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Really happy I bought this, even though I have too many cookery books already. Excellent tips and techniques and some fantastic ideas to help with your daily cooking. Entire chapter dedicated to cooking for one/two person meals too which was great.
beentsy | Aug 12, 2023 |
It reads like he speaks, very quick and witty. I enjoyed it.
misterysun | Hi ha 18 ressenyes més | Feb 27, 2023 |
Not a huge fan of Gordon Ramsey but this is a lovely cookbook.
womanwoanswers | Dec 23, 2022 |
I bought this for my teenaged son because he likes Gordon Ramsay's cooking. Introduction includes advice for faster, better cooking, kit list, and a list of store cupboard ingredients for flavour and time-saving.

Chapters are divided into:

- soups and salads
- fish and shellfish
- poultry
- meat
- meat-free mains
- pasta, rice and grains
- dips and sides
- puddings

Each recipe takes up one page and has an introductory paragraph as well as a time-saving tip in the side bar. The facing page is taken up by a full page photograph which focuses on the food rather than trying to be artistic (thank goodness) so you can see how it should turn out. {Be aware that some recipes serve 4 while some are for 2 etc and adjust accordingly; I also notice that, since they have been abbreviated, tsp versus tbsp can be confusing when reading the recipes.}

We haven't tested any recipes yet but they look, as the title says 'quick and delicious' and not too complicated for an everyday home cook (as opposed to a TV chef) - although I am wondering where I'm going to find ingredients such as wild garlic leaves or candy striped beetroot (in Singapore); some of the ingredients do look a bit pretentious.

ETA: I'm finding more of what seem to be brand names as I go along - which I also doubt I'm going to find.

March 2021

* no star rating until we try some recipes, but it won't be a 5 star, given some of the ingredients. The writing is clear and looks easy to follow; I keep hearing his voice in my head when I read it, so it's true to his personality.
… (més)
libraian | Mar 14, 2022 |


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