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Nancy Mitford (1904–1973)

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(eng) She is sometimes confused with Nancy MILFORD. Be careful not to combine the two. Thank you for your help.

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Nom oficial
Freeman-Mitford, Nancy
Altres noms
Rodd, Honourable Mrs. Peter
Data de naixement
Data de defunció
Lloc d'enterrament
Swinbrook Churchyard, Oxfordshire, England
Lloc de naixement
London, England, UK
Lloc de defunció
Versailles, France
Causa de la mort
hodgkin's lymphoma
Llocs de residència
Oxfordshire, England, UK
Paris, France
Versailles, France
at home
Mitford, Jessica (sister)
Mosley, Diana (sister)
Devonshire, Deborah (sister)
Mitford, Algernon B. (grandfather)
Mosley, Oswald (brother-in-law)
Guinness, Desmond (nephew) (mostra-les totes 13)
Murphy, Sophia (niece)
Churchill, Randolph S. (second cousin)
Soames, Mary (second cousin)
Mosley, Charlotte (niece-in-law)
Mitford, Pamela (sister)
Mitford, Unity (sister)
York, Catherine (cousin)
Girl Guides
Premis i honors
Order of the British Empire (Commander ∙ 1972)
Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (1972)
Caroline Dawnay (PFD)
Biografia breu
Nancy Mitford came from an aristocratic background, which she enjoyed satirizing (along with snobs and social climbers). Many of her works were witty and worldly observations of English and French society and manners. She began writing fiction and moved on to biography and history. She was one of the six Mitford sisters, whose lives and activities fascinated the public.
Nota de desambiguació
She is sometimes confused with Nancy MILFORD. Be careful not to combine the two. Thank you for your help.



4. The Blessing by Nancy Mitford a Backlisted Book Club (març 2022)


Really fun read read that turns into a surprisingly moving read. The power and beauty of people being their unapologetic selves. Eccentric, selfish, funny, loving, and all too human. The manner in which the war alters the view is deftly and poignantly handled by Mitford. A smart and funny book that has something to say about our strange species.
BookyMaven | Hi ha 68 ressenyes més | Dec 6, 2023 |
"‘Oh, don’t pity me. I’ve had eleven months of perfect and unalloyed happiness, very few people can say that, in the course of long long lives, I imagine.’
I imagined so too. Alfred and I are happy, as happy as married people can be. We are in love, we are intellectually and physically suited in every possible way, we rejoice in each other’s company, we have no money troubles and three delightful children. And yet, when I consider my life, day by day, hour by hour, it seems to be composed of a series of pinpricks. Nannies, cooks, the endless drudgery of housekeeping, the nerve-racking noise and boring repetitive conversation of small children (boring in the sense that it bores into one’s very brain), their absolute incapacity to amuse themselves, their sudden and terrifying illnesses, Alfred’s not infrequent bouts of moodiness, his invariable complaints at meals about the pudding, the way he will always use my tooth-paste and will always squeeze the tube in the middle. These are the components of marriage, the wholemeal bread of life, rough, ordinary, but sustaining; Linda had been feeding upon honey-dew, and that is an incomparable diet."

for a while during reading I thought I wasn't really into it then I reached the end and realised it had really taken hold of me without realising. the doings of a bunch of very explicitly aristocratic aristocrats seems designed to turn me off but it's written well with a lot of dry humour. everything is treated with mockery but a sympathetic kind of mockery, one about how silly we can be but how that's how things are and we get on with it and it's ok. if that makes sense. i found the portrayal of communists pretty good on that count - affectionate mockery understanding. a pretty enjoyable book that i think will be a grower on my imagination over time

one thing that really bothers me: what's the french guy's final written message say? it's just said that it's unreadable but there's no hint at all given of what it might be supposed to say or anything. maybe i missed an obvious joke or something.

oh one big problem is it uses a good amount of untranslated French you can generally get the gist but it kind of sucks
… (més)
tombomp | Hi ha 68 ressenyes més | Oct 31, 2023 |

One of Nancy Mitford’s most beloved novels, Love in a Cold Climate is a sparkling romantic comedy that vividly evokes the lost glamour of aristocratic life in England between the wars.

Polly Hampton has long been groomed for the perfect marriage by her mother, the fearsome and ambitious Lady Montdore. But Polly, with her stunning good looks and impeccable connections, is bored by the monotony of her glittering debut season in London. Having just come from India, where her father served as Viceroy, she claims to have hoped that society in a colder climate would be less obsessed with love affairs. The apparently aloof and indifferent Polly has a long-held secret, however, one that leads to the shattering of her mother’s dreams and her own disinheritance. When a callow potential heir curries favour with her parents, nothing goes as expected, but in the end all find happiness in their own unconventional ways

Told by Fanny, the childhood friend of Polly, who comes back into the family's sphere after their return from India. The first part of the book is setting up the story around the Montdores, Polly's first season in London, and all the parties and guests that come in and out of their lives. It finishes with Fanny married, Polly causing a disgrace with a highly unsuitable attachment and disinheritance.

Part 2 comes with Fanny getting used to being the wife of a near penniless Don in Oxford and how life isnt how she was led to think it was. Cedric, who the Montdore's estate is now entailed to, arrives from Nova Scotia via Paris, and is certainly not what anyone expected him to be. However, he soon distracts Lady Montdore and all of her set, turning her into a different being - in looks if not personality.

Set in between the wars, some of the characters are outrageous - in their attitudes or behaviour or both. This is stiff upper lip country, where behaviour is tolerated rather than confronted and ostracised. Mitford manages to get their story out, with something that passes as happiness in the end, with a level of humour that can make you laugh out loud in parts. Some of the attitudes towards Cedric and the Lecherous Lecturer are a little close to the bone, but she somehow gets away with it.

… (més)
nordie | Hi ha 43 ressenyes més | Oct 14, 2023 |
A delightful story told with outlandish humour with an amazing collection of characters who are charming and brutally honest, set between WWI and WWII.
A melodramatic and flippant style showing rampant racial prejudice perhaps typical of the times.
GeoffSC | Hi ha 68 ressenyes més | Aug 20, 2023 |



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