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{My thoughts} – Mason, Hannah and Alan are at it again in this all new book by Eric Luper. This book is mostly based on a huge corporation that is trying to take both Mason and Hannah’s chocolate shop and Alan’s chocolate shop out of business.

The individual that was working to help the large corporation made a big mess of things. He caused a lot of trouble and made things really difficult for all parties involved. However, it came down to the small town in which Mason, Hannah and Alan live in was ready to commit top the corporation. It just took them all awhile to figure out what they really wanted in their small town.

I think that any child that loves dog’s will love these books. These books are packed with factual historical information, with factual information about dogs and how chocolate can hurt them, and about factual information about animal rescue.

It makes me sad that there aren’t any new books coming out in the series and I really think that there should be. These books are absolutely incredible. The covers are colorful, attention grabbing and appealing. Any child would be blessed to get a copy of one of these brilliant books to read.

… (més)
Zapkode | Jun 1, 2024 |
{My thoughts} – Cocoa is a rambunctious mischief making chocolate lab puppy. His two favorite humans are Mason and Hannah, a brother and sister, that are the children of the owners of the local chocolate shop.

Mason and Hannah’s parents are having to make a huge decision when it comes to the future of both their family and their chocolate shop. In order to make that decision they are having to leave them with their grandfather while they go to another city and look into their options. No one in the family is happy about this, least of all Mason, since it means they won’t be able to keep Cocoa.

If you enjoy giggling and laughing while your reading a book, I am certain you will enjoy this book. Cocoa does some insane things, that you’d think would be possible, but it’s all in good fun for the most part. In the end Cocoa helps, Mason and Hannah’s parents decide what is best for the family.

I think that any child that gets this book in their hands will love it. I am looking forward to starting book to in a few minutes.
… (més)
Zapkode | Jun 1, 2024 |
{My thoughts} – This morning I’d been woken up my 2.5 year old screaming “mama, mama, mama.” Over and over again. Usually when she is like that I find the nearest book, which in most cases is a board book or short story book and start reading it to her. Reading tends to calm her down and she highly enjoys being read to. I figured since I needed to finish this particular series for reviews that I’d start reading this book to her.

This little girl never amazes me with her desire to hear a story. She really enjoys books and I am forever thankful that she does. I started the book and she was pointing to words on the pages and the images when we came upon a page that had pictures on it. Eventually I was almost through with the story. I had two chapters left in the book before she was bored enough to get up and go play with her toys. It kind of made me sad when she got up and left me, but I did continue reading the story out loud to her so that we could finish it.

In this book Cleo and Evan go on an new adventure. However, this one is even more dangerous then the last. This one takes them into a story about the Titanic. In this book they come very very close to getting seriously hurt or even worse. Although, they always seem to survive most of the stories without much trouble this one wasn’t an easy adventure for either of them.

They both had to test their limits and find new ways in solving some of the problems that they were dealing with. One of the biggest problems was not having enough time to do the things that they needed to in order to complete the current mission.

I look forward to seeing where there future missions are going to be taking them. These books are fun to read and the characters are incredibly likable.

I recommend this book for any young reader that wants to go on an adventure. It’s an added bonus if they enjoy reading stories about werewolves and ghosts. This story helped to fill in some missing gaps in the storyline that were much needed. It also helped me as a reader to better understand the storyline as well as the character’s roles within the series.
… (més)
Zapkode | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jun 1, 2024 |
{My thoughts} – In the last book Cocoa had discovered a small yellow lab puppy that was stranded on the side of the highway. Nilla is a sweet little puppy that as soon as Mason and Hannah had seen her, they’d fallen in love. The only problem is that they weren’t entirely sure how to tell their parents that they’d found her and really wanted to keep her.

This book also picks up with the family repairing the old mill on their property. They are hoping to have it repaired quickly enough to help them with their new direction in which they are taking their chocolate making business.

Mason finds an unlikely friendship with a boy that has been making friendship difficult. It turns out though, that there is a really neat story behind why that has been taking place.

Towards the end of the book Hannah has to say good bye to Nilla and she isn’t ready to let her go. However, she does understand that it’s what is right for Nilla. Mason also starts to understand that just because your use to one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t get use to something a little more different, but better in the long run.

I strongly believe that any child that enjoys and loves dogs, will enjoy this book and the previous. I look forward to beginning book three in the next few minutes!
… (més)
Zapkode | Jun 1, 2024 |



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