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Series Info/Source: This is the 3.5 book in the A Stitch in Time series. I bought a copy of this on ebook.

Thoughts: This was the longest installment of the series by far, but I enjoyed how everything played out. The second book in the series left us at a huge cliffhanger and we quickly jumped back into the story in this book.

Jacynda has been abandoned in Bedlam with no knowledge of who she is; she has been left with the mental capacity of a small child. Meanwhile, Keats is still trying to escape a hanging, and Victorian London is still facing a threat from missing explosives. Back in 2057, Morrisey is having issues of his own and is trying to save the Time Rovers while preventing a complete meltdown of history and the exposure of the transitive race.

This was a complicated story and it jumps around between characters a lot more than the previous books did. I do feel like this might have been better split into two books; it felt a bit long as is. However, the story is incredibly well done and I really continue to enjoy both the future and past timelines. The characters are incredibly well done and I enjoyed spending so much more time with Theo Morrisey.

The afterward was interesting. Oliver planned on this being some sort of torrid romance series, but it didn't go that way at all. This is more of an action-packed time travel mystery with a hint of romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole series and would love to see more books set in this world.

My Summary (5/5): Overall this was an amazing ending to an amazing series. I loved the plot, the world, and the characters here. The story is fast-paced and full of intriguing twists and turns. I would recommend to those who enjoy action-packed time travel mysteries. I would love to see more books set in this world. I loved this series just as much as Oliver's "Demon Trappers" series and would recommend it to those who were fans of that series as well.
… (més)
krau0098 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Dec 10, 2022 |
This was a good story, fairly well-written, but seemed to be missing a bit of an oomph. I like the overall feel, style, and tone - but the story didn't quite move along as fast as I would have preferred.

If I could give it a 3.5 I would, but on this one I'd rather vote lower than higher. The next book will be released in a few weeks, and my husband *insisted* we pre-order it - as this book was a 4-star compelling read for him.

Go figure. I'll probably read the next book, but I don't feel an overwhelming need to...… (més)
sentryrose | Hi ha 119 ressenyes més | Nov 30, 2022 |
Series Info/Source: This is the second book in the Time Rovers series. I bought a copy of this as an ebook for my Kindle.

Thoughts: This book picks up where the second one left off. Jacynda is in a trouble for some of her actions in book 1 and ends up being pulled in as major player in some politics going on in 2057. She gets sent back to London 1888 on a mission to find the famous Harter Defoe. She needs to return him to the future or be sent to prison, however, things are very complicated. Back in 1888, Keats continues to hunt for the Irish anarchist and missing explosives. Keats ends up in trouble when he is blamed for a murder he didn't commit. All of it may tie back to events in 2057 and the time line for 1888 is seriously going off the rails.

I really enjoyed this a lot. The world-building here is fantastic. I enjoy both the futuristic world of 2057 and spending time in Victorian London. All of the characters are a lot of fun to read about and easy to engage with. The plot has a lot of twists and turns and really keeps you guessing. There are mysteries layered on top of mysteries here and I am super curious as to how everything will play out.

This was an engrossing read that was easy and fun to read; it kept me very interested and engaging. I enjoyed it a lot.

My Summary (5/5): Overall I really enjoyed this second installment in the Time Rovers series. The world-building is fascinating, the story is intriguing and keeps you guessing, and the characters are easy to engage with. I read this fairly quickly and enjoyed every second of it. I look forward to reading the third, and final, book in this series "Madman's Dance". In fact I wanted to start reading "Madman's Dance" right away but I have some other library books I need to finish first!
… (més)
krau0098 | Nov 15, 2022 |
Series Info/Source: This is the first book in the Time Rovers series. I bought a copy of this as an ebook for my Kindle.

Thoughts: Previous to reading this book I had read Oliver's Demon Trappers series (loved it) and some of her other stand alone books (they were okay). I was excited to start this series and it was definitely worth the read. It's an intriguing story; engaging and very well written.

Jacynda is a Time Rover in 2057. She is involved in tracking down and bringing back time tourists who don't return at their expected time. When she goes back to Victorian London to retrieve a waylaid academic tourist, she is dangerously close to Jack the Ripper's time line. She ends up getting involved with a couple of locals and finds out that her retrieval is a lot more complicated than she thought it was going to be. To complicate the situation even more, back in 2057, things are going belly-up with the company she works for and she may struggle to find a way to get back to her time.

I really enjoyed this book a lot. The world-building and plot here are really spectacular. There are so many things going on. I loved the world portrayed in 2057, it's futuristic but believably so. I also love the Victoria England period, so it was fun to spend time there as well. There are multiple plot threads here that were masterfully woven together. The main plot appears to Jacynda's retrieval of her wayward tourist. However, this plot starts to intertwine with what's happening with the time travel company in 2057 and with her discovery of a shapeshifting race that is around in Victorian London.

The characters were very well done too. I enjoyed Jacynda as she struggled to fit into 2057 and very much enjoyed the characters she meets there. Additionally, there are some wonderful characters introduced in 2057 as well. While this isn't a character driven story, I definitely enjoyed the characters here. There is a hint of romance throughout and some fantastic friendships that form along Jacynda's adventures.

Oliver's writing is wonderful and very well-rounded. The action scenes are great, the mystery is well done and there is excellent description. The story is effortless to read and flows nicely. I liked where the story ended and look forward to reading the next book in the series.

My Summary (5/5): Overall I really enjoyed this first installment in the Time Rovers series. This is an excellent story, with creative world-building and easy to engage with characters. It was a fun and entertaining read that I never struggled to stay engaged with. I am normally not a huge fan of time travel reads, but it really worked well for this book. I am incredibly eager to read the next book in this series!
… (més)
krau0098 | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Sep 23, 2022 |



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