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John Marsden (1) (1950–)

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John Marsden was born in Victoria, Australia in 1950. He was working as a teacher when his first book, So Much to Tell You, was published in 1987. His other works include the Tomorrow series and Ellie chronicles. He bought an 850-acre property just outside Melbourne, Australia where he ran writers' mostra'n més courses and camps for eight years. In 2006, he opened a school there called Candlebark. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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An enjoyable tale of survival and Gods providence in the life and hardships of a London orphan boy and his voyage to Botany Bay as a convict.

I particularly enjoyed the impact of English evangelicalism on the setting of the story: the kindness of the parish minister, the reflections on the book of Job, etc.
toby.neal | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Feb 11, 2024 |
Never heard of this one, but can't wait to read it!
Trigger warnings: Death of a pet, fire, explosions, murder of a wife and child, blood depiction, military violence and war themes, gun violence

Update: 7/10, I've been wanting to read this for a while since it looked interesting to me and I'm glad I did, I can certainly say that it definitely feels similar to Alone by Megan E. Freeman but this author like another one I've read from managed to pull off a classic Australian twist making this fresh and original, where do I begin. It starts off with the main character Ellie Linton with six other friends enjoying their school holidays and living their lives in this rural town and they were in this open area called Hell, at first nothing much happens but the next day everything changes much like Alone. Ellie wakes up and noticed that there were a few changes like all the pets are dying or dead and everyone else seems to be captured, all that's left is her and her six remaining friends and the author succeeds in writing these characters well and all of them I enjoyed reading. At least they have each other. Anyways the fact that almost everything and everyone is gone was disorienting at first until Ellie stumbles across a world radio which gave some critical information like possible intervention from the US confirming that it's not a world war, well not yet and humanitarian aid will come "soon". It was a nice touch setting this book in the 90s as I only know a few books that are set during this time period from the fact that one character used a Walkman. The pacing is varied with some action scenes of explosions and chases but most of the book is a slow burn with Ellie contemplating about very deep subjects like nature, love and good and evil. By the time the book ends, it was heartwarming when I still saw Ellie and her group still all together now adjusted to this new reality but I'm confused about how the war actually started, it could be revealed in the next books in the series.… (més)
Law_Books600 | Hi ha 122 ressenyes més | Nov 3, 2023 |
7/10, felt like an allegory. I liked it.
Law_Books600 | Hi ha 21 ressenyes més | Nov 3, 2023 |



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