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Maud Hart Lovelace (1892–1980)

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Obres de Maud Hart Lovelace

Betsy-Tacy (1940) 2,505 exemplars
Betsy-Tacy and Tib (1941) 1,382 exemplars
Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill (1942) 1,360 exemplars
Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown (1943) 1,049 exemplars
Heaven to Betsy (1945) 613 exemplars
Betsy in Spite of Herself (1946) 611 exemplars
Betsy Was a Junior (1947) 537 exemplars
Betsy and the Great World (1952) 536 exemplars
The Betsy-Tacy Treasury (1995) 533 exemplars
Betsy's Wedding (1955) 530 exemplars
Betsy and Joe (1948) 483 exemplars
Emily of Deep Valley (1950) 448 exemplars
Carney's House Party (1949) 272 exemplars

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Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Minnesota, USA
Lloc de naixement
Mankato, Minnesota, USA
Lloc de defunció
Claremont, California, USA
Llocs de residència
Mankato, Minnesota, USA
New York, New York, USA
Claremont, California, USA
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Yonkers, New York, USA
Mount Vernon, New York, USA
University of Minnesota
children's book author
short story writer
historical novelist
Lovelace, Delos Wheeler (husband)
Premis i honors
Minnesota 150
Biografia breu
Maud Hart Lovelace was born in Mankato, Minnesota. Her parents were Tom Hart, a shoestore owner, and his wife, Stella. She began writing at a very early age, reportedly as soon as she could hold a pencil. Around age 10, she adopted her mother's maiden name and called herself Maud Palmer Hart. Her father privately published a collection of her poetry around this time. After graduating from Mankato High School, she attended the University of Minnesota but took a leave of absence to go to California to recover from an operation. There she sold her first short story, "Number Eight," to the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine in 1911. She returned to Minnesota and worked for the Minnesota Daily. In 1917, at age 25, she married Delos Lovelace, a military officer in training, with whom she would have two children. He served in World War I, and afterwards they moved to New York, living in the city as well as in Yonkers and Mount Vernon, writing journalism and books. She published her first book, The Black Angels, an historical novel set in Minnesota, in 1926. Her next book, Early Candlelight, published in 1929, was her biggest success in this genre. However, she's best known today for her books for children. The enduringly popular Betsy-Tacy series was inspired by stories about her childhood that she told her own daughter. The first Betsy-Tacy book appeared in 1940, and the last book, Betsy's Wedding, was published in 1955.



When Betsy Ray arrives in New York after a tour of Europe, her old flame Joe Willard is waiting at the dock. Before he even says hello, he asks Betsy to marry him. They've been seperated for a year, and they're determined never to be apart again.

But as Betsy discovers, marriage isn't all candlelight, kisses, and roses. There's cooking, ironing, and budgeting as well - not to mention forging her career as a writer! For Betsy, the writing part comes naturally, but cooking is another matter. It's even harder than algebra - and much messier.

Luckily Betsy Ray - make that Betsy Willard - has always thrived on challenge. Her name may have changed, but her life remains as full of love and laughter as it's been since she was a little girl living on Hill Street in the first of the classic Betsy-Tacy books.
… (més)
PlumfieldCH | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Dec 30, 2023 |
It's the trip of a lifetime. Betsy Ray, 21 years old, is heading off for a solo tour of Europe. From the moment she casts off, her journey is filled with adventure - whether she's waltzing at the captain's ball, bartering for beads in Madeira, or sipping coffee at a bohemian cafe in Munich. Despite her travels and many adventures, Betsy's heart won't let her forget Joe Willard, her high school sweetheart.
PlumfieldCH | Hi ha 10 ressenyes més | Dec 30, 2023 |
Betsy Ray has always thought that she and the fascinating Joe Willard would make the perfect couple. Now, in her senior year at Deep Valley High School, it looks as though she'll get her wish. As soon as Joe returns from his summer job in North Dakota, he's on the Rays' porch with sweet words for Betsy. It's going to be a wonderful senior year!

Then Tony Markham, Betsy's longtime chum, comes calling - and his intentions are definitely romantic. Betsy is torn. She really cares for Joe, but she doesn't want to hurt Tony. Can she figure out a way to follow her heart without ruining her friendship?… (més)
PlumfieldCH | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Dec 19, 2023 |



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