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Various families who are camping learn about how to keep their campsites bear-proof so that bears can eat only what they are supposed to eat.

Really nice lightly-cartoon bears illustrate a great book. Does a perfect job of talking frankly about keeping campsites bear-proof without going into too much detail. Emphasizes that there are lots of yummy things in nature that bears SHOULD eat so that kids don’t feel bad for the bears.
norabelle414 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Jul 14, 2023 |
A New Jersey Ki Society Manual-Volume One Contents 1 Introduction What are the secrets of aikido? What is aikido? The history of aikido O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba Styles of aikido Koichi Tohei Ki Society International Ki development Basic aikido Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido What is thh New Jersey Ki Society? NJKS aikido quiz 2 About peace, love and eternal cosmic wisdom The philosophy of Master Uyeshiba Five principles of learning ki Four basic principles for mind and body coordination Five basic principles for shin shin toitsu aikido Five daily affirmations Ten precepts for spiritual training The need to win Youth Success Infamous NJKS quotes 3 A day at the dojo Common terms Arrival Bow in Ki sayings stretching and warm-up Ki class Aikido class Ki breathing Bow out Departure Kiatsu Cadence breathing Misogi breathing River breathing Doll house misogi Other activities 4 Dojo rules Dojo kiku Fees Personal property Clothes On entering the mat Entering the mat before class Entering the mat during class Practice Leaving the mat cleaning the dojo Events Examinations Answering the telephone or visitors Visiting other (Ki Society) Dojo Bowing 5 Shinshin Toitsu Aikido warm-up exercises Junan kenko taiso/Makku-ho (stretches for health) Toitsu taiso (Ki development exercises) Aiki taiso (Aikido exercises) The difference between undo and waza Aiki-robics (Aikido aerobics) Taigi including weapons kata 6 Explanations of ki tests and aikido techniques Testing tips Ki development test procedures Unification of mind and body test procedures System of basic techniques of aikido Gokyu (5) aikido techniques 7 Test criteria for Shinshin Toitsudo (Ki development) Testing tips Shokyu Chukyu Jokyuk Shoden Chudan Okuden Post-test requirements for NJKS 8 Test criteria for Shinshin Toitsu aikido (Children's class) Jukkyu/Kyukyu (10/9) A, B, C (3 required techniques) Hachikyu/Nanakyu (8/7) A, B, C (5 required techniques) Rokkyu (6) Children's class (6 required techniques) 9 Test criteria for shnshin Toitsu aikido Gokyu (5) (10 required techniques) Yonkyu (4) (20 required techniques) Sankyu (3) (35 required techniques) Nikyu (2) (45 required techniques) Ikkyu (1) (60 required techniques) Shodan (1) (100 required techniques) Nidan (2) (130 required techniques) Sandan (3) (130 required techniques) 10 Shinshin Toitsu aikido technique requirements cross reference chart 11 Taigi (arts with ki) Toitsu-tai Largeness, rhythm, time and space Taigi Taigi 1 Katate-tori Taigi 2 Ktate-tori-ryote-mochi Taigi 3 Yokomen-uchi Taigi 4 Ryokata-tori Taigi 5 For children Taigi 6 Ushiro-waza Taigi 7 Mune-tsuki, Keri Taigi 8 Ryote-tori Taigi 9 Shomen-uchi Taigi 10 Kata-tori-shomen-uchi Taigi 11 Katate-(Kosa)-tori Taigi 12 Ktate-tori-ryote-mochi Taigi 13 Yokomen-uchi Taigi 14 Kata-tori Taigi 15 For junior high school students Taigi 16 Zagi Taigi 17 Zagi-handachi Taigi 18 Ushiro-waza Taigi 19 Mune-tsuki Taigi 20 Futare-gake, Sannin-gake, Randori Taigi 21 Tanto-tori Taigi 22 Tachi-tori Taigi 23 Jo-tori Taigi 24 Jo-nage Taigi 25 Kengi 1 (Dai ichi) Taigi 26 Kengi 2 (Dai ni) Taigi 27 Jogi 1 (Dai ichi) Taigi 28 Jogi 2 (Dai ni) Taigi 29 Tachi-uchi Taigi 30 Shinken (including kiai) Appendix A Glossary of japanese termns used in classes Alphabetical Numbers Ranks Appendix B bibliography Ki Society Others Appendix C Other Ki Society Dojo Japan USA Elsewhere Appendix D Corrections to the July 28, 1992 issue (First printing) Appendix E Registration and order form Registration form Update and order form… (més)
AikiBib | May 31, 2022 |
Bears get hungry, and people do, too. But bears have their food, and people have theirs. The trick lies in how people keep their food safe from the bears, and what foods bears eat because nature holds enough for them.

Sturdy enough for small hands and for taking along on a camping adventure, this board book packs bright illustrations and tons of cute bears. It follows families as they spend time on a camping trip...and of course, they're depicted as having fun. But these families are storing away food, and this book shows the various and correct ways to do it. While the families do this on one side of each 2-page spread, the bears are on the other. They munch away on various bounties, which nature provides, demonstrating which foods bears eat and exactly how that looks like in nature.

The message in this one follows two paths. Firstly, it heightens young listeners awareness of the various possible food storage containers, which parks set out just for the purpose of keeping bears away from human food. This also, automatically, reminds readers that found shouldn't be left out and needs to be watched. On the other hand, this book follows bears and teaches what they eat in nature. It's never really pointed out in exactly mentioned what they eat. Instead, the illustrations take over that part.

The text stays age appropriate and keeps to a maximum of two lines on each page. The page with the bears always holds the same phrases, giving a repetitive reminder to listeners. This also allows listeners to join in and repeat the phrases themselves along with the parent/guardian/caretaker. It's a subtle way to bring awareness and remind listeners of the joy of camping.

But mostly, these bears are sweet and show the bears in nature. That alone already makes this a winner in my book (no pun intended.)

I received an ARC and found it super cute!
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tdrecker | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Mar 3, 2021 |
We’re off to Tae Kwon Do class, where we’ll learn to kick, spin, box, jump, and even break a board! We’ll also have fun in this simple Step 1 book. Perfect for kids who are both learning to read and learning Tae Kwon Do or another martial art.
wichitafriendsschool | Mar 25, 2016 |


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