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This is a good example of an informational book about the Wright Brothers, which gives limited factual information. It is written for a high first grader or low second grade; thus, why it have limited factual information. I has a time line toward the back of the book, a glossary in the back with bold words throughout the text, and an index.
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Lheatherly | Apr 3, 2016 |
This book gives insight on radiation treatment for cancer. It describes how Marie Curie's curiosity about how things work lead her to be the first female to win a Nobel prize in Physics and a second Nobel prize in chemistry. Some students will be able to make text to life situations since Marie Curie's discoveries are still saving lives today. The reading level is 2.7.
Natoya | Jan 23, 2015 |
Lewis and Clark were the first to explore for the United States government. In 1803, The United States purchased the Louisiana Purchase and that is when Lewis and Clark came to explore the lands they had purchased. They started their journey near Saint Louis, Missouri. Forty-five men joined them including Lewis’s dog. In their journey they met a Shoshone Indian named, Sacagawea. She became famous for helping Lewis and Clark as a translator. They discovered a lot of new plants and animals in their journey. Their journey took them two years, four months and ten days. This was a great achievement and they opened a lot of opportunities for future explorers and settlers in the United States.… (més)
lruano | Nov 22, 2014 |
I enjoyed this book for many reasons. First, I like that the font is large and easy to read. In addition, each page is not filled with too much text. There is a nice balance between text and photographs/illustrations. I also liked that there were different vocabulary terms in a bold face font. At the beginning of the book it lists different terms to be on the lookout for while reading. One of the pages has the word "compass" in bold font, and shows a picture of a compass. Finally, I enjoyed that this book teaches the history of Christopher Columbus coming to America, but does not overload readers with too much information. I think it's a great book for young readers because they will not be overwhelmed by the content, and the pictures will help them understand new vocabulary terms. The main message of this biography is to teach students about Christopher Columbus.… (més)
stoppe3 | Mar 5, 2014 |

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