobody Stole the Pie (1980) 3 exemplars
Jason's Money Tree 1 exemplars

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Data de naixement
Germany (birth)
Lloc de naixement
Berlin, Germany
Llocs de residència
Los Angeles, California, USA
University of California, Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
Holocaust survivor
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Sonia Levitin was born in Berlin, Germany. Her father Max Wolff, a prominent clothing designer, escaped Nazi Germany to the USA, settling in New York and then in Los Angeles. At age 3, Sonia, her mother Helene, and two sisters made their way to Switzerland before being reunited with her father in the USA in 1939. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she met her future husband, Lloyd Levitin, whom she married in 1953. She then completed a degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania and the couple went to live in the San Francisco Bay area and had two children. She worked as a publicist and columnist for several newspapers until her first children's novel, Journey to America, was published in 1970 to great acclaim and became a bestseller. She is the author of picture books, mysteries, humor, historical adventures, and novels for young adults, many with Jewish themes, that sometimes feature semi-autobiographical characters. Her work has won numerous awards, including the Southern California Council on Literature for Children's Distinguished Body of Work Award. She is also noted as a painter whose artwork was displayed in 2015 for the first time.




I read this book as a young girl about a family escaping Germany as things started to get bad. It is a fine, extremely well written book suitable for most ages.

The subject matter has always been difficult for me honestly. I love Historical Fiction but do not tend to read many books on WW2. However, this one is a gem. Another reviewer described it as "quiet" and I would agree. It is perfect for anyone who wants a book on this subject but does not want alot of violence included.

This book, because it is a children's and YA book, is fast ,easy reading as well as being extremely well written. The characters are developed and the story..this is a family escaping to America during that horrible time..will have you on the edge of your seat. It is a marvelous read.

If you want to lean more about this horrible period of time and have not read much about it, this is a good book to start with. This is also a great book for people who love Historical novels about this subject.

Although it is YA, as with many YA books, this can be read and enjoyed by anyone at any age. I am sure that if you do read it, you will not be able to put it down, as I wasn't and you will fall in love with the family, particularly the children and you will root for them. 4.5 stars for an amazing book.
… (més)
Thebeautifulsea | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2022 |
When the rabbi chooses Jacov, a "fine boy, but slow of speech and a bit clumsy" as the person who will blow the shofar (ram's horn) at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the villagers aren't sure what to think. In groups and one by one they visit the rabbi to suggest alternatives, but that wise man only smiles. At first, when Jacov is less than successful at the Rosh Hashanah service, it looks as if the skeptics will be proved right. But then the rabbi takes a surprise trip, returning just in time to lead Yom Kippur services, and to teach the congregation an important lesson...

I stumbled across Sonia Levitan's A Sound to Remember quite by accident, while searching for children's books about the Jewish High Holy Days, and am glad I did. The story is poignant, highlighting the importance of compassion, and the idea of everyone having a role to play in the religious community. I was deeply moved when the rabbi said that "love for each other and for God is more important than ritual," as this is something that I too (as a Protestant Christian) have always felt and believed. The accompanying illustrations from Gabriel Lisowski are delicately expressive, and well-suited to the story. Published in 1979 and long out-of-print, this is a book worth tracking down, whether one is looking for children's stories about Rosh Hashanah, or is just a fan of vintage picture-books.
… (més)
AbigailAdams26 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Sep 12, 2020 |
A Piece of Home is about a little boy named Gregor whose family is moving from Russia to the states. To remind him of home he brings along his favorite blanket. Gregor is nervous to meet his cousin Elie in America. When Gregor first meets his cousin, his cousin stares back at Gregor and his blanket with curiosity . I feel that this book would comfort young children who are getting ready to move. The book also shows that no matter where we come from we all have things in common, just like Gregor and his cousin.… (més)
vviverito | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Sep 16, 2019 |



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