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Mike Resnick (1942–2020)

Autor/a de Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future

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Mike Resnick was born on March 5, 1942. He sold his first article in 1957, his first short story in 1959, and his first book in 1962. He attended the University of Chicago from1959 through 1961. Resnick began writing stories under various pseudonyms and churned out more than 200 novels, 300 short mostra'n més stories and 2,000 articles, from1964 through1976. He edited 7 different tabloid newspapers and a pair of men's magazines, as well. Beginning with Shaggy B.E.M. Stories in 1988, Resnick has also become an anthology editor, and was nominated for a Best Editor Hugo in 1994 and 1995. His list of anthologies in print and in press totals more than 20. Since 1989, he has won four Hugo Awards, a Nebula Award, and has been nominated for 19 Hugos, eight Nebulas, a Clarke (British), and five Seiun-shos (Japanese). He has also won 10 Homer Awards, an Alexander Award, a Golden Pagoda Award, the Seiun Award (Japanese), a Hayakawa SF Award (Japanese), a Locus Award, an Ignotus Award (Spanish), a Futura Award (Croatian), the Tour Eiffel Award (French), the Prix Ozone (French), two Sfinks Awards and a Fantastyka Award (both Polish), and has topped the S. F. Chronicle Poll six times and the Asimov's Readers Poll twice. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra'n menys
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Obres de Mike Resnick

Soothsayer (1991) 328 exemplars
Ivory (1988) 325 exemplars
Kirinyaga (1998) 282 exemplars
Oracle (1992) — Autor — 257 exemplars
The Buntline Special (2010) 256 exemplars
Second Contact (1990) 256 exemplars
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (1995) — Editor; Introducció — 240 exemplars
The Widowmaker (1996) 239 exemplars
Alternate Presidents (1992) — Editor — 236 exemplars
Paradise (1989) 235 exemplars
The Cassandra Project (2012) 232 exemplars
Starship: Mutiny (2005) 231 exemplars
The Widowmaker Reborn (1997) 205 exemplars
Prophet (1993) — Autor — 195 exemplars
A Miracle of Rare Design (1994) 179 exemplars
Red Tape War (1991) — Autor — 176 exemplars
Birthright: The Book of Man (1982) — Autor — 173 exemplars
The Widowmaker Unleashed (1998) 165 exemplars
Purgatory (1993) 161 exemplars
Starship: Pirate (2006) 146 exemplars
Alternate Kennedys (1992) — Editor — 139 exemplars
Eros Ascending (1984) 136 exemplars
Down these Dark Spaceways (2005) — Editor — 135 exemplars
The Dragon Done It (2008) 129 exemplars
Starship: Mercenary (2007) 126 exemplars
Alternate Warriors (1993) 124 exemplars
The Soul Eater (1981) 123 exemplars
Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian (2003) — Editor — 123 exemplars
Witch Fantastic (1995) — Editor — 122 exemplars
Dinosaur Fantastic (1993) — Editor — 119 exemplars
Starship: Rebel (2008) 116 exemplars
Lucifer Jones (1992) 113 exemplars
Starship: Flagship (2009) 113 exemplars
The Outpost (2001) 109 exemplars
Sideshow (1982) 105 exemplars
Nebula Awards Showcase 2007 (2007) — Editor — 105 exemplars
Inferno (1993) 104 exemplars
Adventures (1985) 103 exemplars
Redbeard (1969) 102 exemplars
Walpurgis III (1982) 99 exemplars
Whatdunits (1992) 97 exemplars
The Branch (1656) 90 exemplars
The Three-legged Hootch Dancer (1983) 88 exemplars
Eros at Zenith (1911) 85 exemplars
Alternate Outlaws (1994) — Editor — 85 exemplars
Stalking the Vampire (2008) 85 exemplars
The Wild Alien Tamer (1983) 80 exemplars
Alien Crimes (2007) — Editor — 79 exemplars
The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs (2013) — Editor; Col·laborador — 66 exemplars
Aladdin: Master of the Lamp (1992) — Editor — 66 exemplars
Eros at Nadir (1986) 66 exemplars
Eros Descending (1985) 65 exemplars
Bwana/Bully (1991) 64 exemplars
New Voices In Science Fiction (2003) — Editor — 64 exemplars
Deals with the Devil (1994) — Editor — 62 exemplars
More Whatdunits (1993) — Editor — 61 exemplars
First Person Peculiar (2014) 60 exemplars
Alternate Tyrants (1997) — Editor — 58 exemplars
A Gathering Of Widowmakers (2006) 58 exemplars
Women Writing Science Fiction as Men (2003) — Editor — 57 exemplars
The Goddess of Ganymede (1967) 54 exemplars
Under African Skies (1993) — Editor; Col·laborador — 51 exemplars
Christmas Ghosts (1993) — Editor — 48 exemplars
The Other Teddy Roosevelts (2008) 47 exemplars
Men Writing Science Fiction As Women (2003) — Editor — 45 exemplars
The Fortress in Orion (2014) 45 exemplars
A Hunger in the Soul (1998) 44 exemplars
Inside the Funhouse: 17 Sf Stories About Sf (1992) — Editor; Col·laborador — 42 exemplars
By Any Other Fame (1994) — Editor — 42 exemplars
Widowmakers (1998) 42 exemplars
I, Alien (1657) — Editor; Col·laborador — 41 exemplars
Return of the Dinosaurs (1997) — Editor — 40 exemplars
Kilimanjaro: A Fable of Utopia (2008) 39 exemplars
Pursuit on Ganymede (1968) 39 exemplars
Dragon America (2005) 38 exemplars
Gods of Sagittarius (2017) — Autor — 36 exemplars
New Dreams for Old (2006) 35 exemplars
Under South American Skies (1993) — Editor — 35 exemplars
Hazards (2009) 32 exemplars
Space Cadets (2006) — Editor, Contributor — 30 exemplars
Alternate Skiffy (1997) — Editor — 28 exemplars
Bully! (1990) 23 exemplars
Stalking the Wild Resnick (1991) 22 exemplars
Dreamwish Beasts and Snarks (2009) 21 exemplars
The Master of Dreams (2019) 20 exemplars
The Best of Galaxy's Edge 2013-2014 (2014) — Editor — 18 exemplars
Kirinyaga [short fiction] (1988) 18 exemplars
Soulmates (2016) 17 exemplars
Tales of the Galactic Midway (2001) 17 exemplars
The Best of Jim Baen's Universe II (2008) — Editor; Col·laborador — 17 exemplars
Alternate Worldcons (1994) — Editor — 16 exemplars
Santiago, Tome 1 (1993) 15 exemplars
Tales of the Velvet Comet (2001) 13 exemplars
Origins: Tales of Human Evolution (2009) — Col·laborador — 13 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 1, March 2013 (2013) — Editor — 13 exemplars
Blasphemy (Short Stories) (1984) 12 exemplars
Inci (2015) 12 exemplars
Travel with My Cats (2006) 12 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 2, May 2013 (2013) — Editor — 11 exemplars
Resnick's Menagerie (2012) 11 exemplars
Shaka II (2009) 11 exemplars
Shaggy B.E.M. Stories (1988) 11 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 14, May 2015 (2015) — Editor — 11 exemplars
Santiago, Tome 2 (1993) 10 exemplars
Redchapel {novelette} (2011) 10 exemplars
The Homecoming (2011) 10 exemplars
PREMIO UPC 1994 (1995) 9 exemplars
The 43 Antarean Dynasties (1997) 9 exemplars
The Mistress of Illusions (2020) 8 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 4, September 2013 (2013) — Editor — 8 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 11, November 2014 (2014) — Editor — 7 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 13, March 2015 (2015) — Editor — 7 exemplars
Girls for the Slime God (1997) 7 exemplars
The Manamouki 7 exemplars
Masters of the Galaxy (2012) 7 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 3, July 2013 (2013) — Editor — 7 exemplars
Alternate Worldcons and Again Alternate Worldcons (1996) — Editor — 6 exemplars
Jim Baen's Universe 08 (2007) — Editor; Col·laborador — 6 exemplars
Jim Baen's Universe 07 (2007) — Col·laborador; Editor — 6 exemplars
Kemosabee 6 exemplars
Bwana (1999) 6 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 5, November 2013 (2013) — Editor — 6 exemplars
L'infernale comédie (2003) 5 exemplars
Mike Resnick's Worldcons (2014) 5 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 7, March 2014 (2014) — Editor — 5 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 9, July 2014 (2014) — Editor — 5 exemplars
Ivoire, vol 2 (1988) 5 exemplars
The Alien Heart 5 exemplars
The Pale, Thin God 5 exemplars
Song of a Dry River 5 exemplars
An Alien Land (2021) 4 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge: No. 21 (July 2016) (2016) — Editor — 4 exemplars
Distant Replay [short story] (2007) 4 exemplars
The Bull Moose At Bay (1991) 4 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 8, May 2014 (2014) — Editor — 4 exemplars
Bibi [novella] 4 exemplars
The Forgotten Sea of Mars (1965) 4 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 12, January 2015 (2014) — Editor — 4 exemplars
A Safari of the Mind (1999) 4 exemplars
Article Of Faith 4 exemplars
Watching Marcia 4 exemplars
Over There 4 exemplars
Me And My Shadow (1984) 4 exemplars
Guardian Angel 3 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 15, July 2015 (2015) — Editor — 3 exemplars
A better mousetrap 3 exemplars
Malish 3 exemplars
Mrs Hood Unloads 3 exemplars
Classifieds 3 exemplars
Fallen Angel 3 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 16, September 2015 (2015) — Editor — 3 exemplars
Inescapable (2009) 3 exemplars
Down Memory Lane [short story] (2005) 3 exemplars
My Girl 3 exemplars
A Very Special Girl 3 exemplars
Beachcomber 3 exemplars
Ivoire, vol 1 (1998) 3 exemplars
The Sacred Tree 2 exemplars
The Artists 2 exemplars
Jellyfish 2 exemplars
Sous d'autres soleils (2001) 2 exemplars
Uomini e alieni (2007) 2 exemplars
Resnick on the Loose (2012) 2 exemplars
L'Avant-poste (2003) 2 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 17, November 2015 (2015) — Editor — 2 exemplars
Card Shark 2 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 19, March 2016 (2016) — Editor — 2 exemplars
Me 2 exemplars
Alien Radio 2 exemplars
Mooncakes (2011) 2 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 32, May 2018 (2018) — Editor — 2 exemplars
Biebermann's Soul 2 exemplars
Hunting Lake 2 exemplars
Resnick at Large (2003) 2 exemplars
The Amorous Broom 2 exemplars
The Politicians 2 exemplars
Super Acorns 2 exemplars
Balance 2 exemplars
Neutral Ground 2 exemplars
On the Train 2 exemplars
Stop Press 2 exemplars
Museum Piece 2 exemplars
The Pirates Of Dawn 2 exemplars
Sluggo 2 exemplars
The Big Guy (2007) 2 exemplars
Once a Fan... (2002) 2 exemplars
Resnick Abroad (2012) 1 exemplars
Solomon's Choice — Autor — 1 exemplars
Frankie the Spook 1 exemplars
The Home-made Man 1 exemplars
The B Team 1 exemplars
L'infernale comédie (2018) 1 exemplars
Carnival Knowledge 1 exemplars
Making the Cut — Autor — 1 exemplars
The Close Shave — Autor — 1 exemplars
Report From The Field — Autor — 1 exemplars
Dobcheck Lost In The Funhouse — Autor — 1 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 36, January 2019 (2018) — Editor — 1 exemplars
Mutineer 1 exemplars
Weird Chicago 1 exemplars
Magnum books 1 exemplars
Buntownik (2010) 1 exemplars
Mai no he entès els robots (2019) 1 exemplars
Pirata (2011) 1 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 22, September 2016 (2016) — Editor — 1 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 35, November 2018 (2018) — Editor — 1 exemplars
The Oracle trilogy (2017) 1 exemplars
Blue 1 exemplars
The Enhancement 1 exemplars
The Evening Line 1 exemplars
The Revealed Truth 1 exemplars
Ricordi 1 exemplars
Mercenario (2012) 1 exemplars
Simulacron-3 1 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 42, January 2020 (2019) — Editor — 1 exemplars
Galaxy's Edge Magazine Issue 37, March 2019 (2019) — Editor — 1 exemplars
Orion: La Fortezza 1 exemplars
Slave Trading 1 exemplars
The Barristers 1 exemplars
The Great Wall 1 exemplars
The Beginning 1 exemplars
The Pioneers 1 exemplars
The Cartographers 1 exemplars
The Miners 1 exemplars
The Psychologists 1 exemplars
The Merchants 1 exemplars
The Diplomats 1 exemplars
The Olympians 1 exemplars
The Medics 1 exemplars
Reggie's Story 1 exemplars
The Administrators 1 exemplars
The Media 1 exemplars
The Biochemists 1 exemplars
The Conspirators 1 exemplars
The Rulers 1 exemplars
The Symbiotics 1 exemplars
The Philosophers 1 exemplars
The Architects 1 exemplars
The Collectors 1 exemplars
The Rebels 1 exemplars
The Archeologists 1 exemplars
The Priests 1 exemplars
The Destroyers 1 exemplars
Treasure Hunting 1 exemplars
The Lost Continent 1 exemplars
Exercising Ghosts 1 exemplars
The Werewolf 1 exemplars
The Crown Jewels 1 exemplars
The Scorpion Lady 1 exemplars
The Cyborg De Milo 1 exemplars
Secret Sex 1 exemplars
The Last Dog 1 exemplars
Posttime In Pink 1 exemplars
Slice Of Life 1 exemplars
Legend 1 exemplars
The Last Landship 1 exemplars
The Pacifists 1 exemplars
587th Millennium 1 exemplars
The Plantimal 1 exemplars
Partners 1 exemplars
A Red-letter Scheme 1 exemplars
The Mummy 1 exemplars
The Vampire 1 exemplars
Uncontested Stories 1 exemplars
Ritratto in nero 1 exemplars
The White Goddess 1 exemplars
Royal Bloodlines 1 exemplars
The Foundling 1 exemplars
Shell Game 1 exemplars
Sail to Success 1 exemplars
On Safari 1 exemplars
Beibermann's Soul 1 exemplars
Approaching Sixty 1 exemplars
The Gambler 1 exemplars
Working Stiff 1 exemplars
The Graverobber 1 exemplars
The Thief 1 exemplars
The Politician 1 exemplars
The Curator 1 exemplars
The Hunter 1 exemplars
The Potentate 1 exemplars
Himself 1 exemplars
The Maasai 1 exemplars
Ivory [Short Story] 1 exemplars
The Sin City Derby 1 exemplars
Birdie 1 exemplars
Me and Galahad 1 exemplars
PREVENGE 1 exemplars
The Hex Is In (2020) 1 exemplars
El Presidente 1 exemplars
Chartreuse Mansions 1 exemplars
Ocean's Eleven 1 exemplars
Dirty Rotten Aliens (2006) 1 exemplars
The Lost Race 1 exemplars

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I appreciated the opportunity to tackle a collection where every story and fourteen of the authors were brand new to me. Having said that, overall this left me somewhat disappointed. It felt like a hodge-podge of moderately effective light diversions mixed in with a handful of more ambitious stories that in the end didn't particularly work for me. My favorites were "The Faithful" by Kage Baker (a delicious gimmick story), "Nine-fingered Maria" by Hilary Moon Murphy (a nostalgic "magic comes at a price" story), and "Nucleon" by David D. Levine (a quasi-pastoral curiosity shop tale).… (més)
clong | Nov 12, 2023 |
Quick review: Overall it was probably more good than bad. I liked that the variety in stories meant that even the bad ones didn't matter much. There were a few really good stories too. Not something I'd recommend to many people but if you're into this sort of thing then it's good.

Best stories: The Adventure of the Field Theorems, The Greatest Detective of All Time
Worst Stories: The Mouse and the Master, The Adventure of the Pearly Gates

Short review of all the stories because hey why not right. Will contain minor spoilers for things revealed in the first few pages of a story, anything that's clearly intended to be an interesting reveal or is nearer the end is in spoiler tags.

The Musgrave Version: Sherlock Holmes meets Fu Manchu except narrated by the client from The Musgrave Ritual. The digs at Watson are a little amusing and I appreciate the attempts to talk about the racism with the Fu Manchu character while still keeping him an evil mastermind but nothing really happens. Dull but OK.

The Case of the Detective's Smile: Another crossover with Alice from Alice in Wonderland, except her real life inspiration. Again nothing much happens except MAGIC IS REAL. I found it a bit mawkish and excessive, it relies entirely on the interest of (kind of) seeing the crossover. Poor.

The Adventure of the Russian Grave: Holmes in an historical event witnessing a certain comet. The pretext for it is pretty flimsy and nothing much happens till the very end so you have to enjoy the pay off. I liked that it was all a very clever Moriarty trap from the grave though, even if it was a bit unlikely. OK.

The Adventure of the Field Theorems: a funny, clever, affectionate tribute to Conan Doyle, Houdini, magic and UFO stories that I highly recommend. Probably one of the best non-Doyle Holmes stories I've read. Probably benefits from the slightly extended length but makes the most of it and gives Holmes a chance to show his appreciation of other masters of a craft. Good character writing for Holmes and just enough detail to make a convincing mystery and retain a sci-fi element but without making it the centerpiece. Loved it.

The Adventure of the Missing Coffin: pretty funny joke story (although told in the third person! what a faux pas) that's another crossover although they only appear at the end. Features vampires and some pretty decent jokes. Obviously not super hilarious but I thought it was a funny play on the typical Holmes story the supernatural while still sticking pretty closely to how they should go. I liked it.

The Adventure of the Second Scarf: Sherlock Holmes... in SPACEEE! Pretty mediocre because it gets tied up too hard in explaining the introduced sci fi elements which make things like the explanation kind of clumsy, but it's ok.

The Phantom of the Barbary Coast: Not really convinced by the attempted Irene Adler connection but hey. There's a reasonably interesting mystery revolving around some stuff I'd never heard of before the equivalent of pressganging except in the US but that are explained and are interesting and the villain is a corrupt policeman so that gets points in my book. Not brilliant but enjoyable enough.

Mouse and the Master: I really don't get this one, I feel it's a reference to something but I have no idea what. The main character is a stereotypical noir detective and the story is basically about how the accepted Holmes stories are all wrong and actually Holmes and Watson are very different etc but it's just... weird and doesn't pull it off at all. There are a couple funny lines but not much more. Watson gets turned into an old fool who makes up all the stories based on mishearings and Holmes is an arsehole. And then Holmes sends the detective to a spiritualist meeting which Watson has been taken in by where a load of fictional characters are trying to make contact with the other side. And then the detective stops the criminals by listening to a voice in his head. What??? It's just incoherent> Very strange

Two Roads No Choices: A time travel story and a pretty cool one. More like a "traditional" sci-fi story with Sherlock Holmes as a character, but I thought it dealt with the topic in an interesting way with a good set up, an attempt at a moral problem and an interesting ending with regards to determinism and the paradoxes of time travel. Good story.

The Richmond Enigma: Another crossover and also another time travel story, this time with the most famous time travel story of all time (probably) Quite a bit of it is repeating the story of its source material, which is a little silly, and the conclusion is a little dull. Holmes doesn't do any detecting and the time traveller just says "oh well I'll fly around a bit and destroy my time machine. woo" it just ends. Eh.

A Study in Sussex: Amazing. Genius. I highly recommend just reading it yourself unless you're scared of bees but given someone else has spoiled it I'll put the plot in spoiler tags because it deserves commemorating somewhere: Holmes has been injecting himself with bee venom, which has healed his old age complaints. He decides to inject himself with a massive amount with Watson watching. Overnight, he turns into a giant swarm of bees with his own conciousness and flies away. The ending is Watson injecting himself with the rest of the venom. Fin I wish I had this person's creative imagination to be honest. Bloody hell.

Holmes Team Advantage: There's a cloning machine used by evil people! And then Holmes clones himself! And the clones do stuff not described and then they die because they didn't get "molecularly stabilised". Eh. Does very little with the concept. Pretty dull.

Alimentary, My Dear Watson: OK, I was not expecting this. At all. Very short and that it's an Alice in Wonderland crossover is obvious from the first page. Worth warning for child sexual abuse (yeah) Makes a marked contrast to the reverent tone towards Carroll in the earlier story, here he gets eaten by the Cheshire Cat after all the characters from Alice in Wonderland trick him into a trap because he's been abusing Alice. Like. I mean. I wasn't expecting to read a story with a premise like that. At least Holmes immediately sympathised and helped cover the "murder" up

The Future Engine: There's an engine... that can predict or maybe even affect the future!! That's why it's called the future engine. Involving a descendant of Babbage. I laughed so hard when it was said the maths used to operate it is the "binomial theorem" and Holmes collapses in paroxysms over Moriarty. An alright caper, doesn't do enough with the concept, but it's ok. Oh also at the start Holmes gives a ridiculous speech extolling the incredible progressive virtues of the British empire and how the world is being lead into a glorious new age and then at the end he says actually progress is bad, because Moriarty was able to predict stock markets using a primitive computer. Incredible stuff, really makes you think

Then starts the modern/future stories, most of which resort to having Holmes be a computer program because I guess it's hard to find excuses to have him appear otherwise. The language used to talk about computers is pretty funny in general - I feel some of the authors had never used a computer. But only in an era where there was a sudden craze for all things "cyber" could a line like "computer, delete MORIARTY.DAT" be considered a fitting climax to a story. It's beautiful in a way.

Holmes Ex Machina: A guy uses computers to create a virtual "actor" of Holmes from the books, virtual Holmes solves a very simple mystery, nothing much happens. Oh, and instead of films everything is on "holos". The future!! Eh.

The Sherlock Solution: Another one that gets some points for creativity. Basically the entire staff of a company have been turned into Holmes through some transferral of a computer program that also released Moriarty into the world as an evil villain. Has a few funny bits and the ending clearly cries out for a sequel. It's alright.

The Fan Who Molded Himself: This is a pretty wild one that makes novel use of time travel and changing up our preconceived notions of the Holmes character. I liked the concept a lot anyway - I don't usually like Holmes was an arsehole or ~dark gritty~ stuff but I thought this was clever/creative enough that it worked well. And it's pretty scary!. I liked this a lot.

Second Fiddle: The descriptions of the murder are pretty brutal. Definitely much more "modern" crime style than a lot of the others. Holmes gets pulled to present day California by time travel to solve a murder (the only sci-fi bit is to get the plot started) with an investigator who's mad at being upstaged. By the end, he has a healthier view of things. Kind of. Possibly. Pretty decent, although I could have done without some of the ~grittier~ stuff.

Moriarty by Modem: Another "Holmes is a computer program" thing. Not very exciting, nothing much happens, although I liked the attempt at a dramatic ending in the CYBERWORLD. Kind of. OK.

The Greatest Detective of All Time: Fun premise, Holmes is literally what the title says so he and Watson get consulted on things by many time travellers to solve mysteries in their own times. And Moriarty acts as the counterpart for future villains. Does some cool stuff with the concept/time travel, has a mystery of sorts, entertaining ending, pretty good.

The Case of the Purloined L'Isitek: A story existing for the sake of a few abominable puns. Here Holmes's place is taken by an alien that shares his name. Pretty pedestrian mystery but it's OK. Having someone who's not Holmes but acts like him as a joke makes it a bit better than average generic mystery.

The Adventure of the Illegal Alien: Holmes as AI in an incoherent and mercifully short story. Takes on a client, solves the mystery by calling in a favour of a descendant (?) of Mycroft by saying he's Holmes even though he's an AI and the dude somehow totally accepting it, then lies to the client because Holmes is some sort of British patriot who covers up murder for commercial gain now apparently?? Oh and the AI computer gets wiped but he disappears into the Internet somehow. And a policeman is a dolphin. Just really bad and insulting and makes a mess of the character of Holmes as well as barely making sense through sloppy writing.

Dogs, Masques, Love, Death, Flowers: Two bad stories in a row! If anyone has the slightest clue what's going on in this story please tell me. Set on a spaceship where people are in cold storage or something with a load of stream of conciousness passages that are incomprehensible because they hint at a setting behind the story that's impossible to understand or guess at. I have no idea what happens at the ending, what the motive for the murder was, how it happened, why any of the things in the story happened in fact. Just a total mess. The idea of robots based on fictional detectives is cute though.

You See But You Do Not Observe: This is a kind of "cute" story, where Holmes solves the Fermi paradox - in the most ridiculous way with a load of gobbledegook "science", of course, but it's fun nonetheless. Ending spoilers: Of course, the problem is that Holmes got resurrected by the power of people's will to see him again after his death at Reichenbach, putting Earth out of sync with the rest of the universe and preventing contact with aliens! What a great totally ridiculous idea. It's at least coherent within itself and takes an interesting angle compared to a lot of the stories. I liked it a lot.

Illusions: A fun, short story with Conan Doyle as the main character. He attends a spiritualist seance in the hope of making contact with the great beyond and meeting someone: his uncle, who demands he make more Sherlock Holmes stories. A cute, amusing, light story that'd have been a great ending to the collection imo.

The Adventure of the Pearly Gate: But instead, we get this. Congrats to the author for saying that 3 of Jack The Ripper's victims are in hell! What an unpleasant thing to say, especially as it's pretty easily guessable why he'd think that (and it's a really really bad reason). The rest of the story is naff as heck - I don't think Holmes meeting St Peter is something even the best authors could write well, and it certainly doesn't come across well here. Features Holmes being *bored of heaven*, which is uh... yeah. It's just a really ridiculous view of heaven that's both not interesting and also would probably be kind of insulting if you believed in it. The whole way Jack the Ripper and his victims are talked about is also really insulting and just bizarre too - like because he's "insane" he can't recognise "fake" Pearly Gates unlike everyone else?? None of his victims are in heaven?? I dunno. Just a bizarre, unpleasant story that's a shame to end the book on.
… (més)
tombomp | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Oct 31, 2023 |
A failing detective is hired on New Year's Eve to find a missing unicorn. His employer is a desperate leprechaun who will be killed in the morning if he does not find the stolen animal. He guides Mallory into an alternate world of the Fae and by morning they have visited several Manhattan landmarks in the alternate world.

library book read 9/4/2023
catseyegreen | Hi ha 22 ressenyes més | Sep 6, 2023 |
First off, if you don’t like the Edna anthologies or deal with the devil stories, this isn’t for you. I happen to love them, they make me think of being a kid watching the twilight zone, specifically the episode where a man (later revealed as the devil) kept captive in a closet, but also the sort of feel of the series overall. And the visceral thrill of trying to get one over on the devil while matching wits with such a crafty opponent has its own perverse appeal. If you don’t mind a little kitsch, a little tongue in cheek self awareness and the theme itself, I highly recommend this, as the majority of the authors were and are some of the best in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fields. Most of them are multiple Hugo and nebula award winners, with a few relatively new comers sprinkled in for spice.
I read this for the first time many years ago while working at a crappy little independent used bookstore. Most days, we had a dozen curstomers at best, so I had lots of time to read anything I came across that caught my fancy. I remembered one particular story Winter in detail if not in name as a favorite and it haunted me for years as I could not remember where I had read it or who the author was. I was lucky enough to come across that information recently entirely on accident while down another rabbit hole, and immediately ordered myself an old paperback of this collection.
Winter still holds up as a personal favorite, and certainly more serious and dramatic in tone than many of the short stories, though by no means not the only serious one, but there’s a lot of standout work here. Several entries deal with the role of computers and technology in deals with the devil, in an era where the Internet was only really beginning. Others give us an interpretation on what can happen when the devil loses, or maybe when devil was never really the bad guy (or in fact doing God’s work) all along.
I heartily recommend for an easy, fun, and satisfying read.
… (més)
jdavidhacker | Hi ha 1 ressenya més | Aug 4, 2023 |



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