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Apparently this series wraps up in the next volume, which...I really like Fushimi? I liked that he and Komugi built a friendship that was based on learning to understand how the other one is. I don't know if I'd like to see them together, but I'm a little bit eh about the predictable turn (since Ogami is obviously the male main here).

Also Yata-sensei is hella creepy. He's a bit like if Shigure and Akito (from Fruits Basket) had a kid who inherited Hatori's powers. I love him, but he's hella creepy. I didn't see the ending coming, though I really do understand his motivation.

So I guess we will see how this ends. Based on some spoiler comments I saw on the final volume when it was released in Japan it looks like things get a bit rushed feeling. Its honestly been so long since I've read a series that ended before at least volume 5 that I'm curious to see if I still enjoy it as much on a re-read later this year.
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lexilewords | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
Welcome to volume 2 of That Wolf-Boy is Mine, a series which is both guaranteed to make me go d'awww and GDI DON'T DO THAT, usually on the same page.

Soo I'm very much in the Rin Fushimi camp. He's about tsun-tsun (tsundere) as they come, which is basically my type in manga. That said, I can already tell this series (unlike Peach Girl, which everyone should read) will not end with the second male love interest winning.

As a side note: why do manga, anime and Asian dramas make their secondary love interest so much more interesting than their primary? I feel it's less common in western media - or rather, it feels different. I don't know, maybe I'll explore this further later.

Back on track - so we meet the sensei (he's the three legged crow sent by Amaterasu in folk tales), who's...yeah I'd liken him to Shigure from Fruits Basket, less pervy tho. He's definitely wheeling and dealing and spinning agendas like tops.

We get a bit about Komugi's family...maybe. I'm hoping it's explored further in the next volume.

Ogami-kun is, GDI, such a foolhardy person/wolf. After his rejection at the end of volume 1 (which gets rehashed a lot here as Komugi tries to reconcile her feelings with her wants) he basically acts the opposite of helpful. All culminating in a scene that really illustrates how out of it he is.

Fushimi-kun, who again I am on his side, plays reluctant confidante to Komugi while Aoshi pulls tricks for his amusement and Senri tries to convince them to leave him alone so he can curl up by the heater.

So I'm hooked. Completely. I started this series cause spiritual successor to Fruits Basket hell yeah, but I'm genuinely interested in the deeper mythology being woven in now.
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lexilewords | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
I can see why folk see this as a spiritual successor to Fruits Basket! While Komugi is nowhere near the same archetype as Tohru (sweet, nurturing, kind, somewhat passive much of the time) it does have some of those hallmarks.

School "Princes" who are beloved and hold themselves aloof, one is super friendly, one is (I'm sorry Fushimi) tsundere, one who is a bit reckless, one who is outwardly indifferent.

The art is pretty and I generally liked the pacing. It comes off a bit like Twilight tho in some dynamics (Komugi & her father, the constant push for Komugi to leave them alone for her own good, their inability to obliviate her like all other girls) but I loved how...pragmatic Komugi was.

"My classmates are animal spirits in human form but they won't hurt me so why make a big deal?" Really I think she finds them as tiresome as a couple find her, but they all need a connection.
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lexilewords | Hi ha 5 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
Mako starts a new life at a boarding school away from home, following her lifelong best friend and living in the same boarding house as he. Her love of photography above all else, though, gets her into some awkward situations, and she finds herself in a bit of love triangle with the BFF and another new student living in the house.
Adorable story and gorgeous art. It's simple and yes, predictable, but none of that takes away from the loveliness of it. Reading it felt like getting a big, beautifully drawn hug.… (més)
electrascaife | Jun 17, 2022 |



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