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Christopher Maynard is the author of over 50 children's books. He is also the editor and writer of children's magazines. He won the Rhone-Poulenc Science Junior Book of the Year in 1996 for The World of Weather, and Informania. Another book of his, Sharks, was runner up for the TES Senior mostra'n més Information Book Award in 1998. He also writes for exhibitions and websites. (Bowker Author Biography) Christopher Maynard is the author of over 50 children's books including Science Fun at Home, Bichos, Sharks, and The Best Book of Dinosaurs. He won the Rhone-Poulenc Science Junior Book of the Year in 1996 for The World of Weather, and Informania. He is also the editor and writer for several children's magazines and writes for exhibitions and websites. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Obres de Christopher Maynard

History News: Revolution News (1999) 179 exemplars
The Best Book of Dinosaurs (1998) 164 exemplars
Stars & Planets (1600) 158 exemplars
Jobs People Do (1996) 149 exemplars
Airplanes (Mighty Machines) (1995) 116 exemplars
Sharks (Informania) (1997) 82 exemplars
Backyard Science (2001) 73 exemplars
Ghosts (Informania) (1999) 53 exemplars
Castles (Little Library) (1993) 52 exemplars
World of the Unknown: Ghosts (2019) 45 exemplars
Ghosts (1977) 31 exemplars
Helicopters (Little Library) (1993) 26 exemplars
Submarines (Little Library) (1994) 20 exemplars
Horses (Little Library) (1993) 19 exemplars
Space (Little Library) (1993) 17 exemplars
Airplanes (Little Library) (1993) 16 exemplars
The Bad-For-You Cookbook (1992) 16 exemplars
Gymnastics (Little Library) (1994) 14 exemplars
Ballet (Little Library) (1993) 12 exemplars
Jungle Animals (Little Library) (1993) 11 exemplars
Science Fun at Home (2005) 10 exemplars
Aircraft (The Need for Speed) (1999) 9 exemplars
War Vehicles (1979) 9 exemplars
Aircraft: Factbook (1981) 9 exemplars
Dinosaurs (Little Library) (1993) 8 exemplars
Feathers: Form & Function (2014) 8 exemplars
Exploring the Great Ice Age (1979) 8 exemplars
Greek Times (Little Histories) (1994) 7 exemplars
Jet Airliners (Little Library) (1993) 7 exemplars
Spacecraft (Little Library) (1993) 5 exemplars
The Murmansk Venture (2010) 3 exemplars
Animal Babies (Amazing worlds) (1993) 3 exemplars
Cuentos del Mediterráneo (1901) 2 exemplars
El libro de la astronomía (1992) 2 exemplars
Her Yonuyle Tekneler (2005) 2 exemplars
WOW - Die Entdeckerzone (2005) 2 exemplars
The History of the World (1994) 2 exemplars
Trains (Need for Speed) (2002) 2 exemplars
Planet Erde (1976) 2 exemplars
Animaux des forets tropicales (1994) 1 exemplars
Máquinas de guerra (1979) 1 exemplars
Ces incroyables bestioles (1993) 1 exemplars
Les moyens de transport (1993) 1 exemplars
New York (The World's cities) (1978) 1 exemplars
When I Get Bigger 1 exemplars
Minusta tulee isona.. (1997) 1 exemplars
Un jour, je serai... (1998) 1 exemplars
Tiere Der Urzeit (1975) 1 exemplars
Planet Earth (1976) 1 exemplars
Dinosaurios (Spanish Edition) (1998) 1 exemplars


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Warren, Rhode Island, USA



ndians and Palefaces" is a colorful and evocative account of the 250-year struggle between two peoples for the possession of a continent. It chronicles the turbulent years from the arrival of the first colonists on the eastern seaboard of North America to the confinement on reservations of the last Plains Indians. The story is told from the point of view of the leading figures, both Indian and white, in that protracted struggle. High-points from their lives are portrayed by a series of vivid paintings, to which a wealth of detail is added by the lively and informative text. More than simply an introduction to a fascinating saga, it brings history alive to youngsters. ~GUNFIGHTERS OF THE WILD WEST Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp are just some of the names that conjure up an exciting picture of the Wild West. In its heyday 100 years ago, whether outlaws or lawmen, cowboys or killers, gamblers or fortune-seekers, they all fought their way through life with guns blazing and their backs well covered. The epic battles they fought, the OK Coral, Blaze Mill and many more, are now part of legend. This colorful book tells the exciting stories of these tough men, whose guns helped to shape the history of the Wild West.… (més)
CalleFriden | Feb 16, 2023 |
Mustygusher | Dec 19, 2022 |
Mustygusher | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Dec 19, 2022 |



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