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This book is about Mother Earth trying to get her child Autumn to go to bed, so she does a lot of things to help put Autumn to bed. Then once she gets Autumn to bed Winter wakes up. I think that this book is good for personal reading, there are a lot of alliterations and things through the book.
ChrisHoltGFU | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Apr 22, 2024 |
Part of the series by this incredible team. When summer plays, she does this with an obsession. Cartwheel, shouts, romping, shouting, frolicking continue to make the day fun-filled. But mother and father both agree that Summer is getting a bit out of hand and must be warned that chores have to be finished.

Summer's usual response is 'Ill do them soon But right now, swimming calls to Summer as the waves of the ocean call for jumping and performing cannonballs. Again, Mother Earth shakes a finger and reminds her child that Chores are waiting and must be done.

"In a While. but first, let's hike." Everything this wild child does is with a tremendous amount of gusto and high spirit. As night occurs, the errant child forgot about chores that were promised to be accomplished. Now night is here and father time is very mad. Stomping his foot he strongly states that the chores must be done Right Away

And as the next day awakes with the sunshine, still the very stubborn, silly, self-absorbed child wants to continue to splash and romp! Climbing the mountain she sees an incredible sight. But, the sight shifts to a brown color covering the earth. As all around a nasty dark cover is in sight.

This spoiled, petulant, stubborn child created a lack of color because she could not reign in her stubborn selfishness. When she asks what is wrong with the earth. Her parents tell her that it really is rather simple. You played and now you must pay. Now the summer child promises to make things right and work day and night. And as summer continues to lug water for many days, she works as fast as possible.

It now dawns on her that her selfishness has consequences for not just her, but the entire earth. Watering until she is very weary, summer watches as slowly as the rivers begin to low and the earth returns to glow. The last thing child of summer does is to paint a multi-colored rainbow in the sky, she calls to autumn that so wishes she could continue to play, but the earth needs the vibrant colors.

This is another charming, beautiful book regarding the seasons on earth and the children of Mother and Father Earth as they are more than patient with their children.

Interestingly, I had no patient for the child of summer. I know my parents would never have been as laid back. The paddle would have been in use as a payment for not listening.
… (més)
Whisper1 | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Feb 2, 2024 |
This is a delightful series based on the four seasons of the year. In this book, the ever caring and loving Mother Earth is encouraging her wild child -- Autumn -- to get to bed, to rest. But, the wild child tells her mother that first she needs a song ..a song to play in her head before going to bed.

And, Mother Earth granted her wild child a song, a fall song of crinkle, cracle, leaves that snapple. And, of course chipmunks that chutter, chatter and patter.

"No!!!," said the Wild Child, I still am not ready for bed!!!. First something to eat is needed, just a bite and little snack before taking a nap. Mother gave her Wild Child some Crunchy, munchy chew chestnuts and plumpy pumpkins. And what a wonderful snack it was. But still wild child wanted more. Perhaps a nice set of pajamas would do to get dressed before the rest.

Mother Earth is certainly a wonderful, caring, supportive and giving mother and so the wild child had a wild set of pjs, full of bright, and a wonderful yellow colored robe would do the trick to make her wild child go to bed. And slippers, wonderfully colored slipers. Let's make them orange with a gold colored cap to match. Surely, now wild child must be ready to take a nap.

Now, the Wild Child, Autumn, had a song, a snack, a set of lovely pjs with slippers and a gold cap to match. What more could be needed? A kiss, yes a kiss is what the wild child wanted and needed. And, Mother Earth gave her child a kiss and big, whooshy windy snuggly kiss. Along with the kiss there must be an embrace, such a smooth for the winter weather approaching.

And, the Mother Earth said you ARE ready. and the child smiled along with a giggle, a wink and a blanket of snow. And Mother Earth, now tired from all the fullfilled wishes put herself to bed.


I love the creativity of these books. FIVE STARS

… (més)
Whisper1 | Hi ha 7 ressenyes més | Dec 15, 2023 |
While the story is delightful, the breathtaking illustrations carry this book to a wonderland of beauty. the son of Winter wants desperately to be successful in convincing his father to leave his work behind and to join him in frolicking in the beauty of frozen air.

While he waits, he carves beautiful ice sculptures, chisels waterfalls and brooks and whittles mountainside nooks. Again, he pleads with his father to stop work and come and play, The response is always the same, "I'll be right there!"

While father tells his son to wait a minute, Winter paints the grass with frost, and paints a world of glistening objects.

Then, when father is ready, he sheds a tear at the beauty painted by his son. They fly way up high in the frosty sky and make a beautiful blizzard.

This is one of the most beautifully illustrated books I've read.

Five Stars
… (més)
Whisper1 | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Oct 30, 2023 |


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