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Big and Little (2004) 132 exemplars
What Makes a Grandparent? (2010) 90 exemplars
What Kind of Weather? (2009) 62 exemplars
London Bridge (2010) 39 exemplars
Physical Feats & Failures (2012) 15 exemplars
Niños alrededor del mundo (2012) 12 exemplars
Ladybugs Thematic Unit (1998) 11 exemplars
Paul Bunyan (2009) 6 exemplars
Practice and Learn: 4th Grade (1999) 6 exemplars
Second Grade Brain Teasers (1995) 6 exemplars
Long Vowel Review Workbook (1997) 6 exemplars
Juggling (Creative kids) (1997) 5 exemplars
Fox and the Crow (2008) 5 exemplars
Short Vowel I Workbook (1997) 5 exemplars
Short Vowel E Workbook (1997) 5 exemplars
Long Vowel U Workbook (1997) 5 exemplars
Patriotic Patterns & Clip Art (1991) 4 exemplars
Short Vowel U Workbook (1997) 4 exemplars
The 20th Century (1997) 4 exemplars
Long Vowel I Workbook (1997) 4 exemplars
Short Vowel O Workbook (1997) 4 exemplars
Perfect Fit (Literary Text) (2019) 4 exemplars
Short Vowel A Workbook (1997) 4 exemplars
Long Vowel A Workbook (1997) 4 exemplars
Practice and Learn: 3rd Grade (1999) 3 exemplars
Laura Ingalls Wilder (1998) 3 exemplars
Long Vowel O Workbook (1997) 3 exemplars
The Right Environment (2017) 3 exemplars
Long Vowel E Workbook (1997) 3 exemplars
Short Vowel Review Workbook (1997) 3 exemplars
Printing Practice (1997) 2 exemplars
March Monthly Activities (1996) 2 exemplars
First Grade Brain Teasers (1995) 2 exemplars
February (1996) 2 exemplars
John Henry (2009) 2 exemplars
I Can 1 exemplars
Workers 1 exemplars
Eating Well (2012) 1 exemplars
Ready to Build 1 exemplars
If I were a tree 1 exemplars
My Big Family 1 exemplars
Colours 1 exemplars
September (1996) 1 exemplars
Everyday Patterns and Clip Art (1991) 1 exemplars
Consonant Sounds s-z (1997) 1 exemplars
Holiday Patterns & Clip Art (1991) 1 exemplars
January (1996) 1 exemplars
Escuela de ninos grandes (2018) 1 exemplars
November (1996) 1 exemplars
We Are Here (2015) 1 exemplars
Consonant Sounds S-Z Workbook (1997) 1 exemplars
Consonant Sounds B-J Workbook (1997) 1 exemplars
Consonant Sounds K-R Workbook (1997) 1 exemplars
Reading Comprehension, Grade 1 (1997) 1 exemplars
Practice and Learn 1 exemplars
October (1996) 1 exemplars


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This book would be great for 1st graders. There are big pictures and a few simple words on each page. It is very educational for young grades.

This book teachers students all about the life of a butterfly and what this process looks like. It is a very simple book and walks you through the life cycle.

I would use this to teach my students about the life cycle of a butterfly. I would like to have butterflies grow in our class and then release them so that students can see the process for themselves. I would also like to pair this with an art project. There is so much that I would pair this book with. It provides a lot of information about butterflies.… (més)
julia.rexine | Hi ha 6 ressenyes més | Apr 5, 2021 |
I loved that from the very beginning, the book engaged readers by incorporating a picture from Horton Hears a Who! This is a movie that many kids have seen and being able to recognize the image and make connections to things they already know really helps engage the reader and help them learn. The rest of the book is focused on how big space is, how big Earth is in relation to how big space is, and characteristics of the sun. I have noticed that in many of these books, there is an activity at the end which I love. The book teaches the reader something and then gives them the instructions of how to model it themselves. SO cool!!!… (més)
ashtynryane | Oct 23, 2020 |
This would be a fun book that you could make interactive. You could have a tiny garden in your classroom and have them apply what they learned from the book to the garden.
sidneywheat19 | Hi ha 3 ressenyes més | Dec 6, 2019 |

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