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Candice Ransom was born in Virginia in 1952. She grew up in the country and spent most of her time daydreaming, creating stories in her head once she'd read all the books in her school library. After writing her first book at age 7, she has gone on to write over 100 books for children and young mostra'n més adults. She has a Masters in Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College and is earning a Masters in Children's Literature from Hollins University. Among her popular titles are The Big Green Pocketbook (1993), One Christmas Dawn (1996), The Promise Quilt (2002), and Liberty Street (2003). Her books have received numerous awards, including the Hodge Podge Society Best Children's Book; Pick of the List; Notable Trade Book in Social Studies; New York Times Ten Best Illustrated Book; New York Library Best One Hundred Book; IRA/Children's Choice; and ALA Recommended Book for Reluctant Readers. Ransom is also a ghostwriter for the Boxcar Children Mysteries, having written 18 titles for the series. She has started the Promise Quilt Literacy Project, which gives books to the children of the Virginia Appalachians. Instead of donating to individuals or to school libraries, Ransom sends 30 new books to a classroom, choosing a different school each month and giving the teacher the option of keeping the books in the classroom or letting each child take one home. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Rescue on the Outer Banks (On My Own History) (2002) 72 exemplars, 1 ressenya
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Nom normalitzat
Ransom, Candice
Nom oficial
Ransom, Candice F.
Data de naixement
Llocs de residència
Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
Hollins University
Tracey Adams (Adams Literary)
Biografia breu
Candice Ransom is the author of more than 110 books for children and young adults. She teaches in Hollins University's graduate program in children's literature. She is married to Frank Ransom.



Uni the Unicorn participates in her first sleepover in this early reader, joining her friends Goldie, Pinkie and Silky on Sunny Hill for some fun. Although eventually cast down by the fact that she isn't any good at the things the others like to do—playing sparkle ball, making colors when she runs, skipping rocks—Uni is reassured when it turns out she does have a talent. Namely, she is a wonderful storyteller...

Having enjoyed all three picture books about Uni the Unicorn—the first two written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and then after her death, the third written by her daughter Paris—I have recently been seeking out other books featuring the character, including board books and now, early readers. Uni's First Sleepover is one of a growing number of the latter, and is part of Random House's Step Into Reading collection, Step 2. I was pleased to see that although the original author and illustrator (Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager) are credited on the cover, no doubt to keep consistency, the actual author and illustrator (Candice Random and Lisa Marlin) are credited on the colophon, as I know that this isn't always done, in franchise titles following on from popular originals. In any case, although there isn't much here for the adult reader, I think the simple text and bright artwork will please young fans of this character, as well as beginning readers who love unicorns in general.… (més)
AbigailAdams26 | Jun 29, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level 3-8
Awards:Randolph Caldecott Medal ; Year this Award was Won: 2 002 ; Award Win Active Date: Sunday, January 10, 2010 - 18:00 ; Defunct Winner UID: 2 ...
Missing: r ‎| Show results with: r
lprince83 | Hi ha 43 ressenyes més | May 1, 2024 |
PreS-K—A young brown boy attends his last day of kindergarten—graduation day. Kids beginning to read will feel
the excitement in this rhyming, easy-to-read book that features a diverse classroom. Whether at home or the library,
this tale will resonate with emerging readers.
BackstoryBooks | Apr 1, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level - 1st - 3rd grade
Awards -Notable Children's Books ; Year this Award was Won: 2008
aedrawdy | Hi ha 43 ressenyes més | Dec 7, 2023 |



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