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Richard Loncraine

Autor/a de Band of Brothers [2001 TV mini series]

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Band of Brothers [2001 TV mini series] (2002) — Director — 460 exemplars
Firewall [2006 film] (2000) — Director — 199 exemplars
Wimbledon [2004 film] (2004) — Director — 149 exemplars
Richard III [1995 film] (1995) — Director — 102 exemplars
The Gathering Storm [2002 film] (2002) — Director — 75 exemplars
My House in Umbria [2003 film] (2003) — Director — 50 exemplars
My One and Only [2009 film] (2009) — Director — 46 exemplars
5 Flights Up [2014 film] (2014) — Director — 21 exemplars
Finding Your Feet [2018 film] (2018) — Director — 20 exemplars
The Missionary [1982 film] (1982) — Director — 13 exemplars
Brimstone & Treacle [1982 film] (1999) — Director — 8 exemplars
The Special Relationship [2010 TV movie] (2010) — Director — 6 exemplars


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Loncraine, Richard
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film director
television director



BooksInMirror | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Feb 19, 2024 |
In the 1930s, Sir Winston Churchill (Albert Finney) was out of government, sitting as a backbench Member of Parliament. His was a lonely voice warning about German rearmament and the coming of a second major war on the continent. He lost a great deal of money in the Wall Street crash and now writes a biography of his ancestor the Duke of Marlborough, a newspaper column, and it’s his only means of support. He has a close-knit group of supporters, not the least of whom is his wife Clementine (Vanessa Redgrave), who he loves very dearly. As he continues to press his concerns about Hitler, he is cast as a warmonger and frequently shouted down in Parliament by members on both sides of the aisle. With reliable information from a Foreign Office civil servant who feels the government is not accurately reporting on rearmament, he provides accurate figures to Parliament and the tide begins to turn. With the on-set of World War II in September 1939, Churchill returns to government as the First Lord of Admiralty. (fonte: Imdb)… (més)
MemorialeSardoShoah | Jan 10, 2022 |
A beautifully made and poignant film, with Maggie Smith superb as the main protagonist, and Ronnie Barker excellent as a bereaved Major. Emmy Clarke is the young Aimee, traumatised by an incident early in the film, gradually blossoming with love and nature.

It's overall an encouraging and uplifting film, albeit quite slow-paced, and with some unpleasant flashbacks that really don't add anything to the storyline.

Recommended to adults; most likely to appeal to those of middle age or older.

Latest full review here:
… (més)
SueinCyprus | Aug 31, 2021 |
Ian McKellen’s annotated screenplay for his and Richard Loncraine’s 1995 film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s 1592-1594 play, Richard III, is a great read for both film and theatre lovers, particularly those who enjoy the works of William Shakespeare. McKellen and Loncraine developed the film based on Richard Eyre’s stage production. Rather than set the play in its historical setting of the late 1470s through 1485, Loncraine and McKellen chose more recent history as their setting in order to better translate Shakespeare’s intent for a modern audience. In this case, they imagine 1930s Britain under fascist rule, as if Oswald Mosely’s British Union of Fascists and King Edward VIII had succeeded. These historical changes notwithstanding, the film faithfully adapts the plot and text of Shakespeare’s play.

McKellen describes the intent in changing the play’s chronological setting, “To direct the audience away from history and toward the events and themes of the play as far as they were relevant to their own lives, the original production would have been performed in contemporary, Elizabethan dress. Historical ‘authenticity’ of costume and setting only became fashionable in the theatre of the Victorians, with their interest in things medieval” (pgs. 11-12). Further, “The crucial advantage of a modern setting is clarity of storytelling… The audience needs to be able to recognize who is royalty, aristocrat, commoner and who is politician, civil servant, military. By their clothes, you shall know them. If this were true of the play, it would be equally valid for the film” (pg. 12). McKellen writes of the timeless impact of Shakespeare’s works, “Each generation has always been able to extract from Shakespeare its own message” (pg. 24). Thus, it was his and Loncraine’s hope that their reinterpretation of Richard III would aid new viewers in extracting meaning. This book includes 59 stills from unit photographer Alex Bailey to illustrate the scenes and compliment McKellen’s notes on each page. A great behind-the-scenes look at a fantastic adaptation of Shakespeare’s work.
… (més)
DarthDeverell | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 14, 2021 |



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