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Evelyn McFarlane was born in Brooklyn & grew up in San Diego. She received a degree in architecture form Cornell University & has worked in New York & Boston as an architect. She now lives in Florence, Italy. In addition to writing, she lectures on architecture for the Elder Hostel programs & is a mostra'n més full-time student at the Florence Academy of Art. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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The authors give us questions to ask ourselves. Their purpose is to expose the remarkable features of lives, exploring our limits. 500 provocative questions, illuminated with compelling black-and-white photographs. "Our answers to these queries reflect our priorities, define our limits, and probe the the boundaries of who we truly are." No attempt apparently made to unite threads, organize topics, or husband these fields of reflection. Fascinating. Of course, Questions must be questioned.
keylawk | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Nov 4, 2023 |
I'm going to say that it was okay. I played around with a group chat and asked the question in there. Some of them had us all really stumped and some questions really sparked a conversation. Other's were too easy to decide on and yet others were so vague that we talked more about what if and maybe's.

I suggest playing around with this at the dinner table or with friends but, only with those who can have a civil conversation.

And of course, bust it out with a pen and paper and write out your own thoughts.

Here are some questions we answered:

Would you ...clone your own body as a source of organs for future transplants? (If it means saving lives I say yes)

Would you illegally buy a human organ to save your child's life? Some said yes and some said no. Those who said yes didn't realize that there would be a bunch of humans in the back ready to be put on ice. LOL

Would you try to dissuade your young teenager from having sex if the risk of disease and pregnancy were eliminated? How young is young? Why are they wanting to have sex? Who is their partner? We had way too many questions for this one.

Would you accept a Christmas bonus if you knew the money was dirty? How dirty is dirty? Eh, the real question for us was, "Can it be traced back to me?".

Would you rather be a great lover or have one? It seems we are all selfish lovers. We rather have one. LOL.

Would you say that fears have helped you or hurt you? Helped because I grew from them.

Would you say that culture has received greater contributions from the written word or from the visual image? This was hard due to the fact that we are all writers. So, guess the answer. Okay, not so hard.

Would you vote for a law that held both the driver and passenger responsible for drunk driving? YES!

Would you say that sloth or greed is the worse vice? Only one of us could come up with a decent reason for our answer for this one. I was at a loss.

Would you defend a person's right to deny the Holocaust? Apparently, I put it the best, "Yes, I would defend a person's right to deny the Holocaust...I call them f*cking idiots and let the world know it, but they got the right to be f*cking idiots."

So, there you got it...A few ideas of what is thrown in here and I suppose a bit of information about me in the mix too.
… (més)
Katrinia17 | Dec 30, 2017 |
Another great book to inspire debate and fun. Great for small parties.
russelllindsey | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Sep 3, 2008 |
It is a great book to spark debate among your friends. It really gets your thinking.
russelllindsey | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Sep 3, 2008 |


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