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Compton Mackenzie (1883–1972)

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Author Compton Mackenzie was born in West Hartlepool, England on January 17, 1883. He studied law at Magdalen College in Oxford, but stopped in 1907 to focus on his writing career. He served with British Intelligence during World War I and later published four books about his experiences during mostra'n més this time. He published ninety books including The Passionate Elopement, Carnival, and Sinister Street. He was also a broadcaster and founded and edited the magazine Gramophone. He was knighted in 1952 and died in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 30, 1972. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Obres de Compton Mackenzie

Whisky Galore (1947) 602 exemplars
The Monarch of the Glen (1941) 188 exemplars
Sinister Street (1949) 121 exemplars
Extraordinary Women (1928) 76 exemplars
Hunting the Fairies (1948) 64 exemplars
Carnival (1929) 61 exemplars
Thin Ice (1600) 54 exemplars
Water on the Brain (1933) 44 exemplars
Rockets Galore (1957) 41 exemplars
The Highland Omnibus (1983) 41 exemplars
The Rival Monster (1952) 40 exemplars
Gallipoli Memories (1929) 39 exemplars
Vestal Fire (1927) 39 exemplars
The Windsor Tapestry (1938) 29 exemplars
Guy and Pauline (1915) 28 exemplars
The altar steps (1922) 23 exemplars
Greek Memories (1987) 22 exemplars
The West Wind of Love (1940) 21 exemplars
Our Street (1934) 18 exemplars
Sublime Tobacco (1957) 17 exemplars
Rich Relatives (1924) 17 exemplars
The Shell guide to Scotland (1965) — Prefaci — 16 exemplars
Dr. Benes (1946) 15 exemplars
First Athenian Memories (1931) 15 exemplars
Keep the Home Guard Turning (1943) 14 exemplars
Poor Relations (1919) 14 exemplars
The Passionate Elopement (2010) 14 exemplars
The Savoy of London (1905) 13 exemplars
Buttercups and Daisies (1931) 13 exemplars
The North Wind of Love (1944) 13 exemplars
Mr. Roosevelt (1943) 13 exemplars
Theseus (1972) 12 exemplars
Realms of Silver (1978) 12 exemplars
PRINCE CHARLIE. (1932) 11 exemplars
Golden Tales of Greece (1972) 11 exemplars
The South Wind of Love (1937) 11 exemplars
How does your garden grow? (1935) 11 exemplars
The Lunatic Republic (1959) 11 exemplars
Perseus (1972) 11 exemplars
Achilles (1972) 10 exemplars
Little Cat Lost (1965) 10 exemplars
The Vanity Girl (1954) 9 exemplars
The East Wind of Love (1937) 9 exemplars
Ben Nevis Goes East (1954) 9 exemplars
Sinister Street, vol. 1 (1919) 9 exemplars
Mezzotint (1961) 9 exemplars
Echoes 8 exemplars
The Three Couriers (1956) 8 exemplars
The Darkening Green (1934) 8 exemplars
Prince Charlie and His Ladies (1934) 8 exemplars
The Stolen Soprano (1965) 8 exemplars
Sinister Street, vol. 2 (2011) 8 exemplars
On moral courage (1962) 7 exemplars
April Fools (1930) 7 exemplars
The Heavenly Ladder (1924) 7 exemplars
My Life and Times (1963) 7 exemplars
Extremes Meet (1930) 7 exemplars
Jason (1972) 7 exemplars
Aegean Memories (1940) 7 exemplars
Fairy Gold (1926) 6 exemplars
The Book of Nursery Tales (1934) — Introducció — 6 exemplars
Paper Lives 6 exemplars
The Seven Ages of Woman (1923) 5 exemplars
Greece in My Life (1960) 5 exemplars
Sylvia and Arthur (1971) 5 exemplars
The Parson's Progress (1923) 5 exemplars
My Record of Music (1955) 5 exemplars
Youth's Encounter (2018) 4 exemplars
Kensington Rhymes (2010) 4 exemplars
Rogues and Vagabonds (1927) 4 exemplars
The Red Tapeworm (1955) 4 exemplars
Wind of Freedom (1943) 4 exemplars
Catholicism and Scotland (1971) 4 exemplars
Unconsidered Trifles (1932) 3 exemplars
Catmint 3 exemplars
Paradise for sale 3 exemplars
Marathon and Salamis (2010) 3 exemplars
Figure of Eight (1937) 3 exemplars
Pericles (1937) 3 exemplars
Strongest Man on Earth (1968) 2 exemplars
Reaped and Bound (1933) 2 exemplars
Dining-Room Battle (1972) 2 exemplars
Literature in My Time (1933) 2 exemplars
Cats' Company 2 exemplars
How to be a Deb's Mum (1957) — Epíleg — 2 exemplars
Gramophone Nights 1 exemplars
Coral 1 exemplars
Great Occasions (1941) 1 exemplars
For Sale 1 exemplars
Calvary 1 exemplars
Cernival 1 exemplars
Mieze 1 exemplars
Darkening Green 1 exemplars
Ballet de ocho 1 exemplars
Sylvia Scarlett 1 exemplars
Butterfly Hill (1970) 1 exemplars
Secret Island 1 exemplars
Look At Cats 1 exemplars
Sidelight 1 exemplars
The Vital Flame 1 exemplars
Again to the North 1 exemplars
A Musical Chair 1 exemplars
The conceited doll 1 exemplars

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When I compiled my list of books published in 1951 and came across this book by Compton Mackenzie I was expecting it to be a light hearted but social comedy. I was not expecting it to be a history of a pottery china works on the banks of the river Severn in Shropshire, but this is what I got. I suppose it being subtitled 1750-1950 was a bit of a giveaway. Compton Mackenzie is best known for his two comic novels Whiskey Galore and The Monarch of the Glen, but he also wrote a number of biographies and histories as well as poems, plays essays and children's books, he was nothing if not prolific.

It looks like a book that Mackenzie was commissioned to write, although I can find no details that this was the case. It is a sympathetic story as far as the founders and owners of the works are concerned and tells the story from the beginning with the establishment of the first worksop at Caughley some 4 miles from Coalbrookdale on the banks of the river where it was established as a major pottery works. It specialised in fine hand painted bone china with its production method being a closely guarded secret for a number of years. The factory was established by William Reynolds and was then owned outright by John Rose. It made a connection with the Sèvres the porcelain city just outside Paris, where patterns were exchanged and workers were persuaded to come over to England.

In 1799 there was a ferry-boat disaster when the ferry transporting workers across the river Severn capsized and 28 people were drowned. Under The Rose familie's management the company established itself as a leading producer of fine pottery, but spiralled into a slow decline. In 1885 it was taken over by the Bruff family and John Bruff revived its fortunes for a time. The first world war and then in 1923 a long strike made it increasingly unprofitable and the old factory was sold dismantled and rebuilt in Shelton Staffordshire. It then became part of the Crescent works in Stoke on Trent and Mackenzie's final chapter is a walk through the factory in 1950 with some pictures of the workers hand painting the pottery items, some surviving from Coalport.

The book which looked to be finely illustrated serves its purpose as a story of Coalport pottery, it is more a story of the ownership and the people who worked there, than a technical explanation of the production of the pottery. 3 stars.
… (més)
baswood | Jan 6, 2024 |
In this companion piece to "Vestal Fire" Mackenzie further distills his experiences on Capri in the 1920's into the characters of several lesbians and has them stirred, shaken and poured into different but similar crises of love.
Jealousy, petulance, despair, passions of all sorts, nudity (no sex, please), beautiful clear skies and tranquil azure seas whipped into a frothy satire of female love. No one is spared his wit, no one is judged, no one is ridiculed. It's all a bit silly, but good fun to read, and Mackenzie's descriptions and dialogs are wonderful.… (més)
estragon73 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Oct 13, 2023 |
Before beginning the text of Vestal Fire, Mackenzie offers an introductory welcome to his Caprisi friends "who will be fancying that they recognize themselves in these pages, and who will be convinced that they recognize their neighbors," then proceeds to lampoon these neighbors, that "crowd of vulgar Americans and seedy English people" that created Capri's reputation for lascivious indulgence during the twenty years before WWII. There is a tenuous plot line, but the book is essentially a series of skits, a burlesque wherein 86 characters gambol through 17 villas, enjoying apparently daily parties fueled by absinthe, opium and champagne, and snarky banter. Occasionally he writes as though telling a fairy tale:

"Mrs. Onslow, Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Rosebotham were three sisters, all of whose husbands had found them impossible to live with. So they imported their old mother, Mrs. Kafka, to come out and form with them a thoroughly nice English household on the southern slope of San Giorgio. There in the Villa Minerva they protected themselves against the scorching rays of scandal which might have made hay of their grass-widowhood by making hay of other people's reputations first. There was nothing of which Mrs. Onslow, Mrs. Gibbs, and Mrs. Rosebotham were not ready to accuse the rest of Sirene."

Now, one hundred years on, the subjects of Mackenzie's parodies are long gone, though many personalities are quite recognizable: Norman Douglas, Axel Munthe, Graham Greene, and Somerset Maugham, for instance. Gone as well are those who knew them and their eccentricities, along with the sunny immorality in which they swam. Modern readers can't enjoy the winks and nudges he dispenses as he elbows his way through the crowd, but the sharp and witty dialogue, more acerbic sometimes than Noel Coward's, is timelessly entertaining. Before the last of the 420 pages, though, the cleverness and innuendo have become a bit tiresome.
… (més)
estragon73 | Aug 25, 2023 |
Het is WO II. Op twee eilandjes in de Hebriden begint dat merkbaar te worden, vooral omdat de whisky op rantsoen is: 1 "wee dram" per twee dagen, zo heeft de eigenaar van het hotel/de pub bepaald. Niet te harden voor de bevolking! Zelfs verlovingen en dergelijke kunnen op die manier niet gevierd worden. Als er dan ook een schip in de dichte mist op een rots loopt en dat schip blijkt een enorme lading whisky aan boord te hebben, is er geen houden meer aan: op alle manieren wordt de whisky van boord gehaald en verborgen op de eilanden. Er ontstaat zelfs handel in de whisky. Dit alles ondanks verwoede pogingen van de commandant van de Home Guard om zijn meerderen en de belastinginspecteur te wijzen op wat er gebeurt. Maar ja, die vinden een fles whisky ook wel lekker... En dank zij de whisky kunnen twee paren toch trouwen!… (més)
wannabook08 | Hi ha 14 ressenyes més | Jul 22, 2023 |



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