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Larry McMurtry, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, among other awards, is the author of twenty-four novels, two collections of essays, two memoirs, more than thirty screenplays, & an anthology of modern Western fiction. He lives in Archer City, Texas. (Publisher Provided) Novelist Larry mostra'n més McMurtry was born June 3, 1936 in Wichita Falls, Texas. He received a B.A. from North Texas State University in 1958, an M.A. from Rice University in 1960, and attended Stanford University. He married Josephine Ballard in 1959, divorced in 1966, and had one son, folksinger James McMurtry. Until the age of 22, McMurtry worked on his father's cattle ranch. When he was 25, he published his first novel, "Horseman, Pass By" (1961), which was turned into the Academy Award-winning movie Hud in 1962. "The Last Picture Show" (1966) was made into a screenplay with Peter Bogdanovich, and the 1971 movie was nominated for eight Oscars, including one for best screenplay adaptation. "Terms of Endearment" (1975) received little attention until the movie version won five Oscars, including Best Picture, in 1983. McMurtry's novel "Lonesome Dove" (1985) won the Pulitzer Prize in 1986 and the Spur Award and was followed by two popular TV miniseries. The other titles in the Lonesome Dove Series are "Streets of Laredo" (1993), "Dead Man's Walk" (1995), and "Comanche Moon" (1997). The other books in his Last Picture Show Trilogy are "Texasville" (1987) and "Duane's Depressed" (1999). McMurtry suffered a heart attack in 1991 and had quadruple-bypass surgery. Following that, he suffered from severe depression and it was during this time he wrote "Streets of Laredo," a dark sequel to "Lonesome Dove." His companion Diana Ossana, helping to pull him out of his depression, collaborated with him on "Pretty Boy Floyd" (1994) and "Zeke and Ned" (1997). He co-won the Best Screenplay Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Brokeback Mountain in 2006. He made The New York Times Best Seller List with his title's Custer and The Last Kind Words Saloon. McMurtry is considered one of the country's leading antiquarian book dealers. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys


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Lonesome Dove (1985) 8,371 exemplars
Streets of Laredo (1993) 2,229 exemplars
Dead Man's Walk (1995) 1,895 exemplars
The Last Picture Show (1966) 1,873 exemplars
Comanche Moon (1997) 1,842 exemplars
Books: A Memoir (2008) 1,103 exemplars
Sin Killer (2002) 1,043 exemplars
Terms of Endearment (1975) 1,042 exemplars
Texasville (1988) 891 exemplars
Anything for Billy (1988) 866 exemplars
Buffalo Girls (1990) 812 exemplars
Boone's Lick (2000) 684 exemplars
The Evening Star (1992) 671 exemplars
Telegraph Days (2006) 668 exemplars
The Wandering Hill (2003) 665 exemplars
Duane's Depressed (1999) 641 exemplars
Horseman, Pass By (1961) 615 exemplars
By Sorrow's River (2003) 599 exemplars
Some Can Whistle (1989) 585 exemplars
Crazy Horse (1999) 584 exemplars
Brokeback Mountain [2005 film] (2005) — Screenwriter — 532 exemplars
Zeke and Ned (1997) 531 exemplars
Folly and Glory (2004) 520 exemplars
Leaving Cheyenne (1963) 515 exemplars
The Last Kind Words Saloon (2014) 448 exemplars
Cadillac Jack (1982) 416 exemplars
Moving On (1970) 411 exemplars
Pretty Boy Floyd (1994) 409 exemplars
Loop Group (2004) — Autor — 307 exemplars
The Desert Rose (1983) 306 exemplars
Rhino Ranch (2009) 289 exemplars
When the Light Goes (2007) 288 exemplars
Late Child (1995) 270 exemplars
Somebody's Darling (1978) 216 exemplars
Literary Life: A Second Memoir (2009) 198 exemplars
Custer (2012) 186 exemplars
Paradise (2001) 138 exemplars
Lonesome Dove #3 133 exemplars
Film Flam : Essays on Hollywood (1987) 127 exemplars
The Last Picture Show [1971 film] (1971) — Screenwriter — 119 exemplars
Terms of Endearment [1983 film] (1983) — Autor — 114 exemplars
The Berrybender Narratives (2010) 97 exemplars
Hollywood: A Third Memoir (2010) 97 exemplars
Thalia: A Texas Trilogy (2017) 89 exemplars
Hud [1963 film] (1963) — Autor — 64 exemplars
The Lonesome Dove Series (1960) 52 exemplars
Lonesome Dove Part 1 Of 3 (2002) 39 exemplars
Lonesome Dove : Episode 1 (1985) 30 exemplars
Lonesome Dove : Episode 2 (1985) 28 exemplars
Johnson County War [2002 TV movie] (2002) — Writer — 15 exemplars
The Evening Star [1996 film] (1996) 11 exemplars
Texasville [1990 film] (1990) — Autor — 7 exemplars
Lonesome Dove (Part 2 of 3) (1986) 5 exemplars
Brokeback Mountain: A Screenplay — Autor — 3 exemplars
Il cammino del morto (2024) 2 exemplars
Larry McMurtry Mixed Prepack (1999) 1 exemplars
Missouri River (2006) 1 exemplars
Moving On Part 1 Of 2 (1992) 1 exemplars
Pour Billy (1990) 1 exemplars
Thalia 1 exemplars
Lovesome Dove 1 exemplars
Comanche Moon Part 2 of 2 (1999) — Autor — 1 exemplars

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By Sorrow's River, the third in Larry McMurtry's folly-laden four-volume 'Berrybender Narratives', finds itself treading water. Our eccentric English aristocrats and their varying entourage of mountain men, servants and fools continue to tool around the American West with no sense or reason, and the story is only maintained in the reader's heart by its author's ever-present ear for dialogue.

The characters also remain palatable, though the most endearing of the previous book, young Kate, is almost entirely absent here. Pomp, who emerged as a point of interest in the previous book, takes on a larger role here, though the ultimate purpose of the narrative remains obscure. A solid final act, in which a random act of chaos intrudes, pulls at the heartstrings with surprising effectiveness, and that is enough to redeem the previous 300 pages of irrelevance. But this is the least of the three Berrybender books so far, and it will require a rousing finish in the fourth and final volume (or at least some indication that there was a point to the story) for the whole thing not to have felt like merely a way to pass the time.… (més)
MikeFutcher | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | May 27, 2024 |
Impressive, massive western. The characterization is extraordinary. There are larger-than-life figures like retired rangers Augustus McCrae and Captain Woodrow Call and plenty of other memorable characters.

Larry McMurtry writes beautifully. The pace is not always fast, but your patience is generously rewarded. There's always something happening to catch your interest and keep you immersed in this huge story
jcm790 | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | May 26, 2024 |
A few months ago, my husband and I watched the TV series, Fixer Upper: The Hotel, where Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed a building in Waco, Texas into The Hotel 1928. I was pleasantly surprised to watch Chip reveal to Joanna that he purchased Larry McMurtry’s bookstore, Booked Up, in Archer City, Texas in response to her request for a lot of books to fill the shelves of the library in their new boutique hotel. I sat fascinated watching Chip and Joanna scour the enormous store containing 300,000 books that McMurtry had acquired! It was also heartwarming that Chip created a special area in the hotel library to honor McMurtry with his picture and typewriter. On my website (see link below) there is a link where you can see pictures of the hotel library on the hotel’s website. It’s gorgeous!

On my website (see below) is a trailer for the Fixer Upper: Hotel TV series.

There’s an article about Chip’s purchase of Booked Up that is linked on my website (see below). It contains quality pictures and interesting information about Chip’s connection to Archer City, Texas.

Until now, I’ve only read Lonesome Dove, which is a series I fully intend to finish. I had no idea McMurtry was also an expert book collector and seller until I watched this TV show. I quickly learned he had written a book about his experience collecting books, which is appropriately titled, Books: A Memoir. I was intrigued and began searching for a copy. I purchased the Kindle version of Books. Now that I’ve read his book in which he expressed his opinion on digital and audio reading, I wonder if his mind changed over time.

Books: A Memoir, was first published in 2008. McMurtry opens this memoir sharing about his upbringing, which contained very few books. Archer City, Texas was a cowboy town, so people weren’t interested in reading. He first opened Booked Up in Washington, DC in the 1970s where he and his partner, Khristal Merklin, had a storefront for many years. Booked Up expanded to Houston, Dallas, and Tucson before opening the final storefronts in Archer City, Texas. This memoir contains short, quick chapters of informative and entertaining stories about McMurtry’s experiences buying books. As he explains, he received more pleasure from buying books than selling them.

I enjoyed learning about this aspect of McMurtry’s life. I was captivated and engaged the entire time, even when I had never heard of some of the authors he mentioned. This memoir truly highlights his literary skills and love for reading. He seldom mentions his writing career as he focuses on being a “bookman.” The business of book collecting was fascinating. I’m grateful I learned about Booked Up and this memoir.

McMurtry’s book-collecting partner continues to operate Booked Up strictly online. I have a link on my website you can visit below.

I have photos, videos, and additional information that I'm unable to include here. It can all be found on my blog, in the link below.
A Book And A Dog
… (més)
NatalieRiley | Hi ha 53 ressenyes més | May 24, 2024 |
Larry McMurtry was a fascinating man with an endless supply of interesting stories. Few of them are here.

Like McMurtry, I'm a lifelong bibliophile. I've often thought that working in (or owning) a bookstore would be a congenial way of life, so you'd think this book would be for me. Instead, I find terseness and bare fact elevated at the expense of color and detail. McMurtry admits as much at the beginning of chapter 101 (yes, 101). "I've chosen, for the most part, to keep this memoir personality-free." McMurtry assumes that readers won't be interested in the quirks of fellow booksellers who have since died, and instead fills the books with anecdotes about bookstores he's visited, the books he bought there, what he paid for them, and what he sold those books for later. At times he shows signs of momentary self-doubt. "Here I am, thirty-four chapters into a book that I hope will interest the general or common reader—and yet why should these readers be interested in the fact that in 1958 or so I paid Ted Brown $7.50 for a nice copy of The Anatomy of Melancholy? How many are going to care that I visited the great Seven Gables Bookshop, or dealt with the wily L.A. dealer Max Hunley, whose little store at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills is now a yogurt shop?" The fact is that I might have been interested in these dry-sounding incidents—if McMurtry had chosen to flesh them out the way he would flesh out a character or an incident in one of his excellent novels.

This book is a bore, and I'm so disappointed.
… (més)
john.cooper | Hi ha 53 ressenyes més | May 22, 2024 |


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