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Very enjoyable. What happens when God takes a vacation and lets the angels run Heaven.
bgknighton | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Apr 8, 2019 |
This is the third book in the Devil’s Point series. The premise of this series is that God has authorized a certain number of demons to live in North Carolina, interacting freely with the humans who live there, with various stipulations to keep things from getting too out of hand. In this book Averial, one of the original fallen angels, sneaks up to Earth without Satan’s knowledge and manages to go completely off the grid. When Satan realizes she’s missing, he enlists demons to find her. Meanwhile, Averial is trying to give humans the stars by helping to develop a working space ship.

This book was ok, and it had some good points, but I think the uniqueness of the premise has worn off for me and the story itself just didn’t hold my interest as well as the previous two. It was also nearly as romance-heavy as the first book had been, and I didn’t care for that. The romance seemed pretty generic to me, despite the identity of the partners. Since the books are so short already, it took away from what I thought was the more interesting aspect of the story.

I really don’t have anything else to say that I haven’t already said about the previous books in the series. Overall, this is a series with an interesting premise, good writing, and relatively well-done characters, but the plots were on the thin side and often overshadowed by romances. There was some light humor sprinkled throughout the series, and there were some nice if not very subtle themes about making the right choices, about trying our best, and about love and loyalty.
… (més)
YouKneeK | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Sep 1, 2015 |


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