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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (1672) 1,852 exemplars
The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus (1989) 1,575 exemplars
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary (1960) 1,561 exemplars
Webster's Elementary Dictionary (1971) 547 exemplars
Webster's Dictionary (1972) 538 exemplars
Webster's Dictionary for Students (2003) 265 exemplars
Webster's Instant Word Guide (1972) 193 exemplars
Webster's New Dictionary (1984) 166 exemplars
Merriam-Webster's Student Atlas (2006) 129 exemplars
Webster's Rhyming Dictionary (1963) 111 exemplars
Webster's Vest Pocket Dictionary (1939) 107 exemplars
Webster's International Atlas (2003) 86 exemplars
Picturesque Word Origins (1933) 78 exemplars
Webster's Compact Writers Guide (1987) 66 exemplars
Webster's Medical Speller (1975) 56 exemplars
Webster's New French Dictionary (2003) 53 exemplars
Webster's Sports Dictionary (1976) 46 exemplars
Webster's Compact Dictionary (1987) 45 exemplars
Webster's New Ideal Dictionary (1968) 45 exemplars
Webster's Punctuation Guide (2006) 35 exemplars
Deluxe Dictionary (1998) 27 exemplars
Webster's English Usage Guide (2004) 25 exemplars
Webster's College Dictionary (2003) 22 exemplars
Webster's Vocabulary Builder (2006) 18 exemplars
Webster' Dictionary (1997) 17 exemplars
Webster's New World Speller (1980) 16 exemplars
Webster's Thesaurus (stripes) (2008) 16 exemplars
Webster's II Pocket Dictionary (2005) 14 exemplars
Webster's Medical Dictionary (1986) 13 exemplars
Webster's students thesaurus (1978) 12 exemplars
Webster's Legal Dictionary (1996) 11 exemplars
Webster's First Phonics (2002) 10 exemplars
Book of Common Phrases (1999) 10 exemplars
Webster's Desk Reference Set (2006) 9 exemplars
Webster's Atlas of the World (1994) 7 exemplars
New Handy Webster Dictionary (1943) 7 exemplars
Webster's New Basic Thesaurus (2010) 7 exemplars
Webster's Easy Crossword Key (1999) 6 exemplars
English Thesaurus (2002) 6 exemplars
Webster's American Dictionary (1999) 5 exemplars
Webster's Tower Dictionary (1952) 4 exemplars
New Websters Thesaurus (1993) 4 exemplars
Webster's English Dictionary (2008) 3 exemplars
Webster' Dictionary 3 exemplars
Livemocha Active French (2011) 3 exemplars
Websters Desk Reference (2008) 2 exemplars
Webster's Factfinder Handbook (1994) 2 exemplars
Webster's English Dictionary (2008) 2 exemplars
Webster's New Basic Dictionary (1997) 2 exemplars
Home Medical Dictionary (1988) 2 exemplars
Webster's Notebook Dictionary (2009) 2 exemplars
Livemocha Active Italian (2011) 2 exemplars
Webster's Concise Thesaurus (2003) 2 exemplars
Webster's Canadian Dictionary (2011) 1 exemplars
Compton's Dictionary (2001) 1 exemplars
Webster's New Ideal Dictionary (1978) 1 exemplars
666920859618 (2003) 1 exemplars
Websters Family Dictionary (1992) 1 exemplars
A Garland for Word Lovers (1937) 1 exemplars
New Explorer 1 exemplars


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Basic dictionary and thesaurus.
Gmomaj | Jan 15, 2024 |
Sometimes I've needed a rhyming dictionary..when I'e been writing some doggerel words to a well known piece of music, or ...very occasionally, a poem. But years since I wrote a poem. So, as I write this review, I'm starting to think.."Why did I buy this book? I really need it?". And, I guess I probably don't need it...but then it was $1 at a charity book kind of irresistible. And, maybe someday i will refer to it. Just knowing that I have a rhyming dictionary gives me a sense of power. All I have to do is to be able to find it when I need it. (And that is always easier said than done). I've just given it a quick try. I have the word "Submission" sitting in front of me. So tried "sion"...and got freon, neon...not really what I need. So tried "ion" and got a range of possible sounds including "eon"and "ean" but nothing that rhymes all that well with "mission". I looked for something that would rhyme with "shun" ..but had to settle for "un".....and it came up with the rhyming but unlikely "Balzacian". I realised just through this simple example that the English pronunciation of a word like Mission can vary considerably .....even within the Australian vernacular...let along American and southern or northern English. Still a useful regference book for $1. Who's to complain. I give it three stars.… (més)
booktsunami | Dec 16, 2023 |
"A comprehensive source of geographical, economic, historical, and political information. Over 54,000 entries and 250 maps. Includes information on continents, countries, regions, cities, historical sites, and natural features. Provides pronunciations and variant spellings."
phoovermt | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | May 3, 2023 |
It's standing the test of time. I've had it since I was a kid. I tried buying a newer dictionary--Oxford--and quickly discovered how consistently I couldn't find a word in that book but it was in this one. So I continue to read with my chosen book in my hands and this dictionary (if I'm away from the computer, which I do intentionally) sitting next to me.
leah_markum | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Oct 28, 2022 |



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