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Shannon Messenger is New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Keeper of the Lost Cities and Sky Fall series. (Bowker Author Biography)
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Keeper of the Lost Cities (2012) 1,613 exemplars
Exile (2013) 858 exemplars
Everblaze (2014) 768 exemplars
Neverseen (2015) 656 exemplars
Lodestar (2016) 600 exemplars
Nightfall (2017) 541 exemplars
Flashback (2018) 497 exemplars
Legacy (2019) 479 exemplars
Let the Sky Fall (2013) 441 exemplars
Unlocked (2020) 374 exemplars
Stellarlune (2022) 246 exemplars
Let the Storm Break (2014) 169 exemplars
Let the Wind Rise (2016) 110 exemplars


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Representation: N/A
Trigger warnings: Death of a person in a fire, explosion, building collapse, near-death experiences, physical assault and injury, blood, grief and loss depiction
Score: Seven points out of ten.
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At last. I wanted to read this book which is the third instalment in the series and after reading and enjoying Keeper of the Lost Cities and Exile I hoped that would be the same for this one. For so long but I put it off for a few months, and eventually, I finally picked it up and read it. When I finished it, I thought it was only okay and not at the same level as the first two novels. It starts (more like continues) with the main character (who needs no introduction at this point) Sophie and from there I pick up from the events of the second part I read previously. The first few pages brimmed with action but soon the pace slowed from there. Here's where the flaws surface: there's not much of anything to keep the plot moving. Other than the clues from the Black Swan, the threat of the Neverseen and the mystery behind Jolie. Did I mention that the series gets darker from here? There's a bit of action in the middle and the end but I wished there could've been more, and the characters missed the mark, especially Sophie (I rooted for her and the other people once but now I feel disconnected from them. Shame.) I hope Neverseen (the fourth book, not the organisation) is better.… (més)
Law_Books600 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jan 17, 2024 |
LITERALLY SO GOOOOOODDDD. The first scene of Keefe and Sophie and tell me why they have chemistry and they don’t even know each other. Now i have to read so much more books to finally see them together
t01nna | Hi ha 47 ressenyes més | Jan 4, 2024 |
I thought this was magical start to a new series. I have had this book on my shelves for so long and I am so happy I gave it shot. I found this book to be fast pace story. I really loved the main character and by the end felt so connected to her. I felt that the first 50 pages introduced you to so many characters and sometimes i got a bit confused about who was who, but I was happy to solve most o fly issues by going back. I adored the world building in this book so much. I felt that some of the "elements" and twists were predictable but then so other twists really shocked me. I really loved the balance between adults and children characters. I felt the mystery was super compleling and I am def reading book 2 ASAP!!… (més)
lmauro123 | Hi ha 47 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
I really adored where this book and what happened. I really loved what characters this book focused on and they have not been the characters that got much love the past couple of books. I also really enjoyed the use of cliffhangers throughout the book to keep me guessing. I also loved how some of the long simmering questions have been answered and this world is beyond complex and I love it. I really am dying for book 8.5. I love this world and these characters so much!
lmauro123 | Hi ha 47 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |



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