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• Toy Story: Buzz and the Bubble Planet / Judy Katschke, writer; Sol Studios, illustrators
• The Lion King: Roar! / Patricia Grossman, writer; Adam Devaney and Darren Hont, illustrator
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villemezbrown | Oct 25, 2022 |
Winter to Spring is an informational text, which examines the changes in seasons. Through compare and contrast, this text explores how to identify winter and spring, as well as the effects of seasonal changes on animals and plants. Winter to Spring builds background knowledge, which is useful when used with the companion fantasy story, See You in Spring. The use of the two text will assist students in building background knowledge, and making inferential connections about the effects of seasonal changes.
The book is graphically appealing with large colorful pictures and magnified pop-out photos. Large print makes reading easier for beginning readers, and the colorful section titles are the over-arching question for each section. These over-arching questions guide the reader in determining textual importance.
Media: photographs
… (més)
Lheatherly | Jul 18, 2016 |
See You in Spring, is the fantasy story about Bear and Bird, who are friends. Bear and Bird must go their own ways when winter sets in. The focus of this text is on identifying the characters, setting and drawing conclusions. See You in Spring can be used with the informational book, Winter to Spring. Winter to Spring is an informational text, which informs the reader as to the effects of seasonal changes on animals. Winter to Spring builds background knowledge for See You in Spring, which helps students draw the conclusion as to Bird and Bear leaving and coming back together. The illustrations support the text with colorful drawings, and the use of a thought bubble. The text and illustrations support the inference regarding Bear and Bird’s relationship.
Media: Oil Painting
… (més)
Lheatherly | Jul 18, 2016 |
Summary of book
The book is set in the winter time at Birdwell Island and everyone is excited because that means that their is snow on the ground. Well, everyone except Clifford's friend T-Bone. T-Bone is scared to get hit with a snowball. The kids and the dogs decide it would be a great idea to play capture the flag. T-Bone does not like the idea, but goes anyways even though he is still terrified. During the game, T-Bone starts to panic that he might get hit with a snowball so he runs as fast as he can to get away. As he is running, he spots a flag and uses it to protect himself from the snowballs. Little did he know he actually won the game. After T-Bone discovers that he had won, he realized that snowball fights are not that bad after all.

Personal reaction
I love the snow and reading this book makes me wish it would snow, even though I do not like being cold. I can see how T-Bone was scared to get hit with a snowball because I too was scared to get hit with one when I was little. Now, I know that they are harmless and are a lot of fun to play with.

Extension ideas
1. See if the principal would let my class go outside and play in the snow. Have students bring proper clothes to wear outside so they do not get to cold.
2. If there is not any snow, we could do a science project and make snow in the classroom. I have seen one on the internet that is pretty cool and looks easy to make.
… (més)
MeganHeinrich | Mar 8, 2016 |

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