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Ralph Peters (1) (1952–)

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Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer and author of twenty-two books, under his own name and as Owen Parry. A frequent guest on television and radio and contributor to a wide range of American and international newspapers and journals, Ralph Peters continues to work in support of our military and mostra'n més to travel to the world's trouble spots to investigate the reality behind the headlines. mostra'n menys
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Obres de Ralph Peters

Red Army (1989) 298 exemplars
The War in 2020 (1991) 294 exemplars
Faded Coat of Blue (1999) 258 exemplars
Cain at Gettysburg (2012) 185 exemplars
The War After Armageddon (2009) 176 exemplars
Shadows of Glory (2000) 150 exemplars
Honor's Kingdom (2002) 149 exemplars
Call Each River Jordan (2001) 143 exemplars
Rebels of Babylon (2005) 106 exemplars
Hell or Richmond (2013) 104 exemplars
Bold Sons of Erin (2003) 98 exemplars
Valley of the Shadow (2015) 75 exemplars
The Devil's Garden (1998) 69 exemplars

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La joven Kelly Trost hija de un importante senador norteamericano viaja al Asia Central en sus vacaciones para ayudar en tareas humanitarias. Su rastro se desvanece en el oscuro corazón de un país sin ley, sumido en el caos luego del colapso de la Unión Soviética. Nadie sabe de quién es prisionera. Ni siquiera se sabe si está viva. Solo el teniente coronel Burton tiene el conocimiento del terreno necesario para buscarla . La misión, difícil y brutal, se desarrolla entre gángsters, fanáticos religiosos, señores de la guerra, ejecutivos petroleros, generales rebeldes y espías extranjeros. La inocente vida de Kelly se ha convertido en moneda de cambio de un frío y despiadado juego global.… (més)
Natt90 | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Nov 9, 2022 |
Cain at Gettysburg is one of the finest historical novels I’ve ever read about the Civil War, if not one of the best books of historical fiction to come my way. The writing is excellent, and the narrative of Pickett’s charge was thrilling. An excellent addition to the many books written about Gettysburg.
luke66 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Oct 22, 2022 |
Welshman Abel Jones, a veteran of the British Army’s mid-19th century Indian wars, had put his military past behind him when he married his childhood sweetheart and settled in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The outbreak of the Civil War in his newly-adopted country has Jones volunteering in Union blue to lend his military experience to raw recruits. A crippling injury in the Battle of Bull Run lands Jones in an administrative role, keeping accounts and procuring uniforms for the army. When a popular young abolitionist captain is murdered outside a Union camp, rumors fly that the Confederates are behind it. With evidence pointing toward the young man’s Union comrades as possible culprits, Jones is tasked with investigating the death and finding the truth before events spin out of control.

Author Parry successfully creates an authentic-feeling Civil War atmosphere from start to finish. Captain Jones possess admirable qualities, including a strong sense of justice and duty, and his love for his wife and infant son. However, he expresses strong prejudices against the Irish and other ethnic groups who hadn’t yet “melted” into the American pot, and he occasionally uses racial slurs that are as offensive today as they were to their 19th-century targets. The mystery plot would have benefited from the same attention to detail as the setting and characters received. Jones did not conduct a methodical investigation, and his first-person account of his search for the murderer suffered as a result.
… (més)
cbl_tn | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Jun 24, 2021 |
Interesting scenario in novel form about a "post-cold-war" massive conflict; a potential future (although maybe not the most likely). Essentially, Islamist terrorism going nuclear, Europe going fascist, and the US split between religious expeditionary warfare and those maintaining civic nationalist institutions like the Army and USMC. In some areas the book is a bit heavy-handed, but it's at least interesting.

Any military scenario where the US military isn't far-and-away more powerful than any adversary requires a lot of leaps fancy, and I don't know if "US becomes a theocracy" is anywhere near the most plausible, but from that assumption, it's a decent scenario and story after that.… (més)
octal | Hi ha 8 ressenyes més | Jan 1, 2021 |



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