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Fiona McIntosh was born in 1960 in Brighton, England but has lived in Australia since 2007. Before becoming a writer she worked in public relations, sales and marketing for the travel industry, and ran a travel magazine for 15 years. She is the author of novels and short stories for adults and mostra'n més children. She is best known for work in adult fantasy and historical adventure-romance. Her first novel was Betrayal (2001), the first book in the Trinity series. Her other series include The Quickening, Percheron, Valisar, and the Jack Hawksworth series. Some of her other novels are Fields of Gold, The Lavender Keeper, The French Promise, Tapestry, The Last Dance, and The Perfumer's Secret. The Chocolate Tin is her latest best seller. Her first book of children's fiction was Severo's Intent (2007), the first book in the Shapeshifter series. Her other children's books include The Whisperer and The Rumperlgeist. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Myrren's Gift (2003) 820 exemplars
Blood and Memory (2004) 571 exemplars
Bridge of Souls (2004) 520 exemplars
Odalisque (2005) 460 exemplars
Betrayal (2001) 353 exemplars
Royal Exile (2008) 305 exemplars
Emissary (2006) 292 exemplars
Revenge (2002) 276 exemplars
Destiny (2002) 269 exemplars
Goddess (2007) 256 exemplars
Tyrant's Blood (2009) 187 exemplars
King's Wrath (2010) 142 exemplars
The Lavender Keeper (2012) 100 exemplars
The Whisperer (2009) 95 exemplars
The Pearl Thief (2018) 91 exemplars
The French Promise (2013) 72 exemplars
The Scrivener's Tale (2012) 69 exemplars
Bye Bye Baby (2007) 66 exemplars
The Diamond Hunter (2019) 55 exemplars
Tapestry (2014) 53 exemplars
Nightingale (2014) 52 exemplars
The Tailor's Girl (2013) 50 exemplars
Beautiful Death (2009) 49 exemplars
The tea gardens (2017) 45 exemplars
Fields of Gold (2010) 43 exemplars
The Spy's Wife (2021) 43 exemplars
The Chocolate Tin (2016) 41 exemplars
The Last Dance (2015) 34 exemplars
The Perfumer's Secret (2015) 33 exemplars
The Champagne War (2020) 30 exemplars
Mirror Man (2021) 24 exemplars
The Orphans (2022) 19 exemplars
Dead Tide (DCI Jack Hawksworth) (2023) 15 exemplars
Severo's Intent (2007) 8 exemplars
The Rumpelgeist (2012) 7 exemplars
Royal Exile (2020) 7 exemplars
King of the Beasts (2007) 7 exemplars
The Wolf's Lair (2007) 6 exemplars
Saxten's Secret (2007) 6 exemplars
The Champagne War (2021) 5 exemplars
The Sugar Palace (2023) 4 exemplars
Bonnybridge in Bygone Days (1994) 3 exemplars
Der Champagnergarten: Roman (2022) 1 exemplars
La ladra di perle (2021) 1 exemplars
On the Scent of Perfume (2015) 1 exemplars
Zemsta 1 exemplars
Zdrada (2005) 1 exemplars
Picturesque Mozambique (2008) 1 exemplars
Fields of Gold 1 exemplars
Larbert and Stenhousemuir (1995) 1 exemplars
Čokoládový sen 1 exemplars

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Crow, Lauren
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UK (birth)
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Brighton, Sussex, England, UK
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fantasy novelist



Ik heb het 3 sterren gegeven. Ik twijfelde over 4 sterren, vooral vanwege de zeer goede leesbaarheid en het idee van het geschenk. Maar ergens kon het verhaal me toch niet helemaal meeslepen. Ik bleef onthouden dat ik getrouwd was en kinderen had en zo. Bij een boek waar ik 4 steren voor zou geven, weet ik dat gewoon even niet meer.
weaver-of-dreams | Hi ha 12 ressenyes més | Aug 1, 2023 |
First time reading this author. I have seen much of their work around.
It was about what I expected. Easy to read, but interesting enough to keep things going. Did find some story devices frustrating in the way they held up the story progress. Often becoming impatient at the pauses between the story of Katrina's (Katarina's?) past.
Honestly, did not care for the epilogue, would have been better if the book ended without it. Felt more impactful at the end of the chapter since all ends were tied up and there was no real need for the post-amble.… (més)
Wendell_Lear | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Mar 26, 2023 |
Lightweight story about two men who meet in India and work together in a gold mining community during the inter war years of 1920s. The loves and trials of their adult lives are prefaced with the story of their early days prior to the meeting and how those early experiences influence the rest of their lives.
ElizabethCromb | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Feb 28, 2023 |



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