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The Mary Shelley Club (2021) 303 exemplars
Kill the Boy Band (2016) 273 exemplars
No Good Deed (2017) 71 exemplars
Lord of the Fly Fest (2022) 61 exemplars
The Last Girl (2021) 18 exemplars
Just Say Yes (2024) 3 exemplars
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This was everything I hoped it would be. Secret societies, lies, betrayal, a final girl, and so many other horror tropes. I only took a start off for it being predictable with all the pieces handed to us along the way; although, the execution was great.
mancinibo | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Nov 30, 2023 |
I waited so long to read this book. I should have kept waiting. Rachael was attacked in her home and accidently killed her attacker. Flash forwards a year, she is in a new school, in a new city, trying to make friends and fit in. But her trauma has brought on a love of horror movies. She feels that by watching horror movies she can arm herself or train herself to not be frightened by what happened to her. She ends up joining a secret society all about the love of a good scare. The purpose of the club is to scare people with frights that are prank like. But when people start getting hurt and even dying, this is no longer a prank, its life and death.

This book moved fast. It has a Gossip Girl crossed with The Game (old Michael Douglas Movie that is even mentioned in the book) feel with the poor kid in the elite private NYC school. The only character I thought was genuine ends up dead. The concept is interesting and does work. The problem is it involves gamification, and that has been done much better. I do like that the story moves quickly and at no time does the book feel like the 460+ pages it is, and while I did enjoy it, the most memorable part of the entire thing, is the cover. While this is a standalone, and it does NOT have a cliffhanger, it has been left open for a sequel.
… (més)
LibrarianRyan | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Oct 31, 2023 |
Four girls who are not only friends, but fans of the boy band the Ruperts. They somehow get a room at the same hotel as the Ruperts and unintentionally kidnap one of the band members. What happens next, well, it definitely was not planned! It’s a funny story that will take you back to your early teen years when you had an obsession with a boy band. At least not to this extreme.

I would put this book more as a mature read because of the content. The girls, who are only 14 – 15 years old, kidnap, tie up, lick, take selfies and talk about having sex with said band member. The kidnapping does end with murder, dragging the deceased around the hotel and ending with the body thrown off the roof.… (més)
stark.reading.mad | Hi ha 15 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2023 |
4.5 stars. Saw meets Scream meets The Final Girl. Lots of twists and turns in this one and of course, left with a cliffhanger. I did figure out “who done it“, but I did not see the twist at the very end. This book definitely kept me on The edge of my seat. As a horror buff, I really enjoyed all the references to the many amazing and cheesy horror movies that I have seen over the years. I truly hope there is going to be a sequel to answer a lot of my questions. Trigger warning: violence, murder, home invasion… (més)
Z_Brarian | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Dec 12, 2022 |



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