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Betsy Maestro was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1944. She received a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and a master's degree in elementary guidance from Southern Connecticut State College. Before becoming a writer, she worked as a kindergarten and first grade teacher for eleven years. mostra'n més During that time she became aware of the need for imaginative nonfiction to spark children's interests. She has been creating books with her husband Giulio since 1974. She writes and he does the illustrating. They are best known for their nonfiction titles which include the American Story series. Together, they have produced over ninety titles. Her other works include How Do Apples Grow? and Why Do Leaves Change Color? (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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As children jump into piles of leaves and help their parents rake the yard, they also wonder: Why do leaves change color? With bright illustrations and clear, simple text, this book explains what happens to leaves in autumn. This informative concept book includes detailed pictures of leaves in different sizes, shapes, and colors and a list of activities that kids can do with leaves.
PlumfieldCH | Hi ha 40 ressenyes més | Nov 29, 2023 |
Thousands of years ago, the first people to arrive on American soil traveled across a land bridge from Asia to what is now Alaska. And today, immigrants still come to America from countries worldwide, including Russia, Haiti, and Cuba, insearch of a better way of life. The history of American immigration is one of determination and struggle, but not without pain. But for immigrants past and present, hope, the belief in a better life, and the allure of making a contribution to this nation prevails.… (més)
wichitafriendsschool | Hi ha 30 ressenyes més | May 29, 2023 |
This book provides the basics to what immigration is, where it started, who participates, and how it is conducted in America. It lets us know about the early settlers of the land and how they lived. It fast forwards to immigration today and how and why people are still migrating to America.
ZaniaCain | Hi ha 30 ressenyes més | May 10, 2023 |
Very straightforward, elementary-school-level explanation of the scientific process of apple growth
fernandie | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Sep 15, 2022 |



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