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Stephen Prothero is the New York Times bestselling author of Religious Literacy and God Is Not One and a professor of religion at Boston University. His work has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, NPR, and other mostra'n més top national media outlets. He writes and reviews for the New York Times, The Wall Street journal, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, USA Today. Los Angeles Times, Salon, Slate, and other publications. mostra'n menys

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American Jesus, by Stephen Prothero a One Book One Thread (març 2022)


This is a tough review, because I agree with the basic idea of what Prothero is writing, that we should learn and acknowledge the different ideas and practices of religious people around the world. But he too often sets up a strawman in defense of his argument, and then tears that down instead of really engaging with the ideas he is discussing. An example: "The New Atheists see all religions (except their own “anti-religious religion”) as the same idiocy, the same poison. The perennial philosophers see all religions as the same truth, the same compassion. What both camps fail to see is religious diversity." Perennial philosophers, in my understanding, believe that religions point to the same truth, not that they are the same truth. And his attack on atheists in the final chapter was just strange, frankly.

He also creates these strange silos within American Christianity, separating Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism, and Pentecostalism in ways that just don't really travel well outside of a classroom or a textbook, because the practices of these groups are much more fluid than his rigid definitions.

Finally, he uses subjective words when perhaps he should tone it down a bit. "One of the lies of the so-called New Atheists...." and "Evangelicals are both more friendly to modernity and less shrill [than Fundamentalists]." It feels like he has an axe or two to grind, and it makes me not trust his interpretations of the religions he discusses.
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rumbledethumps | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Jun 26, 2023 |
I just started this book a couple of days ago, and I'm a little surprised that I'm enjoying it.
ennuiprayer | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Jan 14, 2022 |
If you are looking for a book that gives an honest review of Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoruba, Judaism, Daoism/Taoism, and Atheism this is your book. I was assigned this as a textbook in a religion class and was bowled over.
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Cataloger623 | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Oct 24, 2021 |
Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoruba religion, Judaism, Daoism, atheism--not paths up same mountain
ritaer | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Aug 24, 2021 |


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