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This might be the strangest thing I've ever felt cocky about, because I came into this book thinking I already know so much about pigeons I'm not sure that this book is going to really teach me anything but I bet it'll be cute if nothing else.

Shockingly I was actually not that far off! To be clear, I did learn a ton and it absolutely was as cute as I thought it would be. I'm familiar with the history of pigeons and their general anatomy so a cloaca was not a revolution to me. However there was still a lot that I didn't know, like about the way the different breeds and traits are mingled, and the horrifying state of their nests. So in all, this is probably a good read for a beginner or intermediate pigeon person. For an expert, you'd probably be more in the camp of "I know all these things but it sure is cute anyway. "

And of course, the humor was a delight! I follow Rosemary Mosco on Instagram and have for a while, so I'm not sure how I missed the fact that she had a book out until another blogger friend posted about it and I went wow that's right up my alley! So I was familiar with her art and enjoyed seeing it pop up throughout the book, especially with her cheeky silliness included. And even when I might have known some of the information presented, the tone and anecdotes that she provided kept them from feeling repetitive to me or anything like that. It was so silly and fun. 😊
… (més)
Jenniferforjoy | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Apr 2, 2024 |
This is a really good book about pigeons. I love the inclusion of Mosco's artwork—they really show off the differences in the (many!!) types of pigeon there are, plus give a good overview of the other kinds of birds mentioned. There's a bit of history in this book, along with a bit of humor and a whole lot of biology... but all presented in a way that is easy to digest and doesn't feel like the boring, stuffy kind of learning. Highly recommended.
ca.bookwyrm | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Jan 29, 2024 |
Daumari | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
This is a graphic novel. The premise is that one kid is home sick and bored. Her friend comes by with a book about the solar system, so they invent a spaceship (with their pets as the fictional crew) to travel throughout the solar system – to the sun, then to all the planets and “belts” in between them and slightly beyond, where they learn about where they are visiting.

This is aimed toward kids, but I learned some stuff about the solar system, as well. I really enjoyed this. The pets as crew was kind of silly, but likely appealing to kids. I liked that there was a summary at the end of each planetary visit to explain some of the things learned. I also liked that they stopped at Pluto, even though it is no longer considered a planet. And I also enjoyed learning about a few of the planets’ moons. It was unfortunate temperatures were only in Fahrenheit, however. The illustrator did a really nice job, as well; the illustrations are all in colour.… (més)
LibraryCin | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Aug 13, 2023 |



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