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Representation: N/A
Trigger warnings: Death of parents, blood depiction, emesis, near-death experiences, fire, imprisonment
Note that I bought this book, and now I own it. This review can also be found on The StoryGraph.
Score: Seven points out of ten.

After reading an OK Australian YA book, I was hoping to enjoy this one, and I did. However, I didn't feel it was perfect or got anything meaningful from this book, other than the fact that if there were improvements to fix some major issues, it would have been a much better read than it was. Where do I begin? Before the story commences, there is a prologue in which Merlin is relaxing in a hotel in Bermuda in the 21st century of all periods. However, that only lasts a few pages before the story starts. Arthur lived in London more than 1,000 years earlier. This is part of a series, but the order doesn't matter, so I can read any book since they can act as a standalone, so there's that. During the first part of the book, nothing much happens. The author tries to make it more intriguing by introducing multiple POVs of Arthur, Guinevere, Madam Mim and Merlin, but if it weren't for the 3rd person POV, I would've struggled to distinguish them. Arthur is proclaimed king after the last king dies without an heir. All he has to do is pull a sword out of the stone, but it wasn't supposed to happen. I was confused at first until I realised something. One, this book is an alternate reality that showed what could've happened, and two, that decision is part of Mim's plan to rule England, but I didn't believe that since she was over the top and loved chaos. Is that her only motive and characteristic?

Arthur befriended Mim's daughter Guinevere out of nowhere, and together, they tried to rectify the situation. They needed Merlin, who was nowhere to be found, so they found a time-travelling spell to meet him. That's where a flaw appears since Arthur wasn't a person I could root for, only because I couldn't connect or relate to him. His development's not even there. Oh, and that applies to all the others as well. The protagonists arrive in Bermuda, shocked at how different the place is. I found the language choices weird, like glass rectangle for phone, crystal blue pond for pool and most of all, they were surprised at the half-naked people there with Guin wondering where their modesty went. The book dragged on until the big epic climax that resolved effortlessly (shame), and the entirety of it ended in an unrealistic election. But when there's time travel, I guess it's a possibility. That's a high note there.
… (més)
Law_Books600 | Nov 3, 2023 |
Night School is another hit by Mari Mancusi that will leave you hooked and breathless.

So we've seen vampires, and we've seen lycan...but can you believe that Mari Mancusi added in another magical creature? Yup. She did! Fairies! When I initially read these books when they came out, I'll admit I didn't like the fairies that were added. But now, as an adult who constantly sees giant film and book universes I understand the need for such an addition - and it does, oddly, work!! I think it's a cute addition, and I would like to see Mari build more into these ideas in future installments.

Rayne is our lead in this book, and her sassiness is there (as always). And, as always, this book is fast paced and kept me interested. Plus, on top of it all, Mari tops her plot lines and goes a little crazier. She always seems to know how to go bigger and better.

One thing I really like about these books is Mari seems to understand that it can be lengthy between the times you read her books - so she summarizes what happened last. In the first couple books it annoyed me (because I was reading them back to back) but when I realized that there is typically a wait in between and you might forget what our heroines were up to, then I was all on board! If this is something you don't like, you can always skip!! But I think this is a nice addition that'll help readers out.

I did have an issue with this book - we've grown to love Jareth and Magnus so much, and they weren't in this book as much as I would like. Yes, they weren't integral to the story but it was a shame to pick up this book and not have some epic storylines with them. They were still there, but not as much as they could have been.

Five out of five stars.
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Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
Another round of Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven Vampires?! Yes please!

I adore Sunny and Magnus, and lucky for us these two are back together! They are one of my top YA couples and we're SO lucky to get another book with these two characters interacting!

The drama in this book is intense - a love triangle between Sunny, Magnus and Jayden is clearly occurring. But, as we all know, Sunny is meant for Magnus and they adore each other to no end. The excitement that ensues includes fighting, kisses, biting (vampire alert!), misunderstandings and teenage romance and drama!

I loved this book! It's fast paced, has fun teenage angst and lots of ooey gooey romance with my faves Sunny and Magnus!

This is a YA book, so don't go expecting adult drama and storylines. Mari does a great job making this series fun and exciting in the realms of the unbelievable. I highly recommend this series if you haven't read it! It's one of the best, fun YA novels out there is you want something lighthearted yet addicting! It's one of my go to series for when I have a bad day (because it's rarely depressing).

Five out of five stars!
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |
Mari Mancusi has been a long time fave of mine and honestly, I've been looking for this book since it came out! I finally came across it in a charity book store and I scooped it up as fast as I could.

If you're looking for a mid-2000s middle grade/YA book following a manga-loving girl who becomes a video gamers and the typical high school hijinks, then you've found your book! This book is so utterly adorable with a fast paced plot to fulfill all of your 2000s nostalgic needs.

Maddy's parents have divorced and man is that hard. She now lives with her Grandma, Mother, and little sister. Her Grandma is obsessed with unicorns and apparently embarrassing her?! Her Dad isn't super in the picture and even when he is he's too busy obsessing over that video game of his... The one Maddy wants to play... The one her Dad gets her for her birthday?! This changes everything! She meets an online friend who she is slowly falling in love with. It's a much needed distraction from the bullies in her high school who keep making fun of her for her love of manga and her incredible artistic abilities.

This book is light and fun! I went into it hoping for an escape from reality and I sure got it! It's got middle grade meets YA vibes and is super light hearted. It's an easy read and is not super deep other than your typical "your better than the mean girls" and how to deal with divorced parents. I absolutely adored this book and I don't understand all the hate it gets. It's a fantastic read that is light, fluffy, and fun.

Five out of five stars.
… (més)
Briars_Reviews | Hi ha 20 ressenyes més | Aug 4, 2023 |



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