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David G. Myers is John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology at Hope College. (Bowker Author Biography)
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Psychology (1986) 671 exemplars
Social Psychology (1987) 428 exemplars
Exploring Psychology (1990) 428 exemplars
Psychology in Modules (2001) 236 exemplars
Exploring Social Psychology (1994) 115 exemplars
Psychology in Everyday Life (2008) 43 exemplars
Myers' Psychology for AP* (2010) 31 exemplars
The human connection: How people change people (1984) — Autor — 28 exemplars
Study Guide for Psychology (1969) 20 exemplars
Psicología (1995) 3 exemplars
Mod Exp Psych 6e Cloth and Sg (2005) 1 exemplars
Cp West La Pel 3e&lpad6macs&sg (2014) 1 exemplars
Social Psychology: Test Bank (1996) 1 exemplars

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Myers, David Guy
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Myers, David G.
Myers, David
Myers, David N.
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This is a short biography of David G. Myers the psychologist: David G. Myers is  a social psychologist at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and a communicator of psychological science to college students and the general public.

His scientific writings, supported by National Science Foundation fellowships and grants and recognized by the Gordon Allport Prize, have appeared in three dozen academic periodicals, including Science, American Scientist, and Psychological Science.

He has also written for four dozen magazines, from Scientific American to Christian Century.  His books include include texts for introductory and social psychology, works that relate psychological science to faith, and general audience books on happiness, intuition, sexual orientation, and hearing loss.

Myers is a Seattle native, an all-weather bicyclist, and a national advocate of hearing-aid-compatible assistive listening (see  David and Carol Myers are the parents of three adult children.  [adapted slightly from A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists (2008)]

His agent if Susan Arellano.



This book asks and answers the important questions about the nature and value of happiness. Is happiness rare? Can money buy happiness? Does age affect happiness? Are men happier than women? This is my favorite quote I found in the book. The essence of happiness is pausing to savor the gift of our present moments.
In a world of multi-tasking happiness may be eluding us more and more. We need to take time over our coffee, tea or soda. We need to focus on eating when eating and realize we are nourishing our bodies. We need to see the beauty in a fresh fallen snow and let the worries about traffic keep for when you have to deal with the traffic. We need to treasure the times that our pets cuddle with us, when a friend takes time to say hello, when a neighbor needs help, when our child takes time to need us.
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Jolene.M | Jul 30, 2020 |
Textbook, decently written. Certainly better than the "reader" I read. Unfortunately I do not feel that it represented the material on the Psych GRE well, even the social section!
melsmarsh | Sep 23, 2018 |
An interesting enough textbook. I haven't read word for word but what I've read of it, I've enjoyed. Psychology is always interesting, and this textbook does a good job teaching it.
ErinPaperbackstash | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Jun 14, 2016 |
Not my favorite psychology book on the market, but it was certainly readable. Compared to other similar texts that I have read, this one did not flow the best but the information was still easy enough to understand.
sealford | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Dec 31, 2014 |


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