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Paul L. Maier (PhD, University of Basel) is emeritus professor of ancient history at Western Michigan University. He is an award-winning author of many works dealing with the rise of Christianity, including Joesphus: The Essential Writings and Eusebius. His expertise in first-century studies and mostra'n més extensive travels in the Middle East and Asia Minor provide historical authenticity and compelling drama to his writing. mostra'n menys


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The Very First Easter (1999) 822 exemplars
A Skeleton in God's Closet (1994) 732 exemplars
Pontius Pilate (1968) 723 exemplars
The Very First Christmas (1998) 713 exemplars
The Flames of Rome (1981) 483 exemplars
More Than a Skeleton (2003) 296 exemplars
The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? (2004) — Autor — 243 exemplars
The Very First Christians (2001) 236 exemplars
The Constantine Codex (2011) 192 exemplars
The Real Story of the Creation (2007) 95 exemplars
The Real Story of the Flood (2008) 87 exemplars
The Real Story of the Exodus (2009) 71 exemplars
Jesus Legend or Lord 11 exemplars
Faithful Facts for Advent (2013) 2 exemplars
Odyssey of St. Paul 1 exemplars
Operatie Wederkomst 1 exemplars
Roma en llamas (1991) 1 exemplars
Martin Luther 1 exemplars

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Great fun! Might contain some deprecated historical info because it’s from the 70s and based on only a handful of written sources, but who cares.
I picked up this book by accident when Ryan Holiday recommended a book of the same title by a different author. I read the first chapter of both books, and liked this one by Paul Maier much better than the original recommendation. I guess Mr. Holiday and I have different tastes in books.
jd7h | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 18, 2024 |
Meh...I just reread this this past week and wasn't super impressed. I liked the archaeological storyline just fine--and all the Israel stuff was a yay---but the writing was HORRENDOUS. This author creeps me right out---seems like a really sleazy weirdo. Every time a woman is mentioned, her form and sexual vibe has to be described in detail---yet he never mentions much about the men having this affect on the women. The conversations between characters are straight out of a superhero comic...or are otherwise laced with creepy joking that no decent men would ever use with one another. Still, I'll probably keep the book as I do enjoy archaeology stories...but it's definitely cringe-worthy.… (més)
classyhomemaker | Hi ha 13 ressenyes més | Dec 11, 2023 |
Some people pride themselves on being quick learners. I am one of those, though I do admit I am also quite hopeful that man can redeem himself of his former follies. It was with that mindset that I ordered this book just after finishing Maier's, A Skeleton in God's Closet. While the first was super lousy, I thought just maybe the author would make a great comeback with the second. Excuse me, I'm choking.

The dialogue in this story is just as awful as the first. WHY did I read this?? Since beginning the first book in this "series", I've been trying to figure out the right word to fit both the dialogue and general writing style of these books. It's something like "bawdy" or "crude" but not necessarily indecent. Just kind of gross. Like greasy, red-faced and sweaty--slamming double cheeseburgers without wiping your face--kind of gross. The back of this book details it as a "thriller". Excuse me, I'm choking again.

I think sometimes authors get too big for their britches that editors just slide them through the process the same way the "hero" of this book, Jon, gets through security in every. single. instance. Breezily and effortlessly. (and unbelievably?!) The book needs a series edit (rewrite?) or at least they could decide if he is Jon or John?

Stupidness aside, there was far too much middle eastern politics that the average Western reader would not understand---many names and titles dropped without explanations. He also spent a lot of time name-dropping all his cronies in the writing industry---severely dating this work worse than its references to 90s technology was already doing. Ugh.

Back to stupidness: there were SO many crazy and distracting tangents---far too many to list here. There was too much discussion about their time on the pyramid, random discussions about Catholic celibacy...what do these things have to do with anything? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Plot holes abound... I find it seriously unlikely that Jon would be duped again so soon by planted evidence. NO ONE remembers Shimon having a twin?? Shannon is a complete schizoid: screaming and calling him all kinds of names one minute, humbly apologizing and joking around about the SAME STUFF the next. I can see one outburst, but I think there were like four...and then Jon contemplates suicide over it? What? This author is a complete idiot to even suggest that when the guy is obviously rich, famous, positive, and very level-headed, showing no former signs of issues that would even hint at suicide. Please... Oh, and then there's the part where Jon hears a "little girl" voice apologizing. Of course it's his wife: fierce and feminist on one hand, a simpering child in bed. This author grosses me out to no end.

I just have to stop here. If this review lacks any organization or meaningfulness, just know my writing abilities have been heavily influenced by one of the most moronic stories in history. Please, future self, never touch this book again.
… (més)
classyhomemaker | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Dec 11, 2023 |
No more fairy tales for Christopher; he wants a real bedtime story. So his mother tells the amazing and miraculous story of Jesus' birth.
stpetersucc | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Nov 6, 2023 |



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