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I'm very familiar with environmental issues, but only a recent gardener, and therefore have not been a regular reader of gardening materials. I've been poring the Internet for the last year trying to understand the issues. This book didn't, therefore, break substantial new ground for me, but it was nice to have everything in one place.

Particularly valuable: I appreciated some of the depth of discussion of water and soil management. Also useful was the consolidated discussion of pest management practices and invasive species, and the criteria that could make something non-native. It was also helpful to be told *not* to try to "Ark" endangered species, or how even local/native species could be genotypically non-diverse or inappropriate.

The climate change and general sustainability material was not the book's strongest suit: it was more exhortatory than deeply informative. So, at least for me, someone well-versed in environmental issues, I don't need more encouragement to recycle or to understand the importance of reducing my carbon footprint. I don't *mind* being exhorted to do so, but I would have really appreciated knowing how to assess my property for greater sustainability of existing species, as well as in coping with a warmer climate.

Anyway, a helpful book for me, although not one that will be as impactful as its inspiration, Leopold's A Sand County Almanac.½
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lquilter | Jun 17, 2013 |