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Sergei Lukyanenko

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Inclou aquests noms: Luk'janenko, Loukianenko-S, S. Lukianenko, S. Lukjanenko, Luk'yanenko S., Luk'ianenko S., Lukyanenko S.V., Serg Lukyanenko, Sergi Lukyanenko, Sergey Lukianenko, Sergei Lukyanenko, Sergei Lukyanenko, Sergej Lukjanenko, Sergei Lukjanenko, Sergio Lukyanenko, Sergej Lukianenko, Sergej Lukjanenko, Sergei Lukyanenko, Sergej Lukianenko, S. V. Luk'yanenko, Sergei Lukjanenko, Sergey Lukyanenko, Sergei Lukayanenko, Sergej Luk'yanenko, Szergej Lukjanenko, Sergeĭ Lukyanenko, Sergeij Lukianenko, Serguei Lukianenko, LUKYANENKO SERGUEI, Serguey Lukyanenko, Serguei Lukyanenko, Sergej Lukjaněnko, S. Luk'yanenko, Szergej Lukjanyenko, Serguei Lukiánenko, Szergej Lukjanyenko, Лукьяненко, Sergej V. Lukianenko, Sergueï Loukanienko, Sergueï Loukianenko, Siergiej Lukianienko, Sergueï Loukianenko, Sergeĭ Luk'i͡anenko, Siergiej Łukianienko, Sergej Luk'anenko, Sergej V. Lukʹjanenko, Sergeˆi Lukíànenko, Sergei Luk'ianenko, Luk'ianenko Sergei, С. Лукьяненко, Sergueï Loukanienko, Sergueï Loukianenko, Serguéi Lukianenko, Sergeĭ Lukʹi︠a︡nenko, Sergej Vasilevic Lukanenko, С.В. Лукьяненко, Lukyanenko Sergey Vasilevich, С. В. Лукьяненко, Sergej Vasilevič Luk'ânenk, Sergei Vasilievich Lukyanenko, Sergej Vasilevič Luk'ânenko, Сергей Лукяненко, Sergej Vasil'jevič Luk'janenko, Сергей Лукяненко, Sergei Wassiljewitsch Lukjanenko, Лукьяненко Сергей, Сергей Лукь?ненко, Сергей Лукьяненко, Сергей Лукьяненко, Серге́й Лукья́ненко, Sergej Vasilʹevič Lukʹânenko, Szergej Lukjanyenko (Sergey Lukyanenko), Szergej Lukjanyenko (Sergey Lukjanenko), Andrew(Tran Sergei(Author) ; Bromfield Lukyanenko, Сергей Васильевич Лукьянен

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Nom oficial
Lukyanenko, Sergei Vasilievich
Altres noms
Lukianenko, Sergej
Łukjanienko, Siergiej
Data de naixement
Lloc de naixement
Karatau, Kazakhstan, USSR
Llocs de residència
Karatau, Kazakhstan (formerly USSR)
Moscow, Russia
Alma-Ata State Medical Institute (1992)
fantasy writer
science fiction writer
Premis i honors
Ruscon (SF writer of the year) 2005
Biografia breu
Sergei Lukyanenko (as his name appears on books and films in U.S. markets) is a science-fiction and fantasy author, writing in Russian, and is arguably the most popular contemporary Russian sci-fi writer. His works often feature intense action-packed plots, interwoven with the moral dilemma of keeping one's humanity while being strong.

Recently his works have been adapted into film productions, for which he wrote the screenplays. He lives in Moscow with his wife Sonia and two sons, Artemiy and Danil, keeps mice as pets and enjoys cooking.



This is the first Russian authored book I've read. Being that I am from America, it's really quite funny how Americans are portrayed the few times mentioned.

Overall I enjoyed reading it! I don't read a lot of books with witches and warlocks and magicians, and I typically find them cheesy (I am still not tempted to pick up Harry Potter), but I really enjoyed this story and characters. The ending was super cheese, and it was a bit of a cop out in my opinion. My friend who only reads books and watches movies that have happy endings would love this book. I didn't learn anything about myself reading this, nor did I really learn anything about the world (maybe perhaps a bit about Russian culture), but it was enjoyable enough; a nice break from the usual stuff that makes me question my existence.… (més)
baeblotz | Hi ha 139 ressenyes més | Oct 21, 2023 |
Very good follow up to the classic (imo) Night Watch.
everettroberts | Hi ha 48 ressenyes més | Oct 20, 2023 |
I only made it through the first short story.
It wasn't bad but the further I got the less I enjoyed it.
I usually enjoy a good somber and gloomy mood in a book but here the simplistic fatalism made it all feel so pointless. I just couldn't understand why anyone in this story had enough drive to even get out of the bed in the morning. It all felt to me like everyone should just keel over on the spot, roll into a ball and rock back and forth.
To be frank "why didn't you just kill yourself already" went through my mind repeatedly.
Instead of caring more I kept caring less and less because I had real trouble to connect to anyone in this depressing cast.
The book tries very hard to be wise but never really makes it past the obvious in the context of philosophy and its attempts at hiding that behind mystery shroud™ isn't able to disguise it.
A lot of the interesting parts of the world were pointlessly hidden behind this ominous mystery shroud™.
The first story ends with a blatant sledgehammer foreshadowing which completely killed any vestiges of interest to read on for me.
It could've been a play on the free will vs destiny thingy and not actual prophecy which was a carefully broached topic a few times but even if- that still was very crude either way.
So, all the gloom instead of being mysterious was just depressing and the philosophy instead of being intriguing it was just unrefined and shallow.
Despite all that, I think a good 3/5 star rating for the first story is fair.
This might be a case of its not you, it's me. If you hit me with philosophy I need the full packet. I have a bad time dealing with philosophy-light.

Just a quick reminder that my reviews always sound very negative. I usually only talk about the flaws and how I felt about them. Pay attention to the star rating for how I feel overall about a book.
… (més)
omission | Hi ha 139 ressenyes més | Oct 19, 2023 |
Just not as good as Night Watch, which I admittedly read about a decade ago. This volume made me wonder if something was getting lost in the translation or if these stories were very trope-reliant in any language. Don't get me wrong, still going to read the next one, probably in less than another decade.
IsraOverZero | Hi ha 48 ressenyes més | Sep 23, 2023 |



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