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Digital audiobook narrated by Lauren J Daggett.

In 2016, Dr Civil Townsend, reflects on her time three decades previously when she worked with Montgomery (Alabama) Family Planning. In 1973, she was a nurse and hoping to help women take some control over their destinies. She was particularly involved with the Williams family, and horrified at how the two young daughters were treated.

Perkins-Valdez took inspiration from a shameful episode in America’s history, when poor, Black people were used as subjects for medical studies without their informed consent.

Additionally, Perkins-Valdez looks at the class distinctions between poor, rural Blacks and the wealthier professional Blacks. Civil belongs to this latter social class and she has to make a conscious effort to hide her judgment of the way her patients live. She behaves compassionately towards them and even risks her career to fight on their behalf, but she has never encountered these conditions and it is difficult for her to hide her reaction.

I was certainly aware of the syphilis study done at Tuskegee, but I was not aware of the studies and policies on birth control and sterilization perpetrated against women of color. Kudos to Perkins-Valdez for shining a light on these policies in our history.

Lauren J Daggett does a fine job of narrating the audiobook. I did get confused a few times when the storyline jumped from 2016 to 1973 and back again. But context usually made it clear in which era the story was taking place.
… (més)
BookConcierge | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Feb 27, 2024 |
I'd had this book on my shelves for an AGE. Probably over a decade at least. But what finally pushed me to pick this up and read it was the Book Riot Podcast — it's a book the hosts often refer to, constantly recommend, and at some point they asked, if you're a long-time listener of this show and haven't read this book yet...?

Okay, fine, I said. I'll read it.

And as soon as I did... the John Brown connection? The Kansas connection? The evolution of theology as influenced by current events/generations? No, I, TOO now want to know how I went so long without reading this!

I LOVED this book. Ravenously loved it. I gifted copies to multiple people I know. I loved the period, the tone, the theology, the Kansas/Iowa, the John Brown (who appears only peripherally in this picture but LOOMS LARGE), the small town pasturage, the prairie, the small town.

Do I love it enough to read the rest of the books? I don't know. I think the parts I am obviously interested in have already been told. But still. A five-star read, easily jumps to the list of the books of my heart forever.
… (més)
greeniezona | Hi ha 24 ressenyes més | Jan 28, 2024 |
I really wanted to love this book. Sadly, I was frustrated with the writing, the characters were one demential and not plausible. This could have been such a powerful read, but the writer lost me so many times early in the story. I had a hard time going on.
Suem330 | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Dec 28, 2023 |
Such an important book with all of the recent events going on. Perkins-Valdez is an amazing writer and you can tell she does a lot of research when writing her books. Can’t wait to read whatever she writes next.
DKnight0918 | Hi ha 31 ressenyes més | Dec 23, 2023 |



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