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The Factory Voice (2009) 46 exemplars
The Apothecary's Garden (2022) 40 exemplars
Left Fields (2003) 4 exemplars
Archive of the Undressed (2012) 4 exemplars
The New Blue Distance (2009) 1 exemplars

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The Apothecary’s Garden by Jeanette Lynes is a captivating historical fiction novel that effortlessly transports the reader to a different era and place. Lavender, the spinster protagonist, comes to life through vivid descriptions, offering a glimpse into her world selling flowers after the death of her father, the local apothecary. Lynes employs carefully chosen names for the characters, adding a layer of specificity that seamlessly aligns with their individual stories. The authenticity of the details creates an immersive experience, and the reader feels as if living with these characters in Belleville. Lynes’s poetic language breathes life into the characters, while the well-crafted plot keeps the pages turning. The romance between Lavender and Robert introduces a classic element. Robert’s own words, “Some bear their scars on the inside, some bear scars on the outside,” echo the spirit of Jane Eyre. Intertwined with the narrative are some words from Leaves of Grass by Whitman, cleverly used as motifs throughout the stories. This intertextuality adds depth and richness to the novel. The satisfying ending ties up the narrative threads neatly, leaving the reader with a sense of fulfillment. This novel is a captivating journey through time and emotion, skillfully woven by Lynes.… (més)
zoe.r2005 | Jan 11, 2024 |
This is a touching story of the three generations of women whose personal lives have been strongly impacted by Hurricane Hazel in Toronto, both directly and indirectly. The plot is well-developed with vivid details and scenes, and all the characters come to life.
The author uses the first-person narrative effectively and also skillfully switches viewpoints of the three different characters, which help readers see the characters’ inner worlds closely.
I appreciate this powerful human story with a historical background.… (més)
zoe.r2005 | Aug 11, 2019 |
While Lynes has documented the war cause on the home front, she has gone beyond just telling the story of four women in a factory. Each of the protagonists has some deep secret or obstacle they need to overcome. And the drama they create or endure makes for a great read.
steven.buechler | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Nov 13, 2014 |
I am amazed how profound the observations in poetry can be these days. They seem to come across at times unhindered by politics and paradigms giving a deeply honest look at the human condition. One such collection is the Archive of the Undressed by Jeanette Lynes. Her thoughts and observations are collected here as she pondered a collection of vintage Playboy magazines, giving insight of not only the 1960s and 70s but our time today.

target="_top">… (més)
steven.buechler | Oct 13, 2014 |



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