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***** SPOILER ALERT ******

This book is about a 20 yr old murder of 2 little boys....Charlie and Scott.....a mentally challenged young man....Sid....was charged and convinced with the crime. Sid maintained his innocence his entire incarceration.....until finally committing suicide. Many people in the community, and involved in the case believed Sid was framed.

Charlie and Scott's best friend Cody only survived by a stroke of luck. After Sids suicide Cody starts a podcast about finding the real killer.

The other main characters here are Charlies Mother Jess....who was a drug addict and terrible Mother and holds some culpability for the boys death, because she wasn't home when the boys were supposed to be with her.....and Detective Fletcher.....who found the boys 20 yrs ago and still has a deep interest in keeping the case " solved" because his hands aren't exactly clean. Jess found a new lease on life and has a husband and daughter now.

Many twist and turns ensue, and a long cast of characters means that its difficult to figure out " whodunit". That.....and the podcast intro to each chapter....are the only high points of this book. It basically ends up being a Jess story.....which was deeply disappointing.....this could have been had loads of potential. Jess is an unlikable character and I didn't feel any sympathy for her. The whole story was ruined for me by the ending and the poor Jess narrative.
… (més)
Jfranklin592262 | Hi ha 30 ressenyes més | Jul 9, 2024 |
Tom and Nicole have won a lottery allowing them to live the life of luxury. While they are mostly concerned about fitting in with a new social circle, they neglect to safeguard themselves against predators. This is a compelling story that held my interest throughout. The jumps in timelines were a little disorienting but the chilling atmosphere and surprising twists made up for it.
VivienneR | Jun 27, 2024 |
A well-done, tight, and not-at-all maudlin thriller. Did not want to put this one down, and finished it in record speed. This author kept me guessing -- and I liked that! 3.5 stars rounded up. Can't wait to see what she writes next. Sign me up!
jj24 | Hi ha 92 ressenyes més | May 27, 2024 |
stelle 3 e mezzo
bambino rapito dalla maestra
LLonaVahine | Hi ha 92 ressenyes més | May 22, 2024 |



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