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Qigong Empowerment is teh most unique and ocmplete volume ever written in the English language on qigong (Chi Kung). This volume can be used for attaining better health, for healing, for gaining extraoridinary power, and for spiritual devlopment.

This volume consists of five books which covers:

Traditional Chinese Medical theories and qi cultivation methods

Taoist methods to foster essence, Qi, and spirit

Buddhist esoteric abilities of the body, speech, and mind

Emitting, absorbing, and healing qigong

Wushu (martial arts) Iron Shirt training

Qigong Empowerment includes nearly a half century of Master Liang's qigong studies, experiences, and legendary travels through China. It is a volume that you can refer to over and over again for all your energy studies.

Master Shou-Yu Liang began studying qigong at age 6. One of china's top Coaches of Excellence

Mr. Wen-Ching Wu U. S. National Grand Champion in both internal and external styles.


Foreword: Dr. Wu, Cheng-De
Preface: Liang, Shou-Yu
Preface: Wu, Wen-Ching
Book 1: Medical Qigong
The energy concept in traditional Chinese medicine
Learn to relax-basic relaxation technique; Relaxing the body and calming the mind
Qi permeating technique
Health maintenance Qigong-Lung gigong; Kidney qigong; Liver qigong; Lying down and walking qigong; Heart qigong; Stomach and spleen qigong; Triple burner administering qigong; six healing sounds for nourishing life
Qigong for healing specific illnesses
Book 2: Daoist (Taoist) Qigong
Daoist philosophy and training concepts
Level one-Fundamentals of Qi circulation; Microcosmic circulation; Macrosmic circulation; Absorbing Qi to make up for the leakage; Nourishing Qi method
Level two-Accumulating Qi method; Golden light method; Nine rotations to bring back the spiritual elixir; Eight extraordinary vessel circulaton; 14 meridian circulation; Sunrise and sunset circulation
Level three-Converting bone marrow to Qi
Book 3: Buddhist Qigong
Buddhist philosophy and training concepts
The seven keys for sitting meditation
Tantric buddhist Qigong-Nine segment Buddhist breathing; Precious vessel Qigong; Achieving through spiritual flame; The great perfection-the heart essence; Armor protection from negative energies; The nine esoteric seals
Book 4: Emitting, absorbing, and healing Qigong
You have the ability to emit Qi
Unifying the cosmos and the human body-The basic method of unification with the cosmos; The advanced method of unification with the cosmos
Emitting Qi methods-Building and testing Qi; Rotating the Qi ball; Emit and return Qi back to your body; Qi enters three gates; Activating Qi with your fingers for healing and emitting; Emitting a Qi ball; Emitting and circulating qi within your body; Emitting Qi to and from a partner and a group
Absorbing Qi methods- Absorbing Qi from the sun; Absorbing Qi from the moon; Absorbing Qi from trees; Absorbing Qi from flowers and bushes; Absorbing Qi from mountans, rivers, and oceans; Absorbing Qi from heat sources; Absorbing Qi throukgh objects
Develop your healing abilitiy-Developing the sensitivity of your palms; Developing your abilitiy to see auras; Developing your scanning abilitiy; Healing methods
Book 5: Wushu Qigong
Internal energy training in Chinese martial arts
Intensive Iron Shirt qigong-Overall body conditioning; Solar lexus coinditioning; Throat conditioning; Armpit conditioning; Head conditioning; Leg conditioning; Muscle conditioning; Groin conditioning
Hard Qigong for powerful and effective aplications-Qigong for developing incredible strength; Iron fist training; Iron alm training; Eagle claw training; Steel finger training; Iron forearm training; Iron knee training
Appendix A: Acupuncture charts
Appendix B: Corrective methods
Appendix C: Glossary
Aboukt the author: Mastear Liang, Shou-Yu
About the author: Mr. Wu, Wen-Ching
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