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Seeds of Love (2022) — Autor — 2 exemplars
Black Light: Cured (2022) 2 exemplars
Nice and Naughty 1 exemplars

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I am obsessed with omegaverse and Vivian Murdoch killed it with this one. It isnt the typical happy go lucky heats and nesting omegaverse. I love those but this one was great too something out of the regular sterotype.

You have a young lady who works for her late fathers business partner. She lives in a time that matches are made between Alphas and Omegas. They are told a match was made and they meet the match at the marriage ceremony. One of the things about this book I hate and love (I hate the idea of being told what to do but love that it’s not typical). What are the chances that the boss and employee are matched?

They have a tension between them that they fight and deny on their end never letting the other know. Find out how the match works out for both of them in this story? It is a HEA but it does have some darkish themes please read the front of the book at the TW/CW and synopsis to determine if this is for you.
… (més)
kianas_smuttylibrary | May 17, 2024 |
This book is definitely something else. I really enjoyed it. Vivian is amazing at writing omegaverse especially in a time where the government is in control of things around omegas and alphas. Here the alpha in question is the omegas stepbrother. The FMC has signed up for an activity to help her family with money and her stepbrother takes advantage of it and the ‘game’ that the government implemented. When she realizes she is in denial and trying to find away around what her stepbrother did. He is determined to get her to see what he knows and may but her at risk. Definitely is a must read.… (més)
kianas_smuttylibrary | May 17, 2024 |
I’ve never read a hucow book before was a bit put off from the idea but decided to give it a try and I really liked it. I loved the love story and the milk aspect was good. I think that this is a great story with or without the hucow. The MMC decided that the FMC was his and NOTHING was gonna change that. The FMC was not thrilled about her situation but they find common ground and comfort. When things get tough they figure out a plan and it is just amazing.
kianas_smuttylibrary | May 17, 2024 |


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