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The Midnight Heiress (2019) 7 exemplars


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If you are in the mood for a fairy tale, this retelling of the Cinderella story might be your jam. Although it requires more than a little suspension of disbelief, the two main characters are charming and kind. It puts an interesting spin on the traditional story by causing the man to be the downtrodden servant with a domineering stepparent and siblings, and the woman to be wealthy and noble. Expect something short, sweet and tidy. I enjoyed the quick pace of it.
Alishadt | Feb 25, 2023 |
The latest Ashtyn Newbold, like the others in her Brides of Brighton series, has all the elements you long for in a Regency romance. Cute scenarios that provide a perfect setup for people to fall in love when they were least expecting it, no glaring anachronisms, a light-hearted tone, and genuinely likeable protagonists with well-described motivation.
This one was fun and sweet as usual. The only thing that stilted my enjoyment a bit at the end was the extra level of manipulation that was laid on implausibly thick by the controlling mother. It happens a lot in this genre, but it always feels a little too manufactured to me. Other than that, though, I was as pleased as ever with this author's work!… (més)
Alishadt | Feb 25, 2023 |
I was only mildly on board for a while, but the last third or so was really very sweet. Very fast, easy read.
Alishadt | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Feb 25, 2023 |
This was another fun and sweet Regency romance from author Ashtyn Newbold. It develops the gentler side of Lord Edward Ramsbury, the character from the previous two books who's been breaking hearts and behaving rather badly. When his father threatens to disinherit him unless he marries soon, he nerves himself to the task and begins flirting with the first woman he sees, Miss Grace Weston. Little does he know, he and Grace have already met. Three years ago he paid her marked attention at her first ball and then never noticed her again.
Both Grace and Edward have duplicitous reasons for carrying on a courtship, while everyone around them can see that they are genuinely well suited to each other. It's going to take a lot of honesty and a dash of humility for either of them to admit to real feelings, though.
I found this to be one of those fun Regency stories that generally keeps you reading with a smile. The few anachronisms or stretches of belief didn't interfere with my enjoyment.
Favorite part: When Edward shows up at Grace's house, having checked out from the library the exact same book she is reading, and he's all like, "Oh, I thought I might drop by and read with you." Best way to a bookworm's heart EVER.

Thanks to the author for a digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
… (més)
Alishadt | Feb 25, 2023 |



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