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Best known as an English writer and playwright in the late 1800s, Wilkie Collins may be best known for “The Woman in White” and ‘The Moonstone”. Author Catherine Peters looks at his private life and his impact on the literary world. It was interesting to read about his impact on copyright issues in the Victorian period, the scandal from his two common-law wives, and his addiction to laudanum. The author used a variety of unpublished letters and manuscripts and an autobiography by his mother to show how his relationships and friendships with other readers like Charles Dickens lead him to mentor young writers. This well-research biography includes a list of illustrations, references, bibliography, and Index. Charles Collins’ “Secret Connection”, Wilkie Collins’s Travelling Desk, and Wilkie Collins’ first unpublished novel are included as appendixes.

I received this book through a random giveaway. Although encouraged as a courtesy to provide feedback, I was under no obligation to write a review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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