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Independent Reading Level: Grades 1-5
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Independent Reading Level: 3–6-year-olds
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"Super Cool Space Facts: A Fun, Fact-filled Space Book for Kids" is written in a engaging, adventurous style that makes you want to keep turning the pages to learn more and more. The author, Dr. Bruce Betts, PhD, has always loved space so much that he studied to become a planetary scientist. Dr. Betts advises that this is a "book about space for kids--but space facts are fun for everyone". There are five chapters: "The Universe", "Stars and Constellations"; "The Solar System"; "Comets, Meteors, and Other Sky Shows"; "Rockets, Satellites, Astronauts, and More!". There is also a glossary which explains terms like "Asterism" (a pattern of stars in the sky which form a recognizable shape) through "White Dwarf" (what is left at the end of the lives of most stars. I am a Baby Boomer who has always loved the awesomeness of space--I most especially love the stars. As a child growing up in the Sixties, I was a Sci-Fi geeklet. I watched all the wonderful science fiction shows, cried when the original Star Trek was canceled, and read many, many sci-fi stories and books. The year that I was in the fifth grade, my family lived in Florida. The space program was still bright and shiny enough that when a space flight was launched, the whole neighborhood would stand outside in their PJs and robes in the early morning and watch the fiery rocket trail as it burned through the sky. I am still in awe of the impossible grace of the space shuttles. Dr. Betts has two sons to whom he has dedicated this book, and he has written this book in such a way that will encourage children (and adults) to explore and expand their quest for knowledge of space and all the wonders it holds.

Book Copy Gratis Callisto Publishers
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gincam | Aug 21, 2019 |


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