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Westminster Abby (2005) 151 exemplars
Amity (2014) 145 exemplars
30 Guys in 30 Days (2005) 118 exemplars
family (2011) 90 exemplars
Changeling Places (2005) 89 exemplars
The Devil and Winnie Flynn (2015) 89 exemplars
Mumble's Journey (Happy Feet) (2006) 85 exemplars
House Of Shards (2006) 77 exemplars
Nancy Drew: The Curse (2020) 58 exemplars
Popular Vote (2008) 58 exemplars
Emily Goldberg Learns to Salsa (2006) 56 exemplars
Gettin' Lucky (2007) 53 exemplars
Crush du Jour (2007) 50 exemplars
Mean Girls: A Novel (2017) 45 exemplars
GoldenGirl (2009) 33 exemplars
What Would My Cell Phone Do? (2011) 11 exemplars
Riverdale: The Ties That Bind (2021) 8 exemplars
Fashionista (Bradford Novel) (2009) 8 exemplars
Riverdale: Season Three (2019) 8 exemplars
Seinfeld: The Day of Nothing (2023) 7 exemplars
Riverdale 03 - NN (2019) 3 exemplars
Executive Desk Gong (2003) 2 exemplars
Riverdale Dzien wczesniej (2019) 1 exemplars

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Ok so this is only supposed to do one thing but like my god, Veronica, my darling. So mad. Are you really that oblivious ? My darling, they were waiting for you, this whole time. Also, Archie, seriously? ? ?? That woman has had it in for you the entire time.
adaorhell | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Oct 15, 2023 |
This novel is centered around two families. The Webb family lived in Amity (a super creepy house) ten years in the past. The Hall family lives in it currently. The POVs feature Connor Webb (who has serious mental issues, as in he is horrible and enjoys death and bloodshed and all of that) and Gwen Hall (a girl who may or may not manipulate particles when upset.

This was reminiscent of Stephen King in the fact that there was a pebble rain scene much like in Carrie. Also, the house reminded me slightly of Salem's Lot, but still quite different which was nice.

I pretty much flew through this book. I read it in 2 days. The novel is broken up into 5 parts, each part switches between Connor and Gwen's experiences living in Amity. The parts are broken down into days (similar to chapters). Then the story is broken down even more into scenes. Most scenes were only about a page, so I found myself tearing through the pages to get to the next one. There are many parallels throughout their stories that left me intrigued. About halfway through, I had already predicted what would happen in the end. But that's okay with me because getting to it was still disturbing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel even though I was creeped out and appalled by Connor while reading it.
… (més)
CaitlinDaugherty | Hi ha 17 ressenyes més | Aug 28, 2023 |
DNF after 143 pages.
I wish I loved this book. I love the concept, I love the atmosphere, I love the experimental writing style, but God almighty the vocabulary is so repetitive it nearly made me nauseous.
The words "infinite", "now", "forever", "undertow", "endless" and "orbit" could have been used a quarter as much and still gotten the message across; Mel is completely consumed by man with an indescribably strong presence and force of suggestion. His will is her command, and she loves him for it.
The technical experimentation with capital letters is very well done. Mel never capitalizes any words which are not referring to Him, Henry. Everything else in her world is small and insignificant, not just by comparison, but by nature. Everything was small and insignificant before Him.
I'll say it again; I wish I loved this book.
… (més)
eurydactyl | Hi ha 9 ressenyes més | Jul 20, 2023 |



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