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Writer and theologian Sara Maitland graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English language and literature. Before Maitland made her living as a writer, she was once an academic researcher, an interior decorator, and a dressmaker. Maitland has contributes essays and reviews to mainstream mostra'n més and scholarly publication, and has written or edited over 20 books including "Virtuous Magic: Women Saints and Their Meaning," "A Big Enough God: A Feminist's Search for a Joyful Theology," and "Angel Maker: The Short Stories of Sara Maitland." (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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London, England, UK
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Galloway, Scotland, UK
Oxford University
short story writer
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Somerset Maugham Award (1978)



women sts & their meaning
SrMaryLea | Aug 23, 2023 |
I wanted to love this book, but... nope. The subject is right up my alley for sure, but the writing is dry and humorless. The author several times reveals her shallow knowledge of topics (confusing dark matter with antimatter, for example). I'm sorry, but if you are going to write about astronomy -- or whatever -- you ought at least to read up to the point where you don't make basic errors like this. Such fundamental errors in areas I happen to be versed in don't bode well for what she says about the areas I'm not familiar with.

The dry humorlessness made the listening tedious, so I sped it up to get through it faster. Two days and, while I appreciate much of what she had to say about silence, modernity, and related topics, I can't say I'd recommend this to anyone. I'm waffling between a two and three, but GR says three means 'liked,' and for me, it was a bit less than good. In GR star parlance, 'It was ok.'

The topic deserved a better, more conscientious treatment.
… (més)
qaphsiel | Hi ha 20 ressenyes més | Feb 20, 2023 |
I love silence, but I'm also of very limited means so I live in an apartment with paper thin walls next to a busy highway AND a railroad. Maitland is from the upper class and can afford to buy a new house every couple of years and go on exotic vacations anywhere she pleases, and sure enjoys telling you about it. Annoying, banal, repetitive, self-indulgent, pseudo-mystical goop.
ChrisoftheLibrary | Hi ha 20 ressenyes més | Dec 4, 2022 |
I'm not going to finish this. The various characters all preach their varied sermons on various aspects of fertility or the lack thereof. If I wanted a collection of essays on the subject, that's what I would be reading.

The religious bits at the end of the chapters are, at best, in very poor taste. I find them offensive.

This one is going in the bin, and not donated to aused book sale.
MarthaJeanne | Sep 22, 2022 |



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