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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
film director



A well done "based on a real story" movie. The movie has inserted comments by the actors to note some situations that were altered or actual compared to real events. Love that. Overall, this movie is about the world of finance, and is conveyed in a way that is interesting even for people who are not finance geeks. The situations are explained without "talking down" to the audience. And, of course, excellent acting and actors; corresponding with great cinematography and direction. Not flashy; smoothly well created movie.
— Rebecca
… (més)
pandr65 | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Nov 11, 2023 |
The original had its moments, but as a whole it always felt slow and uneven to me, and so it's never been a favourite of mine. Which makes me all the more astonished at how much I absolutely love this sequel. It wasn't just low expectations, either -- I've rewatched it twice, and it's still wall to wall hilarity. There are individual moments in the first one that can match this, sure, but what makes "The Legend Continues" so satisfying for me is its much stronger narrative to bridge and make you care about the jokes splattered throughout it. (And purely as a bonus, it's also a very good and much needed stab in the face of the state of news since the advent of 24 hour news television.) Also worth noting is that the film works quite well even for those who have never seen the original (though of course, having seen it will give you additional enjoyment).… (més)
Lucky-Loki | May 3, 2019 |
Tras abandonar la cárcel, el ladrón y estafador Scott Lang recibe la llamada del misterioso Dr. Hank Pym para realizar un trabajo especial. El científico suministra al joven un traje especial, que le otorgar la capacidad de reducir su tamaño al de un insecto, al tiempo que aumenta considerablemente su fuerza. Con esta nueva arma en su poder, capaz de comunicarse con los insectos, Lang deberá abrazar su héroe interior, olvidar su pasado de delincuente y tratar de salvar al mundo de una terrible amenaza.… (més)
bibliest | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | May 11, 2018 |
Family values schmaltz with some fun bits. In a way, the various appearances of the The Falcon were the most fun part.
themulhern | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Jan 15, 2017 |



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