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Book 2 in a series about 2 sisters and their big brother the Duke. This is Pippa & Hugh, the Marquess of Ravenscroft who happens to be a good friend of her brothers. I'll start with the book cover, gorgeous, Forever After Romance Designs...have no idea who it is but they made remarkable cover art.

The story is a cute one, Pippa wants to own a dressmakers shop to showcase her own designs. It's her lifelong dream but her brother won't giver he her dowery money to buy one, he doesn't want her going into trade. If she marries the money goes to her husband so choosing the right husband will get her hands on the funds. She wants a husband who'll leave her alone and he has his own money & won't take hers. Through a mix-up Hugh gets involved & and has to convince her to stay with him. They have a lovely HEA. Having Hugh declare his feelings first is a nice twist, why not have him chase her. Up next is the Duke himself, he's gotten himself in a mess with the lady he becomes involved with so his plot should be very interesting.

#ASimpleMarriage #JannaMacGregor #MillionairesofMayfair #historicalromance #romance
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FDarlene491 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jul 15, 2024 |
It’s always a good time for a Regency Romance, and Janna MacGregor is just the perfect author to provide a story that will grab you, enchant you, and leave you fully satisfied.

A Simple Marriage picks up where the first book in the Millionaires of Mayfair series, A Simple Seduction, left off. We’ve already met the Ardeerton family: the cruel father, the indifferent mother, the eldest sister Honoria who wasn’t really an Ardeerton and paid a high price for that, the brother Dane destined to be the future Duke of Pelham, and the youngest daughter Pippa. Dane was everything his parents were not. He was moral, sincere, loyal, dedicated and caring and took his responsibilities very seriously, doing everything he could to protect his sisters. But if you think as a “real” Ardeerton female and baby of the family that Pippa had it easy, you are very wrong.

A Simple Marriage open with Pippa doing something unheard of. Remember this is Regency England and the ton. If you are poor, yes, you have to contend with poverty and crime and disease. But if you are rich and titled you have to contend with rules, rules, rules and more rules, especially if you are a woman. Almost any man has some control over you. Your father or brother or some other relative gets to decide if and when you get “your” money – and then your husband gets to decide what to do with it. He can let you have a say but he can just as easily use it however he wants. You can’t be unchaperoned, you can’t touch. Society dictates what is allowed for both men and women, and there are harsh penalties for breaking the rules. One indiscretion and that cherished daughter can be tossed into the street. Pelham isn’t that rigid, but he is determined that Pippa be married, have the opportunity to have a family, to have a life none of them had as children. Of course he gets to approve the choice of husband. And Pippa’s desire to be a dressmaker would narrow her chances of attracting the right kind of man.

So Pippa takes matters into her own hand and sends a letter to five gentlemen who are members of her brother’s Millionaire’s Club, figuring they meet the basic requirements her brother has laid out, and asking them to consider marriage. Then she’ll get her money and be able to purchase the dress shop she wants. Her plan is contingent on finding the right husband – who would most definitely not be a husband-husband. “Husband” would be a good man, a companion, who wouldn’t object to having a businesswoman as a wife. “Husband-husband” would be the real thing and that would involve love and she wants no part of that. She had a front row seat to the example of marriage and so-called love with her parents and her heart isn’t part of her future plans.

Except – except – except: instead of the five letters going to the intended recipients, instead because communication is exchanged so often between households they erroneously go to one of her brother’s two best friends (not the one who swooped in and whisked Honoria away). They are all delivered to Lord Hugh Calthorpe, the Marquess of Ravenscroft. Handsome, dashing, caring, considerate but not on Pippa’s list of prospective grooms because he’s her brother’s friend – and maybe there is a teeny tiny spark there that would maybe someday somehow put him in the husband-husband category. Hugh isn’t interested in love and marriage either, but his reason is just the opposite of Pippa’s: his parents had a warm, loving, wonderful marriage and he has watched his mother barely survive his father’s loss. He is not about to put his heart out there to someday be crushed. But we’ll see, won’t we?

Once Hugh shows up at the first schedule Maybe Mr. Husband meeting and Pippa realizes she’s been found out A Simple Marriage isn’t so simple anymore. They come up with a plan to satisfy them both, but you know – plans. Author MacGregor does her usual fine job of cat and mouse, push and pull, will they or won’t they between Hugh and Pippa, provides an excellent supporting cast to cheer them on or thwart them and a plot that twists and turns and frustrates you just the right amount, and of course gives you an abundance of sweet, swoony, scorching scenes and tender moments to make you laugh and cry and hope.

Thanks to the author for including me as part of her review crew and providing an advance copy of A Simple Marriage. I have fallen in love with the Ardeerton family and can’t wait to see what’s up next for Pelham. I voluntarily leave this review; all opinions are my own.
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GrandmaCootie | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jun 24, 2024 |
I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an advance reader copy of this story.

What an enjoyable treat, an anthology of secondary characters. Five authors have given us 5 stories staring interesting background characters that were worth another look. I have my favorite, it has one of my best loved leading character dukes making an appearance. There are a couple from authors I've never read and it didn't take away from the stories, they worked as stand alones. I'm going to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the writing style of a couple who I will not name here. Just not my cup of tea. There's a 50 shades of grey like story that was an eye opener, never had any idea that Regency upper crust nobs were so bawdy. I spend a nice afternoon on a rainy day and enjoyed catching up. The subtitle of this book is Seasons of Sin Anthology Collection Book 1 so there may be a book 2 coming.

#BigBukeEnergy #netgalley #Oliver Heber Books #KerriganByrne #ChristiCaldwell #AmelieHoward #JannaMacGregor #StacyReid #historicalromance #romance
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FDarlene491 | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Jun 2, 2024 |
A lovely start to a new series. The Duke of Pelhams family is first introduced in The Duchess of Drury Lane. The Duke is a friend of the main male character. There's a hint of tension between the Duke & Marcus, Earl of Trafford. It's only a hint & it's not followed up on until A Simple Seduction.

Honoria is the oldest of the Dukes sisters and she's had a tough time of it emotionally. Her Father was a cold horrid man & her Mother wasn't much of one. This ultimately leads to a situation no child should have to bear. She's so emotionally wrecked that she turns down a season in London & lives in the country full time. Her state of mind and self-doubt play a huge part in the plot. She's lovely, sweet, kind, everything you'd hope your child would grow up to be. She's learned to become invisible to the people around her, but Marcus comes along and sees her. Once he has he can't unsee her. He's got his own demons and between them it's a story full of coming into your own and finding happiness, accepting it & getting an HEA. I'm now waiting on the next book, another sister finding an HEA. I like this family.

#ASimpleSeduction #MillionairesofMayfair #historicalromance #romance #JannaMacGregor
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FDarlene491 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 16, 2024 |



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