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Andrea Levy (1956–2019)

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Andrea Levy was born in London, England in 1956 to Jamaican parents of mixed descent. She studied textile design and became a costume assistant. She took a creative-writing class and started writing in her 30s. Her first novel, Every Light in the House Burnin', was published in 1994. Her novels mostra'n més chronicled the experience of Jamaican immigrants in Britain. Her other works included Fruit of the Lemon, Six Stories and an Essay, and The Long Song. Small Island won the Orange Prize for fiction and the Whitbread Award for the book of the year. She died from cancer on February 14, 2019 at the age of 62. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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The Long Song (2010) 1,319 exemplars
Fruit of the Lemon (1999) 409 exemplars
Every Light in the House Burnin' (1994) 166 exemplars
Never Far from Nowhere (1996) 149 exemplars
Six Stories and an Essay (2014) 37 exemplars
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BooksInMirror | Hi ha 74 ressenyes més | Feb 19, 2024 |
So I'm reading this book, and I start finding myself spending a lot more time scrolling aimlessly on Reddit rather than reading my book; this is a red flag.

One of the problems is that the book starts off with Hortense narrating, and she is a truly unlikeable character, just off-putting in the extreme. Then from her experiences we switch to Gilbert's, which are full of racism and very difficult to read (I know, I can't read about what other people lived through, I'm horrible). By the time it switched over to Queenie's chapters I was not getting any pleasure from reading this book, and was not really interested in what she might add to the mix. It was obvious that things were just going to be shit for these people, and they were not interesting enough to make me sit through that. I made it about halfway through the book, and most of that was because I was unconsciously afraid I would look like a racist if I didn't read and finish this book. Then I remembered that reading is my hobby, and reading (or not reading) something out of fear of what others might think is sick. So I returned the book to the library and grooved on.… (més)
blueskygreentrees | Hi ha 139 ressenyes més | Jul 30, 2023 |
Character-driven historical fiction set in 1948 (and flashing back to “Before”) about two mismatched couples, Britons Bernard and Queenie, and Jamaicans Gilbert and Hortense. It tells a story of the migration of the two Jamaicans to post-WWII London, and the differences between their expectations and the realities. Though Gilbert has served in the RAF, fighting in WWII for the “Mother Country,” he and Hortense experience racism and intolerance.

In Jamaica, Hortense dreams of living in England, where she believes she will have a much better life. She agrees to fund Gilbert’s journey in return for his promise to send for her once he gets settled in London. Gilbert aspires to law school. He is educated but can only find work as a driver. Queenie suffers through the Blitz in London. She takes in Caribbean tenants, including Gilbert, to earn rental income. Bernard’s military service takes him to India, where he endures a variety of traumatic ordeals. When he fails to return, Queenie decides he has died in the war.

The strength of this novel lies in the characters. Levy weaves together multiple voices into a thought-provoking narrative that sheds light on the history of race and class in Britain. Each of the four tells his or her story in first person, so the reader becomes well-acquainted with them. Some are more likeable than others, but all feel authentic. The writing is richly detailed, providing a vivid sense of what life was like at the time in England, India, and Jamaica. Parts of this story are gut-wrenching and engender a feeling of outrage at the racial hatred directed toward the Jamaican characters. The author uses sarcastic humor to help develop the characters’ relationships and provide a break between harsh scenes. The ending is particularly emotional and well-crafted, providing a ray of hope for the future. It should appeal to those interested in modern classics or the history of multiculturalism in England.
… (més)
Castlelass | Hi ha 139 ressenyes més | Oct 30, 2022 |
Set in the years past World War II, a Jamaican immigrant faces racism in Great Britain. While it's not an easy read, it's an important one because it shows racism occurred in many places around the globe--not just in America.
thornton37814 | Hi ha 139 ressenyes més | Sep 25, 2022 |



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