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J. Patrick Lewis was born on May 5, 1942. He is a poet and prose writer who is known for his children's poems. He worked as a professor of economics before devoting himself full-time to writing in 1998. He is the author of 90 children's books including: BoshBlobberBosh, Please Bury Me in the mostra'n més Library, A Hippopotamusn't, First Dog, Spot the Plot, The House, and The National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry. In 2014, his title Voices from the March on Washington, made the Hot Civil Rights Titles List. He has received many awards from the American Library Association, The Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the Claudia Lewis Award from The Bank Street School and others. He also received the 2010-11 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Excellence in Children's Poetry Award. He was also named the third, U.S. Children's Poet Laureate for 2011-2013 by the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

Obres de J. Patrick Lewis

Please Bury Me in the Library (2005) 377 exemplars
Riddle-Icious (1996) 159 exemplars
A Hippopotamusn't (1990) 150 exemplars
The Last Resort (2002) 130 exemplars
The Frog Princess (1994) 115 exemplars
Poem-mobiles: Crazy Car Poems (2014) 96 exemplars
Blackbeard: The Pirate King (2006) 96 exemplars
The House (2009) 79 exemplars
Face Bug (2013) 78 exemplars
Last Laughs: Animal Epitaphs (2012) 74 exemplars
Wing Nuts: Screwy Haiku (1656) 73 exemplars
Harlem Hellfighters (2014) 62 exemplars
The Snowflake Sisters (2003) 52 exemplars
The World's Greatest: Poems (1726) 52 exemplars
Kindergarten Cat (2010) 51 exemplars
Monumental Verses (2005) 48 exemplars
The Little Buggers (1998) 43 exemplars
And the Soldiers Sang (2011) 41 exemplars
Bigfoot is Missing! (2015) 40 exemplars
Earth Verses and Water Rhymes (1991) 37 exemplars
The Stolen Smile (2004) 35 exemplars
Black Swan White Crow (1995) 34 exemplars
Castles: Old Stone Poems (2006) 31 exemplars
Kooky Crumbs (2016) 29 exemplars
The Moonbow of Mr. B. Bones (1992) 25 exemplars
The Night of the Goat Children (1999) 25 exemplars
Galileo's Universe (2005) 22 exemplars
Tulip at the Bat (2007) 21 exemplars
Skywriting: Poems to Fly (2010) 20 exemplars
The House Of Boo (1998) 18 exemplars
Michelangelo's World (Ovations) (1999) 17 exemplars
The Shoe Tree of Chagrin (2001) 16 exemplars
Good Ship Crocodile (2013) 16 exemplars
The La-Di-Da Hare (1997) 16 exemplars
The Navajo Code Talkers (2016) 14 exemplars
Make the Earth Your Companion (2017) 14 exemplars
July Is a Mad Mosquito (1994) 11 exemplars
The Fat-Cats at Sea (1994) 10 exemplars
Good Mornin' Ms. America (2006) 9 exemplars
It's Not the Baby (2017) 8 exemplars
It's Not the Puppy (2019) 6 exemplars
One dog day (1993) 5 exemplars
Always, Jackie (2020) 3 exemplars
Porch Light (2016) 1 exemplars
Fat Cats at Sea (1995) 1 exemplars
I Am Polar Bear (2019) 1 exemplars
O Último Hotel 1 exemplars
World of Wonders, A 1 exemplars

Obres associades

The Family Read-Aloud Christmas Treasury (1989) — Col·laborador — 282 exemplars
A Hanukkah Treasury (1998) — Col·laborador — 102 exemplars
Thanksgiving Poems (1985) — Col·laborador — 49 exemplars
Halloween Poems (1989) — Col·laborador — 29 exemplars
A Bunch of Punctuation (2018) — Col·laborador, algunes edicions26 exemplars


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dwtolson | Hi ha 32 ressenyes més | Apr 24, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: Ages 3-5
Awards: Utah Beehive Book Award (Winner 2015)
Claudia Lewis Award for Poetry (2013)
SB&F's Best Books (Children's Books — 2013)
NCTE Notable Poetry Books and Verse Novels (2012)
LelandWarnack | Hi ha 25 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2024 |
Fictional characters share their experience of the famous march.
VillageProject | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Mar 21, 2024 |
Amazing animal poetry book that is sorted into nine chapters and has around 200 poems. The poems are nicely written and includes photos for almost every poem. The range of animals is very diverse, so everyone will be able to enjoy a poem about their favorite animal. The poems are about insects, sharks, birds, quiet animals (like a panther), noisy animals (like a frog), and big animals (like a moose). Students from kindergarten and on will be impressed with this poetry book.
satnightfevre | Hi ha 25 ressenyes més | Feb 16, 2024 |



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