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Dudley Pope (1925–1997)

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Author Dudley Pope was born in Ashford, Kent, England on December 29, 1925. At the age of 16, he joined the Navy as a midshipman, but was invalided out when his ship was torpedoed the next year. He became a journalist for a newspaper in Kent and in 1944, became the naval and defense correspondent mostra'n més for the London Evening News. In 1954, he published his first book, Flag 4, which was followed by other books on historical accounts. He is best known for his Nicholas Ramage series, which follows the exploits of Lord Nicholas Ramage during the Napoleonic Wars. The first book of this 18-book series was published in 1965. He died on April 25, 1997. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys

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Obres de Dudley Pope

Ramage (1965) 407 exemplars
Ramage and the Drumbeat (1967) 276 exemplars
Ramage and the Freebooters (1969) 261 exemplars
Ramage's Diamond (1976) 221 exemplars
Governor Ramage R. N. (1973) 204 exemplars
Ramage and the Rebels (1978) 191 exemplars
Ramage's Prize (1974) 188 exemplars
Ramage's Mutiny (1977) 187 exemplars
The Ramage Touch (1979) 178 exemplars
Ramage's Signal (1980) 174 exemplars
Ramage & the Renegades (1981) 161 exemplars
Ramage's Devil (1982) 150 exemplars
Ramage's Trial (1984) 150 exemplars
Ramage at Trafalgar (1986) 149 exemplars
Ramage's Challenge (1985) 142 exemplars
Ramage and the Dido (1989) 134 exemplars
Ramage and the Saracens (1988) 133 exemplars
The Black Ship (1963) 132 exemplars
The Battle of the River Plate (1956) 132 exemplars
Life in Nelson's Navy (1981) 117 exemplars
Decision at Trafalgar (1959) 106 exemplars
Buccaneer (1981) 85 exemplars
Admiral (1982) 80 exemplars
Convoy (1979) 64 exemplars
Decoy (1983) 60 exemplars
Galleon (1986) 59 exemplars
Corsair (1987) 52 exemplars
Great War Stories (1974) — Col·laborador — 31 exemplars
At 12 Mr. Byng was Shot (1962) 31 exemplars
Guns (1965) 30 exemplars
England Expects (1959) 20 exemplars
La presa de Ramage (2004) 4 exemplars
Dawn of D-Day 1 exemplars


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Ramage is appointed to the Dido, a 74 gun ship of the line and is sent to the West Indies to blockade the French island of Martinique, scene of earlier adventure with the Calypso. Several successful actions ensue and the book ends with suspense over what his next orders will be.
ritaer | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 15, 2023 |
Ramage assigned to watch Cadiz for the French and Spanish fleets to emerge. When they do he is reminded that frigates such as the Calypso have no place in the line of battle but stay back to relay signals from one ship to another. But when Ramge spots the Hazrd, the twin to his French built Calypso, he cannot resist attempting her capture.
ritaer | Hi ha 2 ressenyes més | Mar 8, 2023 |
Sent to rescue English hostages held in Italy, Ramage unexpectedly discovers his missing wife in 2nd set of hostages
ritaer | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Mar 3, 2023 |
Ramage is assigned to lead a convoy of merchants from Barbados to England. He encounters a British ship which fires on the Calypso. The captain is obviously mad but none of the crew will admit that they fired. Once in England the mad captain accuses Ramage of illegally seizing control of his ship. The court martial is run by an old enemy and the case seems hopeless.
ritaer | Hi ha 4 ressenyes més | Feb 24, 2023 |



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